Fritter in a sentence as a noun

I don't need to fritter away 4 or 5 hours straight in strings of pointless meetings.

It's just not a productive use of my time, and life is too short to fritter away the hours doing nothing.

Lets say you're a young rebel and fritter away your youth rebelling rather than learning.

It's easy to spend 16 hours a day in the office and fritter it away with a million small but unimportant tasks.

For those without a smartphone, there have always been gossip rags at the grocery checkout line with which to fritter your time.

You allowed him to fritter those valuable personal resources away.

Is it psychologically designed to get people more willing to fritter them in the same way it's easier to blow chips in a casino than real cash?

A customized information feed will only enable them to fritter their life away in the pursuit of mindless, inane entertainment.

Fritter in a sentence as a verb

Now you can fritter away the days reading "useful" information because it's so prolific and readily available almost anywhere you are.

The guaranteed income isn't much, it would be fairly easy to fritter it away on any number of vices addictions, or just garden variety fiscal mismanagement.

I can be a bit of a sideliner and I usually don't have a lot of spare time - when I do I fritter it away playing with code and general programmer style procrastination.

It's ironic that the same companies who pay high salaries to attract top talent then go on to fritter away that talent through distracting work conditions, in an effort to save a few bucks on office space.

That means I am completely unwilling to fund with my dollars any scheme that allows other people to fritter away money on pure science that will never become applied science, specifically science applied to my personal lifestyle.

Presumably these people putting off college for a year or two are going to go do something; should they manage to completely fritter that year or two away with absolutely nothing to show for it, it's probably not fair to blame that on "not going to college".

"Sometimes, when I imagine what I would do if I won the Lottery and had a few millions I could just fritter away, I think it would be highly entertaining to buy a lot outside of Washington DC or perhaps in New Jersey and construct upon it a building, surrounded by razor wire and maybe trenches, and then come up with ever more fanciful antenna looking designs to install on the roof.

Fritter definitions


small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables


spend frivolously and unwisely; "Fritter away one's inheritance"

See also: dissipate shoot fool