Formulate in a sentence as a verb

- Girard has formulated Linear Logic, which broadens our idea of what kind of "things" a logic can talk about.

Finally, it was left to the mathematicians to formulate classical logic.

From these explanations arise predictions that help you formulate hypothesis.

There are also people out there that if they took the time to listen to that story and ask questions they might be able to formulate a real idea on how to fix or lessen that pain.

Else there is no incentive for individuals to formulate a moral compass external to the state, because why bother when "they told me to do it" is a legitimate excuse?

Nelson came from a movie acting/storywriting/literary background, and this allowed him to establish parallels and formulate ideas that no one at the time could have done.

I get paid to write, formulate, and conceptualize iOS Apps and how they connect with Android, our web services and designing the experience for the easiest use and most pleasurable use.

Unfortunately, once that knowledge is distributed the constant interruptions leads to an environment where no one can focus and formulate new ideas during the 9-6 time frame.

Slowly I began to formulate what I still consider the fundamental fact about learning: Anything is easy if you can assimilate it to your collection of models.

I've been taking all of this in trying to both formulate a reasonably valid mental framework to understand and, yes, be able to personally judge or form an opinion about this entire story.

This thing that can only cry learns to: talk, walk, read, express themselves, formulate opinions, ride a bike, conquer fears, grow etc. They do this all the while looking at you as a hero with nothing but complete and selfless love for you.

Any accounting of "anti-intellectualism" that fails to take this into account and lays all the blame on "Americans" is too incomplete to formulate an action plan that will have any chance of success.

I keep trying to formulate my take on this, and failing, but here goes anyway:The democratic party and American leftists no longer understand non-college working people and, for the most part, no longer reach out to them.

What they don't recognize is when drug makers trivially re-formulate their drug upon patent expiration in such a way that the old medicine cannot be made generically without also infringing on the new patent.

Jacques de Vaucanson, the great artificer of the period, was concerned to understand the animate systems he was modeling; he constructed mechanical devices in order to formulate and validate theories of his animate models, not to satisfy some performance criterion.

He has the special power where he can formulate and present a question that is intriguing enough so that Congress might break out of their daydreams about what it was like being a kid in the 20s and how these people just sit here and ***** when they really got it so easy long enough to think, 'hey, this scraggly looking feller has a good question.

Formulate definitions


elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses; "Could you develop the ideas in your thesis"

See also: explicate develop


come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or principle) after a mental effort; "excogitate a way to measure the speed of light"

See also: invent contrive devise excogitate forge


put into words or an expression; "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"

See also: word phrase articulate


prepare according to a formula