Gaping in a sentence as an adjective

That's a gaping security hole if I've ever seen one.

You can cover your ears and scream tinfoil all you want, but that doesn't answer the gaping questions.

He doesn't have to, it's enough just to point out gaping flaws in the 'study' to call it into question.

"Spotted the massive, gaping flaw in the argument yet?It's 2012, if you make this argument then I am done with you.

It feels like a big gaping hole in everything we achieved with women's rights and education.

Nothing will make me flee a place faster than listening to someone slurp their food as they shovel it into their gaping maw.

But Apple is under no obligation to make it easy, or to leave gaping security holes for jailbreak tools to waltz through.

But I think articles like this one need to reconcile the gaping disparity between what people say they want and what they actually seem to reward.

I describe it as incoherent simply because it has a gaping philosophical hole, and no attempt whatsoever is made to explain it.

[1]Trying to administer a national system to individual providers leaves gaping holes which crooks drive dump trucks through to load up on 'free' taxpayer dollars.

You're jamming several different types of answers into single selections, then leaving gaping holes in other areas.

But it poses a problem for individuals who are swept into its gaping maw - there is zero incentive machinery to compel Google to ever get things corrected.

Heartbleed is not exactly a "subtle weakness," it is a gaping hole -- and it is a gaping hole that is only possible in languages with simple pointers and simple pointer arithmetic.

Instead of admitting this gaping hole in her reasoning, she turns it into another exciting speculation: that Matt Cohler must therefore be blackmailing him.

I love my T-Mobile plan, the customer service, the T-Mobile store down the street from my work, I love the whole company, and I hate the thought of all of that disappearing down AT&T's gaping black hole of a company.

Here's an area where Microsoft does feel competitively threatened, since Apple has been able to win market share on the back of Microsoft's poor security record, so Microsoft has had to come up with some way to shore up this gaping hole in their anti-malware strategy.

Gaping definitions


with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe; "the gaping audience"; "we stood there agape with wonder"; "with mouth agape"