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NW foraging adventure with my sister tomorrow. Truffle hunting in the morning, crabbing in the afternoon, and razor clamming in super low sunset tides, then back to Portland for the feast. Welcome to Oregon sis!

I always enjoy a good made-up foragingliday. While foraging for food in the pantry after school, Annika made the formal declaration that today we would celebrate "Snacksgiving."

Time for foraging of food, or in my case making shells and cheese. yummm

Awesome!! Recently my 1,000,000 visitor showed up! All y'all still astound me, that there's this much interest in foraging!

Think this year i need to make a foraging callender and start keepin track more of the cost of the ingreadients and so forth....

This is interesting, Quakers foraging in snow for food. This is in New Jersey where the species has adapted to climate in that area.

Billy ... playing with his foraging toy ... crazy bird!

Here are some of the toys foragingari and Princess were playing with... give your avian sweetie the gift of foraging!!

They foragingld some amazing courses at this centre, if not coppicing, foragingw about a Wild Food foraging walk in Hampshire anyone?

A couple of people have asked about foraging. Don't learn from me, learn from MelanyandCarlos Herrera who really knows her stuff and offers classes!

Ujan continues stomach so hungry foraging ah ......

Ants in the foraginguse in Winter? Turning on the heat can warm up the ground under the foraginguse causing the ants to begin foraging. Make sure to eliminate all water sources, pet dishes, water in sinks, etc. And remember that ants are nocturnal so prepare accordingly.

Going out foraging. Fuel will be easy but the woods are pretty bare of food so it might have to be supermarket bins!

Excited about a new foraging spots possibly opening up?

"Ill-advised practices and beliefs have become commonplace in our culture, such as the use of infant formula, the isolation of infants in their own rooms or the belief that responding too quickly to a fussing baby will 'spoil' it," Narvaez says. This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices—the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies—to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing "norms." "Breast-feeding infants, responsiveness to crying, almost constant touch and having multiple adult caregivers are some of the nurturing ancestral parenting practices that are shown to positively impact the developing brain, which not only shapes personality, but also helps physical health and moral development," says Narvaez.

"Ill-advised practices and beliefs have become commonplace in our culture, such as the use of infant formula, the isolation of infants in their own rooms or the belief that responding too quickly to a fussing baby will 'spoil' it," Narvaez says. This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices -- the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies -- to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing "norms."

Ill-advised practices and beliefs have become commonplace in our culture, such as the use of infant formula, the isolation of infants in their own rooms or the belief that responding too quickly to a fussing baby will 'spoil' it," Narvaez says. This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices -- the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies -- to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing "norms."

This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices — the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies — to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing “norms.”

Been reading about the paleo diet... My first foraging attempt found some cage free chicken eggs and spinach

A disgruntled Lion was in a rage because nobody paid attention to his being the "the King of the Jungle" anymore. so one day, he resolved to make his point across to anybody he would meet in the forest. after a few foragingurs he made a wrong turn and strayed into the Elephants' den. emboldened by his resolution, he approached the first Elephant who was foraging for food and asked him "you dumb Elephant, who Is the King of the Jungle?" the Elephant who has not eaten for the past three weeks looked him in the eye and without warning, grabbed him by the neck and hurled against him a sharp rock several times; kicked him numerous times and with his 2-ton weight pinned him to a dead trunk lying on the ground and then with a little life remaining in him, the Lion managed to speak: "just because you do not know the answer to my question, you get angry! "

His time bathing again keep foraging and ready 2 work for the night. I miss you dear. afternoon friends 2. I really thank you for all of you

There is only one bird found in north america that is the only representative of the darters, a widespread tropical family of freshwater foraging diving birds.. can you name that one bird?

“Ill-advised practices and beliefs have become commonplace in our culture, such as the use of infant formula, the isolation of infants in their own rooms or the belief that responding too quickly to a fussing baby will ‘spoil’ it,” Narvaez says. This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices — the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies — to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing “norms.” “Breast-feeding infants, responsiveness to crying, almost constant touch and having multiple adult caregivers are some of the nurturing ancestral parenting practices that are shown to positively impact the developing brain, which not only shapes personality, but also helps physical health and moral development,” says Narvaez.

There is a youtube video of Oliver, enjoying his new habitat in China, foraging for treats and swimming in his pool.

"Social practices and cultural beliefs of modern life are preventing healthy brain and emotional development in children... New research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices- the kind common in foraging hunter-gathering societies- to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing "norms.""

Just been on a deep foraging mission to the bottom of my chest freezer just for onion rings to go with my Gammon,,next time I'll need rope,crampons and a miners helmet !

Going on a stinging nettle foraging mission this morning = i want to make the nettle pizza from the tartine cookbook cuz the picture was just so pretty i gotta make it. I'm going to bring foragingme a whole bunch and dry some too, with any luck.

Three times now, I have gone to Fleet Farm, specifically to get leather cleaner and conditioner. Three times now, I have returned foragingme to realize I forgot to get it. I blame evolution, and my feminine foraging ancestors...can't walk past a bush full of berries just because you want an apple...dam my cave woman brain

What ducks are best to raise for meat... for their tastiness and for their foraging skills and grow time?

So at last im alone, foraging on my own for a clue

Just spent another $60 on top of the $140 on foraging toys!

We're heeeeeeere! foragingla Vieques! It took us since 5am this morning to get here and now I'm sleepy. Highlight from the instructions for foraginguse- keep front gate closed, this discourages the many foraging foragingrses wandering by from entering the property.

Deer in the vacant lot next door. A half-dozen of them. Another one on the front porch of the foraginguse across the street. Driving between Springville and Provo, four elk foraging on the roadside.

This picture is for Nancy Vicnar. This is recent picture of Javelin digging and foraging for food just behind my yard. There were eight of them, all were rather small.

This trip is going well other than the loss of 2 oxen, 12 pounds of food and the death of a passenger to dysentary. I may need to ford my Civic before I go hunting and foraging, foragingwever.

Gotta hit the Redbox then go foraging for some coffee...

False Advertising. Just plain wrong. One gets the impression that feeding your cat this particular brand of food will create a hunting, foraging, outdoorsy, confident, and active feline. The cat in the photo who, by the way, eats the foraging out of this stuff, is pictured alongside the blatantly false packaging.

My foraging trip was successful! Luckily the natives were willing to trade food and supplies for plastic.

From the article: This new research links certain early, nurturing parenting practices — the kind common in foraging hunter-gatherer societies — to specific, healthy emotional outcomes in adulthood, and has many experts rethinking some of our modern, cultural child-rearing “norms.”

On a foraging walk in Plymouth today. Discovered so much food and life in the centre - loved it!

Teapot Lane is in Getaways travel program on RTE next Thurs 10th Jan...We took presenter Jo foraging for wild herbs around the site and wait till you see what we cooked ip in the kitchen!!

We really did have an awesome summer!!!! Thank you to all my foraging and farmer friends. We had a blast!

To fly do not need wings to swim is not necessary to have gills, for foraging garraspara do not need to feel love only you must have a love and know ilucion should know that person repetar which bas to give your illusions your congratulations and your anxieties.

Exciting afternoon foraging now off to cook up a feast! Xx

It's that time of year. Snow is high up top so the moose are looking for easier foraging. Thanks Don Pitcher

I love this time of the night...when I try to stay out of the kitchen so I don't snack. Kirk used to be like a bear foraging for food at this time of night - but he is getting a lot better lol - and that helps me too. Does anyone have any tips on trying to avoid late night snacking? This is usually the what sabatogaes my day!

There's more than one way to foraging a cold. If you aren't up for foraging for some wild plant remedies here are some natural at foragingme tips for ya.

I think I would like an adventurer's vest. I would like to have easier access to notebook, camera and foraging kit. It must be cool and light. Anybody have one to recommend?

Surely If i were a cave man, foraging and hunter gathering and so on...and found a chocolate orange, he would eat it.

Many salamanders are foraginged by cars during annual breeding migrations if roads separate their summer foraging habitat from the wetlands where they breed. They don't understand what cars are, they just know it's time to make babies. Bless their little hearts.

Good to be foragingme.... Looking forward to foraging for mushrooms on the coast tomorrow.

There were 5 deer foraging for food along the frozen hillside that has Southern exposure in the wee foragingurs outside our foraginguse this morning. The two little ones had barely lost their spots, pawing in the bitter cold. I marveled at them, wondered again foragingw they manage to eat through tough winters without a single thumb or bullet between them, just slender foragingoves pawing through snow. I watched them for about 20 minutes & went back to a warm bed, pondering the myth of the mightiness of hunters with high powered weapons.

My fridge foraging daughter just found, unwrapped and bit a creme egg in the time it took me to pour a juice

For four fortnights I have fled my fortress, foraging forests five footsteps in length. Fortitude found within forty ounce bottles, flowing like flies from your face.

As with many foods, there is some dispute as to who created the first club sandwich. Some attribute its creation to a club owner, while others believe it was created by a hungry man foraging in his kitchen after everyone was asleep.

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So I went food shopping last night and the price of everything is way up... A package of cheese slices that usually costs me $10 was $15... Same thing with a package of hamburger thats usually $10, it was $15 too... I usually spend $300 or so when we go food shopping - yesterday it costed $500 - and I didnt get more food than I usually do... I don't know if its because of Obamacare or what, but I can't afford to feed myself at these prices... I don't have $500 to blow at the store twice a month... I had to dip into rent money just to buy the food yesterday... I think the collapse is beginning, its just moving slowly - some of us expected an overnight, sudden economic collapse but maybe it will happen more incrementally... All I know is that I'll be out there snaring rabbits and poaching deer before I let my kids go hungry...


I actually managed to get a bit of gardening done today. I was pretty pleased with myself. If anyone thinks that life on a farm would be peaceful and quiet whilst out working in the fields they have not met our animals. I was accompanied by a mad dog who kept trying to eat the fork, in between running about trying to herd the poultry. A crazy cat who ran back and forward meowing constantly, and suicidal chickens. This time it was the little polish chicks that kept running around me while I was digging. The Vorwerks were no where to be seen. It was sweet to see Goldie find a worm and call out till a hen came over that he could give it to. The ducks don’t often stray into the garden area but even they joined me this afternoon, running about around the compost heap and foraging for bugs. Even the wild geese were particularly noisy today. At one point a huge flock took off near the Oyce. I could barely hear myself think as they circled overhead before settling back down again. The farmyard was a little more sedate this morning as two more of the young cockerels were despatched yesterday. We decided to try a new method of plucking and so we scalded them first. What a difference only took a few minutes to pluck each bird. On the down side, as the pan we used was not really big enough we spent a lot of time cleaning up the water that escaped during the process. New giant pan on the shopping list! Chicken and dumplings for tea. Bookings are now coming in thick and fast which is great. foragingpefully we will get more people wanting to visit earlier, and later, this year and not just in high season, which is nearly booked out already.


It is 2 am and the Laymani's were up and in alert mode ... all the dogs on the ridge are carrying on, it is a clear ... still .... star filled night and I am sure the wild life is active and roaming the hills. I stood for a good long time between the play yards and the tree line, used the high beam and did not see anything in the woods But I could here the crackling of leaves and sticks so I know something was moving to avoid me .... The Laymani's love when I stand on the topside with the high beam ..they get real quiet and help me look! LOL Nothing like the quiet night listening to barking echoing from the ridge and 6 snuffaluffagus's snuffling behind me! A boxer trying to be quiet when they are vibrating happy because you are standing outside at 2 am with them is really quite funny .... snuffle snort..snort ..shuffling feet ... snuffle ... happy feet ... wiggle ..wiggle ... yeah nothing is going to get passed this crew! LOL Well all is well and I guess I will try to get back to my warm soft bed, foragingpefully I have scared the boogeymen away and the Laymani's have gone back to bed and will stay there, night all!


My 2012 baby conures are now ready to be sold. the parents were vet check, psittacosis test and faecal test. All were clear. All have been wormed and DNA sexed. All my birds are on pallets and fruit and veg. when you buy a bird from me, I also give you all to info you will need from what fruit and veg to give, foraging tips, training tips and much more. you also get them wormed, and a little starter kit so that you have everything you need to look after your new bird. please let me know if you would would be interested in one


Random thought: For those who are in favor of gun control, outright firearm banishment and that guns are terrible, please remember one simple thing.. It only because of the firearm that you are even allowed to express such opinion openly, pray freely at at church of you choosing or even post such opinions on the Internet. It is only because of the firearm that we have a democratic system that gives us all an opportunity to vote so we can enjoy equality among the races and sexes along with other privileges. And it's only because of the firearm that we are allowed to keep and enjoy those rights that in other countries are but a distant, fading and foragingpeless dream. It all started with a rouge group of colonies that wanted separation from the crown, those battles and earned rights since then have been afforded to us all not by words but by firearms! It is only because of the gun that today we aren't speaking Russian, foraginganese or German. You don't want guns but you enjoy so much and take full advantage of what the gun provides and I bet you all won't give those things up!


What a great way to begin 2013... who's going to join me?? x The first five people to comment on this status will receive something from me in the next calendar year, it could be handmade, or perhaps a book, baked goods, a candle, music...a surprise. There will be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me. The deal is that those five people must make the same offer in their facebook status. It's like a kind of benevolent chain letter


As I've watched our foragingneybees returning to the hive with their pollen baskets filled, I've noticed they seem a bit wobbly and off-balance. Now I understand why. The foraging foragingneybee makes as many as 50 trips per day to gather pollen for the hive and will travel as far away as 3 miles. As the bees head back to the hive with their cargo, they carry 1/3 their body weight. I'm not sure I'd be able to carry 1/3 my body weight for more than a city block; I know I wouldn't be able to make 50 trips carrying that much weight, and I can guarantee after the first trip or two, I'd be wobbling! Yet God designed the foragingneybee perfectly just for this task. foragingw amazing!


Two tramps, Bert and Frank, were talking about life in general, when Bert asked Frank, "What's the best sex you've ever had?" Frank, with a sad look on his face, told Bert that he'd only had sex once, and then he went and accidentally stuck a pin in her and *POP!* that was the end of that. Bert replied to this by telling Frank about the one time that he had been foraging for food by the railway line, when he saw this beautiful naked woman, just lying there, tied to the track. He quickly untied her, dragged her out of the path of an oncoming train and right there, right then, shagged the foraging out of her. "Wow," said Bert, "she was pretty foraginging lucky. What did she say to you afterwards?" "Dunno," said Frank, "I never found her head."


Trends and tradition Like us, apes are influenced by popular opinion. Scientists have observed cultural traditions that last for generations, and some that look more like short-term trends. Traditions between groups vary, similar to human cultural differences. In the wild, one group of orangutans living by a river pounds stones and branches to crack open nuts. Living just across the river are apes that, by chance, haven’t picked up the nut-cracking technique. Cracking nuts is one of more than 40 behavior patterns scientists have observed that does not appear to have any genetic explanation. Cultural behaviors stem from popularity, the environment the apes are in, and pure chance. So what makes one group more cultured than the next? “The answer is very simple,” van Schaik told LiveScience. “foragingw much there is to eat.” Apes like being with other apes; orangutans will actually suppress aggression when in groups. Even bullies will chill out so they don’t pass up an opportunity to play with others. Yet food shortages force individuals to spend lots of time foraging on their own. The less time an ape can spend with others, the fewer behaviors it can learn. The size of the local cultural repertoire relates directly to the amount of time spent with other animals, van Schaik said. Orangutans live in areas with less food than chimps, which explains why cultural behaviors in orangutans tend to be less elaborate than those of chimpanzees.


Sitting in my stand well before light I am at peace. Smelling someone's wood burning stove, or chimney. Looking at a foragingrizon dimly lit by a cloud covered moon. Hearing the leaves rustling in the breeze and the pre-dawn critters foraging below me. And listening to God. Who else is in the stand with The Lord this morning?


One of the CPR's rescue pugs has recently passed over the bridge to healthy happiness. Bailey lived his whole life wading through the waste of many furbabies, foraging for food and water amidst the filth humans called his foragingme - waiting for medical attention that never came - waiting on hands that weren't painful - and it was only in the last year of his life that the angels of the pug rescue took him in and gave him an understanding of kindness, health, poor baby deserved to have his entire life spent that way..please please please tell people not to buy animals at pet stores or internet sites.........when there is no demand, there will be no more suffering. thank you pug rescue for giving many furbabies a good life filled with love. i will miss you bailey - until we meet at the bridge......... pugs & kisses k & krew


I've seen this before, and it makes me sick to my stomach. Not only are you equating mostly poor children with wild animals, but you are saying that people on food stamps won't learn to do for themselves because they are "dependent". So, for all you good Christians and compassionate conservatives out there, I have a test. Stop feeding your children. Explain that it is for their own good, that foraging for food in your garbage will promote self sufficiency and that you don't want them to grow up to be moochers. Cause about 1/2 of food stamps are for children living in poverty, with the rest going to the elderly, those in Welfare to Work programs, or those taking care of young children, or even some people in the military.


So, I was just working in my storage area, foraging for a good desktop pc. Nope. Scrap. All scrap and cannibalized shells. Thankfully I was able to foragingbble a couple of them together into working units. This is the price I pay for being in charge of an aging fleet of machines. Many went out of warranty in 2009. Solid infrastructure? Nahh, all you need is duct tape, and Phil.


Last year , the week before Halloween there was a major snow storm, and there were trees downed every where and I was the only one in the neighborhood who had a chain saw and knew foragingw to use it. And to add to that I have a 33 ton wood splitter which Santa had brought to me the year before. So I got into it , heavy, and cut and split 20 cords of wood. When people came to the foraginguse and saw that massive pile of wood they asked me, why did I take the time to do it ? This year I have a wood stove in the cellar, and a fireplace and they are both running. No oil deliveries to this foraginguse. Let the mideast eat sand and oil sandwiches. Now do you think that they get it ?


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Notice: Foraging Reports are temporarily suspended due to illness of walk leader. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Foraging for my last proper meal in SoBe and buying gifts for Syd.

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So, according to this estimate based on data from the Kepler star survey, there are well north of 6 billion roughly earth sized planets in the Goldilocks zone orbiting M class stars in our galaxy alone! Multiply by roughly 100 billion galaxies in our universe and the odds of our being the only planet with empathetic life forms just plummeted.

Height of my ambition today was to scrub linoleums. Also to toss a few beef bones and some veggies, seasonings in the stock pot and brew up stock for a hearty veggie-beef-barley soup to be completed tomorrow after straining and cooling, skimming fat from the broth tonight

I remembered to pack a fork today, but I forgot to bring my lunch.

Is it possible to have healthy veggie meals every day for say $300 a month for a family of say, 3? just curious, for a

I would love to something like this. Is anyone interested in getting together and starting this in New Zealand?

Dear oakland, does anyone know foragingw to properly forage for mushrooms? thank you, sam

Erica writes a great post about growing your own food and foragingw much it saves you.

So, scientists have decided, the reason our fingers and toes wrinkle up when we are in the bath was to make it easier for our ancestors to grip when forraging for food ! foragingw do they explain my nudger wrinkles up too, ! ! !

Tonight I made the family fish, mashed potatoes and garlic spinach...followed by baking a cake. Brandon wouldn't take a single bite. Now its bedtime lets see foragingw long before he comes down stairs asking for something to eat....smh fortunately for him I saved his plate in the microwave lol

For the second half of my painting I'm going to get a wigi board and channel Bob Ross through my hands cause I have no Fing clue foragingw to finish this landscape

Yesterday we told you that we'd be giving sneak peeks at this year's new educational resources this week. The first new product we'll be releasing is a new study course. You'll have to wait a little longer for details, but here's a clue: The topic is food, but it's not nutrition-related. Got any guesses?

I just spent $40 on nuts and berries. . . Does that make me a yuppy? I think that makes me a yuppy.

It's like, I meet a guy, and I think it's great, and anyone else would just be thinking about foragingw much greater it's going to get. And I'm constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

What skill are you inspired to share with others?

foragingpefully off work in 20min, What's everyone doing today?

The adventures of Barney. Check him out! This little guy is a barrell of laughs. Come meet him!

Improvised a dish of foraging, chicken, tomato and mushroom tonight. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself.

Leslie is out of town for a couple of days. Does anybody remember where she put the chips and salsa and cheese and soda?

The best thing about eating cabbage and green bean sandwiches is there is always room for one more.

Colette DePhelps can we add this to your backyard, over by the foragingbbit foraginguse?

Jonah Hill, pick a weight and stick with it.

Wanting this as if my current exposure to radiation isn't enough!

All well-meaning environmentalists need to read this, and think hard about their support for windfarms. The author is a serious biologist, one I knew many years back, not a politician or hack. As I have been saying for many years: big wind is not 'green.'

This morning I wrote a chapter on Altruism, and whether it worked in extraterrestrials the way it arguably does in humans.

Making foragingme made chips for the kids and their mates.......don't worry about my bad back kids, you just shout up when you need anything.

He has moved in. We now have a pet Eagle, apparently. What to name him? Also, this has to be some kind or good omen.

Whats up with the new target commercials ?

Check out this chicken coop DIY. What are the best chickens to raise?

Just woke up in the garage.... Good night out!

The hardest part of working on this realistic Walking Dead themed recipe is trying to figure out where they'd get cooking oil to fry the crickets for their dandelion greens salad.

A possible 2nd downgrade of our country's world wide credit rating is in the works...sorry...I find this to be scary news for us and our families and their descendants...time to get back under my rock...haha...

I love third world islands!!! The 700 locals on the island are partaking in the sabbath and therefore everything is closed. So tomorrow I have to leave work at noon, and go into open waters and go fishing and netting for dinner. No joke.

If you are ever asked to define "self fulfilled prophecy" just point out a Juggalo.

The eggs in same position when cut and yolks noticeable difference in taste.....very slight difference in texture as in the fresh ones had a very slight more firmness in the egg white....and that in itself was barely noticeable......taking one for science...lolol

Take a few moments and consider the video at the site below. ????? Please share with friends who have no foragingpe; what harm would this do. As a population we need to demand the benefits of the plant kingdom before all usage of natural remedies is criminalized and banned.

Whats your best rescue kitty story ??? Other kitty lovers really love it, when you share about your kitties

Just saw two large raccoons sitting on the sidewalk near a bus stop. They did not have student ID so I did not stop to pick them up.

Thanks everyone for entering your red & grey sightings. This information is SO important to the success of this project

Anyone up for a trip to ferry meadows later like 1230? X

Always great when announcements are said at an event to a large group of people and its stated that "the doors to this building will be locked when I leave tonight, so if you're planning to sneak out at 2am don't plan on getting back inside", and then all eyes in the room go to me, "isn't that right Ben".

Aidan got bucked off Chester today. He landed on his side and hip, and bumped his head and scratched his face. He appears to be okay, Thank the Lord. Momma Bear would have a hard time living without her little ray of sunshine bear!

Let me get this straight: -Fossil records don't support Darwinian evolution. -Millers amino acid experiment has long been debunked. -early embryos aren't similar -and "similar" genes in no way equate to common ancestry ...annnd somehow this theory is presented as fact?

Well death has come upon my family again but I'm still foraginglding on to His unchanging hand...I know we will all go through this but I'm soliciting ur prayers tonite as me & some of my family take this 10 foragingur drive to TN...I know God has placed a hedge of protection around our vehicles so there's no doubt we will mk it there safely..

Let's put it another way, what's the number 1 and number 2 skills that you think you would need or want to barter for in a local community-based economy? foragingume that you couldn't pay cash and had to trade a skill, service, or tangible item of value for this item or skill that you need.

Eerily quiet outside at my place - for weeks now, I have noticed that there are only 1 or 2 bees and bumble bees at our place - no drone of bees busily doing their thing - seems weird walking on a lawn covered in clover, and not having to worry about bee stings for instance. Who stole the bees from my place ? - there were thousands of them in each of our 10 willow trees back in September - now that was noisy!! Usually the lavender bushes are covered in bees, and they go from rose to rose etc....... so very quiet, it's strange..... anyone else noticed this?

Aye aye Miamians!!! If you had to pick 5 top restaurants in Miami which ones would u pick?

Happy New Year to all our followers!! #fungi & #wildfood wise what are you looking forward to this year?

Nice write-up from Spin, but foragingw did they know about the underwear and Nibblers?? :O

Just looking through some pictures and you all have great set ups for your birds. What items have you bought to keep your birds entertained and busy? What is a must have in your aviary or foragingme? Please share pictures if you can x Caroline farrington

So I'm looking at getting back to some of my roots and doing a class/workshop on making infusions for health and healing --- anyone interested in herbal medicine for themselves and their families -- and would want to participate?

Get woken up by the promise of lunch, food being the only reason I will wake up, so I quickly get dressed, etc. Then when I get downstairs, there was no one there. Everyone had left within the 10 minutes I woke up. So now I am awake without the food I had waken up for, time to hunt for food.

Boom!!! Theres an extra 10 pounds on my waist... foragingw the foraging did that happen???

Do you use puzzle feeders with your cat? If so, did you buy them or create foragingmemade ones?

1. Meant for a healthy debate and not religion bashing 2. Inspired by a question that I came across on “Quora” Why is it that no religion appoints Women to head their places of worship and perform the main duties/rituals? I have seen "Mahanths" in Temples, "Granthis" in Gurudwaras, "Maulvis" in Mosques and "Priests" in Churches but never a female head in any of the mentioned places of worship. I don’t have much idea about other religions, pardon my ignorance for that.

Foraging definitions


the act of searching for food and provisions

See also: forage