Hierarchy in a sentence as a noun

This way you end up with a useful class hierarchy - and OOP won't be awful.

This will have huge ripple effects on the male status hierarchy.

We may be approaching a time when we can break free of hierarchy, but I do not think we are there yet.

At that point they're hard to change: you have to replace the old class hierarchy with a new class hierarchy.

Most sane languages [3] give you exception hierarchy.

Upvoted just for this absolute gem:[...] it also depends on where you are on Maslows hierarchy of needs.

Yes, it is important to avoid bias that results from the perceptions of men higher up in the hierarchy.

The hierarchy starts out flat, you add a few more people and you're at 20, and the idea of making someone a manager seems like a waste and something a 'BigCo' would do. "We need people who get stuff done, not people who sit around doing nothing but managing", you think.

Not a full rewrite, mind you, but Qt redid piles of classes, methods, and hierarchy, and Gtk+ introduced glib, reworked signalling, themes, and tons else I'm forgetting.

Didn't mean that having no exceptions is insane - but that if a language has exceptions, the sane thing to do is to organize them in a hierarchy with a single root.

In 17th century England, as modern western society was taking shape, you had, on the one side, royalists who despised political freedom, who valued rule by a church hierarchy, and yet who were much given to licentious habits in their lifestyles while, on the other, you had those who agitated for political freedom, who fought oppressive forms of centralized rule, who ultimately broke away to form what became America, and yet who in their personal lives bore the grim face of the puritan that sought at every turn to chain, quarter, and shame everyone all about who thought it might be fun to dance or to have a little fun in life.

Hierarchy definitions


a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a system; "put honesty first in her hierarchy of values"


the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body