Giddy in a sentence as an adjective

It is busy and it's ... uhm ... giddy if you will.

The giddy "oh we're growing so fast we can't keep up" worked for the first month.

He was giddy with excitement, as he told her he was going to be "making bank.

Isn't it understandable that people are giddy to find out what happened, though?

Can we at least be solemnly happy rather than giddy happy?

Be warned: You will be giddy with excitement at how easy it is to get stuff done with Meteor.

And, the book's conclusion is quite giddy, prophesying that Ada will become the langue of choice, and extolled for enabling safe, maintainable code.

I genuinely got giddy watching the screencast!If I were to use Meteor for a partially closed source app earning around $1000 per month, how much could I expect to pay you?

From what I've observed, it's not that back-end programmers are suddenly giddy at the prospect of getting to use Javascript on the server, it's that front-end programmers get to apply their existing knowledge of Javascript to back-end development.

Giddy definitions


having or causing a whirling sensation; liable to falling; "had a dizzy spell"; "a dizzy pinnacle"; "had a headache and felt giddy"; "a giddy precipice"; "feeling woozy from the blow on his head"; "a vertiginous climb up the face of the cliff"

See also: dizzy woozy vertiginous


lacking seriousness; given to frivolity; "a dizzy blonde"; "light-headed teenagers"; "silly giggles"

See also: airheaded dizzy empty-headed featherbrained light-headed lightheaded silly