Graveyard in a sentence as a noun

Wanna be the richest guy in the graveyard?

This article didn't bother to list the contents of the graveyard, so I tried.

I worked customer service one year and picked for two years, both times during graveyard shifts.

Our summers were spent playing chess in a nearby mango orchard or the graveyard a mile away.

This doesn't come at all as a surprise to me. Google Labs was well known internally for being a graveyard for projects that, ironically, was really hard to launch stuff in.

GitHub works well for projects that have lots of contributors, but for a "small library that does X" it becomes a graveyard.

"Desk jockey does manual labor and his feet hurt, story at 11"I worked the graveyard shift as a picker at Amazon back around '00.

Being the famous guy in the graveyard isn't particularly appealing either.

I then worked the graveyard shift at a residential treatment facility.

Kind of bizarre seeing someone else's value system which is completely alien to my own. If I was leaving my wife and kids with mortgage and car loan debt, I wouldn't spend $10-20k on a graveyard plot, that's for sure.

You wanna know the saddest part of my day?When I'm moving around my laptop, and pop into the "projects" folder and see what a graveyard it has become.

Now that "Daily Deals" have become an elephant's graveyard of broken dreams and wasted billions it's not that interesting in a meta context.+ What's the Hook?

But to assume that it will be cheaper than uranium is a bit foolish after witnessing what a graveyard uranium reactors made of such dreams over the past sixty years.

It's this horrible ecosystem that has become a devastating talent graveyard and the latest mechanism through which an entrenched elite can mine the brains of their intellectual superiors for extreme profit.

Graveyard definitions


a tract of land used for burials

See also: cemetery necropolis