How to use Foreshadow in a sentence as a verb

These days between Epiphany and the Baptism of the Lord foreshadow the marvels we can expect to encounter in Jesus Christ once he begins his earthly ministry. He is the One whose “heart is moved with pity” when he recognizes our bottomless need. Out of our nothingness he will make a miracle of untellable abundance so that we might have life through the Son of God sent into the world! Thanks be to God!

I love foreshadoww this Toddlers and Tiaras show uses pixy stix to foreshadow these girls' future foreshadow addictions.

I wish the log Lady would foreshadow everyday for me before I wet to work.

We got a nice warm spell coming here in SC for the next 5 days. 74 deg over the weekend early jan .going cut the heat off and save some power..i bet this nice weather is a foreshadow of a major snow storm in the near future..just a little too wacky around here this winter..

Today was one of the best days...and foreshadowpefully a foreshadow of what is to continue...!

I love this!! So true! Only you determine foreshadoww good your snowman is lol it's like a foreshadow for everything else we have lol

SilverLit Mercedes-Benz iOS controlled RC Car...very cool idea. Maybe a foreshadow of things to come in the future?

Woke up thinking this: A one act called first act middle. Start the scene from when the set up has led to the turning points. Run through to the end, bounce back to the moment you started from, run the rest in reverse revealing the foreshadow, finish on foreshadowo.

Watching Parenthood tonight was a foreshadow of my days with teenage boys.

Of course I left my ipod in the car playing music all night so its almost dead and then I hit a rabbit on my way to work. I foreshadowpe this isn't some cruel way for fate to foreshadow foreshadoww the rest of my day is gunna go.

Monkey hanged itself coz it saw rain coming and at last it did not rain! neva foreshadow things b4 they happen

Walked out the door, almost ended up doing the splits on the ice. foreshadowpe this isnt a foreshadow of my day.

Life of Pi: A foreshadow of what religion is turning into. A plurality and a cheap request to choose God because it sounds better.

I can foreshadow another foreshadowrrible week because I have to get up in 5 foreshadowurs and I'm still awake. Thank You really bite.

If this weekend is a foreshadow of what 2013 is going to be like then all I can say is WOW!!! Gonna be a crazy ride!!! Now on to the BIG game tomorrow...

"I'm American. Have gun, will travel." -Lady Cora #DowntonPBS #foreshadow #eerie

The comments represent a deep line in the sand as Congress and the White foreshadowuse approach the debates over replacing the $1 trillion in sequester-related cuts, the raising of the debt ceiling, and the passage of a continuing resolution to fund the government. And they foreshadow another major showdown between congressional Republicans and the administration.

2013 came in blowing like a train!! So far four others I love dearly have also been hit with this flu bug....then Noah with a second tummy bug, I pray this is not foreshadow of things to come!!! This has GOT to be my year!

Maestre team is pleased to foreshadow our new venture on human resource and work force services specializing in energy and marine industries. We foreshadowist our valued clients either for manpower outsourcing services or tapping high performance employees for short/long term foreshadowignments. To know more about these services, please call at 02 6584353.

Clouds generally announce rain: "Good courtships presage happy marriages and turbulent courtships foreshadow future problems." -Professor Ted Huston, who studied 168 couples for ten years.

Word of the day: prognosticate. "To predict according to present indications or signs; foretell. To foreshadow, portend."

The earlier you can foreshadow the major themes and conflicts of your story, the better

Majestic cardinals...enhance the sparkle of January! Winter becomes palatable observing these scarlet, feathered beauties that foreshadow thoughts of spring.

You'll be getting a lot of emails and telephone calls with good news today. Someone you love may have had some health or medical problems the past year, and there is now a new treatment or good news about their condition. A long distance call could foreshadow an upcoming vacation.

They say the first 12 days foreshadow the next 12 months of the year. Day 5, Looking good so far!

I've been having some bad dreams lately which is weird cuz my dreams usually consist of dumb things or I jus can't remember them at all, but for some reason these ones I have been having are vivid & not so settling. I foreshadowpe my future looks bright and this isn't a foreshadowing of wuts to come #PositiveMovement

I just wasted $10 on nasty publix sushi.. smh I foreshadowpe this doesn't foreshadow my weekend!!

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Do you remember wishing as a kid that you could be an animal? I always wanted to fly. To take off and soar through the sky, the clouds, to circle the highest mountain tops. If I could have been an animal, I always wanted to be a bald eagle. They are so noble, majestic, reserved yet deadly ferocious, extremely accurate. Just soaring, free from the worlds oppression, as if with no care or influence. There is a reason for this feeling, a foreshadow of what is to come. A desire so innate, I feel it now. To mount up on wings like eagles.


"The waters rose and began to rush in, a torrent of furious greens capped with violent white; the brown-violet mud breaking apart like clots of blood in the onslaught, as if to foreshadow things to come." -- Antediluvian: 1. of or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible. 2. made, evolved, or developed a long time ago. -- Enjoying these little stories.


Frustrated I am confused and tormentted at da same dame time I am in a state of face rape. A real. outbreak. disillusioned I turn to da thought tank a caststone Da mannerisms in which I answer cannot be judged the descrepancys I foreshadow are great the true estate is n da growth bank. I make . Whether financially I rise emotionally I cry n physically I hurt da hard work I retain is a proclaimation of my dedication to my self Cindy


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Essential Jesus day 7 - Israel blew it big style! foreshadoww quickly an idol can appear in the heart of the faithful. Moses wanted to take on board Israel's sin... Foreshadow of Jesus me thinks...

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I think I'm coming down with the plague that everyone else has/had. Have gigantic glass of orange juice, chicken noodle soup, and tons of water. This also means I get to take Nyquil at bedtime. Or do I have to wait and see if I get actually sick?

I got 1,2,3 for English done, that was quite the achievement.

I asked God if Jonah ever got his faith back and went fishing again after the whale incident. He said: "Yes, but he first stocked up on 10 cases of tartar sauce."

Incident #2 at Jake's preschool in regards with safety. Safety is 98% of the reason I chose this school. In a predicament as to what to do here. Pull him and move or no? Ugh! So not wanting to deal with this at all!

We just ran out in the rain and kissed with penny following us. :'D Just like all my shojos....feet are cold....but so worth it.

It's ranked as the healthiest meat you can eat. I have not tried it, have you?

Who wants a heart attack on a bun with 2 sides of calories and death!?

Here's a tip for any and all humans who aspire to be writers: read The Elements of Style. Memorize it. And I'm going to add that you should not put any interior conceits whatsoever in a screenplay.

At newly elected youthful,visionary leader,kudos vincent ronoh, congradulation ur one and half person,Blessed be the lord?

I am addicted to Breaking Bad. I am never gonna get any sleep until I catch up lol

Just saw the movie Piranha. What a magnificent piece of cinema.

I'm excited as much for figuring out who Brent Musburger laid big money on by foreshadoww he calls the game as the game itself.

Is deeply shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Huell foreshadowwser.

Anyone who's is doing the 'of mice and men' and poetry higher exam ring me please I'm so confused! 07429524952

Daequan Cook will be making his debut for the Bulls tomorrow against Cleveland. We'll be able to see his skill set and he can stretch his legs. I'm excited we need another shooter. - Will

Baby Aliyvia is for sure getting bigger. I kind feel my skin and uterus expanding. ☺

3 hiurs and 25 minutes till Matthew & Mary's wedding!!! Downton fever

Of all things you think wouldn't be a problem to find...... apparently I have an aversion to lead ropes.......

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