Gladly in a sentence as an adverb

I'm not being accused of anything, will gladly answer.

It is as easy as it should be. I gladly spend money on Github every month.

They would have gladly given a refund, but since I booked through Expedia, I had to talk to them.

They enchant, and they delight, and because of that I will gladly open my pocketbook for Elon Musk.

Those factories will gladly OEM an entire lock for you -- or in this case just sell you the parts or the whole assembled mechanism.

I would gladly sweat and let my body do its thing than have a heatstroke while being tricked into thinking that it is relatively cool outside.

If it means that I pay an extra $10-$20 to fly Virgin so that their employees directly benefit, that's something I would do gladly.

And if such a 'promotion' happens, you gladly accept it anyway, and then leave 6 months later with your new title to leverage a better salary.

China owns trillions of US national debt... this is debt that the leaders of our country have given willingly, and gladly pocketed the resulting cash.

After decades of trying to mke better and better videogames, always more realistic, Molyneux shows that the average human is, in fact satisfied by a Skinner box and will gladly pay for it.

Once I have taken it for a test drive and am convinced the service if of value to me, I will gladly fill out the information needed, but yet again, will refuse to provide even a single bit more than I consider _strictly_ necessary to provide the service.

Gladly definitions


in a willing manner; "this was gladly agreed to"; "I would fain do it"

See also: lief fain