How to use Gallivant in a sentence as a verb

This time around, though, I will be able to be more involved instead of relying on my poor wife to handle the load on her own while I gallivant across the globe for my job. My plan is to set aside two hours a day for one on one instruction with my son on a variety of topics, to try and reignite a love of learning in him that has been all but extinguished by academic bureaucracy.

Perhaps I'm sick of good tech and ideas being passed up for venture capital because con artists gallivant around with their ******** "I'm going to change the world for a better place. All you have to do is give me lots of money and not question me."

That's what we pay them to do, not gallivant around in the media tooting their own horn.

The cybertruck is so that Musk can gallivant around Black Rock and upstage the other vehicles.

We've got a world full of people supposed to be managing and instead they're spending their time texting unintelligible and incomplete **** to their employees while they gallivant around. WTF happened to actually working?

I don't really know much about NK, but I can't help thinking their regime wouldn't be too happy if their citizens gallivanted around with GPS devices and uploaded POIs to western internet services.

Gallivant definitions


wander aimlessly in search of pleasure