How to use Hirsute in a sentence as an adjective

Anyone who hears a baby scream at the slightest quiver of need or discomfort knows better than Pixar that primal forces, entirely more hirsute and imperious, are in control from the start, and those forces only slowly and grudgingly make room for the five cutesy minions of emotional negotiation.

>that hirsute homunculus' presenceWhat a horrible thing to say about someone, 'deplorable software celebrity' or not.

There are plenty of us who had to be in that hirsute homunculus' presence, and found him a creepy buffoon long before SJWs ever were in the picture.

Even if you aren't that hirsute yourself, try washing a dog with an extra-low-flow showerhead.

If you actually have to write your own code to build things, though, you're looking at one extremely hirsute yak.

Noted caption on photo "A hirsute Sebastian using autopilot in a Tesla Model S." If this was said about a woman it would be sexist.

Hirsute definitions


having or covered with hair; "Jacob was a hairy man"; "a hairy caterpillar"

See also: hairy haired