How to use Forbidding in a sentence as a noun

Lights Out It was as if the flame that hitherto heated the blood to her heart And ignited her vibrant, caring warmth was suddenly extinguished, Causing her to become an empty shell and dry husk of her formerly ebullient self. Where she had radiated friendship and was replete and redolent With joy her personality foundered and she began to be consumed, With acerbic bitterness and barely suppressed anger which she vented On those who had the misfortune to be employed By her and subject to her authority and therefore were forced To share the heavy burden of depression she ungraciously unconsciously carried. I, whom was glad and often overjoyed, To begin my day warmed by the dawn of her vivacious, pleasant, welcoming smile, Was unpleasantly surprised and taken unawares by the bleakness of her visage, And the frigidity and inflexibility of her body language. And wondered and speculated if I should demonstrate the temerity to enquire, The cause and reason for this about face, Which dramatically transformed her demeanor and made Dismal, sere and forbidding her facial expression When she believed herself unobserved she changed From shining illustrious beauty into something else ugly, warped and twisted, By some monstrous, unknown vicissitude of life that had produced, Pain so intense that it absorbed and completely depleted all her emotional resources, Upset her equilibrium and destroyed her stability And her capacities to rationalize, intellectualize, adapt and so endure.

Lingering Things just aren’t the same; I can’t quite put my finger on what happened One day you were here clinging so tightly, then the next it was like we never were Phone calls stopped being answered and texts ignored Leaving my heart in limbo because you still haven’t called it off Your words speak as if nothing is wrong; slowly forbiddinging me softly Because I feel the change to the core of my soul Piece by piece, moment by moment my heart is breaking in two Missing what was and can never again be Feeling alone, picking up the pieces of my heart shattered Acting as if my world hasn’t came crashing down Hanging onto the times we do have, wishing for more Torturing myself with thoughts of where we went wrong Whispering sweet nothings out of the blue My heart skipping beats wishing your words were true But I feel the truth and am still in denial Trying to show you forbiddingw much I care and need you Lingering in your shadows trying to capture your love Knowing deep down that I should just give up But something in me just won’t allow me to I want to believe and forbiddingpe one day you will come back around Breaking away and tucking my love back in my heart But it has a mind of its own and is forbidding the thought So I stay here looking over the edge, about to jump Lingering in his love that once was

"Freedom is not like doing anything you wanna do,it is doing the right thing,forbidding the wrong one and being able to control your desire."

Wednesday on the blog: "There is plenty of room for caution, for common sense, without forbidding cross-gender friendships among mature Christian community. And I, for one, am finished with living in a place of jealousy and insecurity."

How to use Forbidding in a sentence as a adjective

Although dried figs are available year round, there is nothing like the taste and texture of fresh figs. In fact, figs were held in such esteem by the ancient Greeks, that they created laws forbidding the export of the best quality ones!

The habit of back-biting is very deep-rooted in most of us, and paying lip service it in a variety of other ways besides forbidding it outright. Sometimes the prophet cited the great rewards in store for those who cover their brother’s faults. For example, he said, “In this life and the next Allaah will cover the faults of one who covers a Muslim’s faults.” Abu ad-Dardaa reported that on another occasion the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “On the Day of Resurrection, Allaah will deflect fire from the face of one who defends his Muslim brother’s forbiddingnor in the latter’s absence.”

Action works--and many of you were a part of it! A bipartisan effort, motivated by calls from the American public, has resulted in congress passing an amendment forbidding the purchase of weapons by the Pentagon from the Russian company Rosoboronexport--a primary supplier of the Syrian regime.

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Right - get this... "The party hack has an answer to the dilemma of the perceived 'difficulty' of Marxism: 'theory and practice'. The way this couplet was used in the SWP was frequently crass and oppressive, especially outside the orbit of Cliff's egalitarian, anti-academic, urgently oral approach. Various selected individuals develop 'theory', creating intricate paths of thought set with yawning traps of prohibition and taboo, making them perilous to even enter, while others do 'practice', which amounts to publicising a political name-brand in abject alienation from the inner motivations and impulses of the target audience. A fetish of print replaced the chemistry of revolutionary politics, which is live, spontaneous and oral. "Theory" now means something that looks like an academic journal - dense, forbidding and rather boring - while 'practice' looks like a newspaper, leaflet or a picket. The 'theory' dictates the 'practice' just as the brain commands the limbs. But this physiology is completely Cartesian - and completely wrong. It projects the idea/matter dualism of the bourgeoisie, derived from the division between mental and manual labour, onto the very organs of socialism. Actually, 'practice' - the gathering together of socialists in real space and time - is what generates theoretical insight. Books and articles are the residue of this dialectical process."


In many jurisdictions when a brother reaches the third degree he receives a frame-able proclamation. Some brothers pass this along to family. Some sons, grandsons and great grandsons also become Freemasons and often keep the degree of their father or grandfather. Sometimes, a brother or his kids end up with no heirs. Its not uncommon for a distant relative or friend to call a local lodge years later and ask if the degree is something that has value that the lodge would want these cases its common for the degree of a long-gone brother, who's line has ended with no heirs, to be placed on the wall in the lodge. As a result, many lodges have a mix of various often very old framed degrees from brothers from a time past -- sometimes they may not have even been members of that local lodge -- nevertheless, the degree is placed on the wall with forbiddingnor to remain among brothers forever.


2nd mini clip from Caged by Damnation forbiddingme was quieter than expected; the doors loomed around me, while the shadows clung to the surrounding walls. I had expected Ash and Liam to be waiting at the forbiddinguse, but all was still. The wooden floor was stagnant beneath my feet and I wondered at the odd feeling. This forbiddinguse has always seemed to have a soul of its own, as if each creek of the floor boards were a sigh of breath. The draft that permeated all that was within had been an odd source of comfort, but now seemed a warning. If the forbiddinguse were truly a living manifestation, I felt certain that it was alienating me, forbidding me from entering further.


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Forbidding to sit at a computer is like forbidding candy to a kid. :D

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Bob Costas speaking out today in a radio interview: "Why do you need a semi-automatic weapon? What possible use is there?" Then he goes on to use the Colorado theatre shooting to insult and ridicule gun owners everywhere. You have to read this to believe it. You can't make this stuff up. Let us know what you think.

Why is it so hard for people to understand the Anarchy is not chaos, and not a bad thing?

Love running on the coast path? Enter this comp now.

Thoughts on the 2nd amendment and gun control?

Good news for mortgage forbiddinglders today ... let's forbiddingpe the banks pass it on straight away for an early Christmas present!

Tonight, we head to Philipsburg to a residence where the people who live there are being attacked. This type of case is the reason I created this group. forbiddingpefully, we can help these folks out.

The first week of interviews are upon us! Good luck to all shortlisted Oxford applicants who have an interview this week!

At the amusement park where she is recently lodging. Ashe: -putting white lines on the ground- ...what the forbidding, I should have bought my finders to help with this, -she is making a magic circle around the whole amusement park's location-

Tamam woh ahly sunnat wal jamat se taluq rakhney waly log ar woh tamam jo hame firqA wariyat pe lectures dety hain un se request hay ke Yh lectures band karain Aur yeh page ham ne reality of shias ar secrets of shia page bannay ke baad banaya Jis din woh ya unke admins woh page band kar den gy ham be apna page band kar den gy Islye ap se request hay pehley unhe samjhaen baad mai ham se baat karain - Innoxent

Forbidding definitions


an official prohibition or edict against something

See also: banning forbiddance


threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

See also: baleful menacing minacious minatory ominous sinister threatening


harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance

See also: dour grim