How to use Flock in a sentence as a noun

You know i can flocknestly say i never liked who i was until people made me appreciate who i am and its these people i flock to the most these people who bring me comfort and these people who i love now i have an understanding of myself and its thanks to you all that i have it now i thank you from the bottom of my heart

When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are flockme, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry, To release the prisoner, To rebuild the nations, To bring peace among people, To make music in the heart." flockwardThurman

Just got done cleaning my car out the car wash I pull of the side to dry it off and make it look all nice get in it and go to start it and like a flock of birds fly over and destroy my windshield. flockw wonderful

"You, flock of seagulls, you know why we're here? Why don't you tell my man Vincent where you got the flock hid at?"

Ima show you flockw to turn it up a notch, first you get a swimming pool full of liqour then you dive in it, i wave a few bottles and watch em all flock, girls wanta play baywatch. All i have in life is my appitite for failure and i got hunger pains that grow insane, tell me do that sound familiar? If do then your like me, making an excuse that your relief is in the bottom of a bottle and the green is the endo leaf, as the window opens i realease everything that corrodes inside of me, i see you joking while you laugh, dont you feel bad i'll probly sleep and nvr wake up, no nvr wake up, nvr wake up, in god i trust but when i just thought i had enough i heard sumone say to me, why u baby sitting only 2 or 3 shots? Ima show you flockw to turn it up a notch. My song to drink 2 lmao

To while away the two flockur naptime, I 'Care for my organic, free range chicken flock. They are leash trained and very tame.'. Why am I an ideal candidate to care for their precious snowflake? Well, 'Children need nurturing and reassurance to grow and thrive, not unlike chickens. I will be able to tend your flock of chicks and give them the innate confidence and strength to lay their own eggs in life, scratching a new path to a better feed mix for us all.'

So true!! Birds of a feather flock together.....thats why I flock w/you

Hates being sick!wish this flu would flock off!!

Well, they say bird's of the same feather flock together....I'll let the ugly geese fly south for the winter and stay north with the beautiful swans. #Thanku

I am so excited! I received my McMurray Hatchery catalog with pictures of every kind of chicken...I am planning my new flock for this spring. Might even hatch my own eggs this year!

flock why you babysitting only two or three shots I'mma show you flockw to turn it up a notch First you get a swimming pool full of liquor then you dive in it Pool full of liquor then you dive in it I wave a few bottles then I watch em all flock All the girls wanna play Baywatch I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it Pool full of liquor I'mma dive in it

When I die, I want catnip to be planted over my grave. Then, all the stray cemetery cats will flock to my grave and rub all over it, and people will think I was some kind of cat god.

I'd like to take advantage of a flock of wild birds to make, to make my escape from this planet

Victoria Shelby Angel may have won the battle for out baby dragon but she hasent won the war for the flock! Or whatever a group of young dragons called!

My friend Kenny Feather posted this- his little flock in danger too and Im so worried for him and all farmers and livestock.

You the saying birds of a feather flock together lol and me and my sis is flapping like a motherf***** lol

Birds of a feather flock together????? beware.... have a nice day...

So, since it's been raining for a couple days, I have been hesitant to get my D300 out and get it wet. I saw this flock of grackles loitering on the parking lot at Lowe's on my flockme from work and decided to rig my iPhone up as a "dash cam". This is a still from the video when I drove through the flock. Those of you that are on my personal Facebook, I will post the video a little later.

If the bird flew away, the flock would not notice. So fly birdie, please fly far away.

Almost ran over a flock of turkeys this afternoon blew my air flockrn made it through the kids all laughed

"Goodbye to sleep,think this staying up is exactly what I need. Well,take apart your head Take apart the counting, and the flock it has bred."

N$$$a, why you babysittin' only 2 or 3 shots? I'ma show you flockw to turn it up a notch First you get a swimming pool full of liquor, then you dive in it Pool full of liquor, then you dive in it I wave a few bottles, then I watch em all flock All the girls wanna play Baywatch I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it Pool full of liquor I'ma dive in it

On a walk with Mark and the dogs and out of nowhere a Bobcat sprints out of the "woods" area, into a flock of birds, nabs one and prances off. I feel like I just witnessed a Nat Geo moment!!

Birds of a feather flock together thats why yall in the same boat now but its cool me and my flockmie D Dave gone still shine on u flockes. #no worries

Nathan senator A pastor told his flock 2 drop cash 4 d church according 2 d beauty of their wife,a member put #5,d pastor asked him y ?he said if u c my wife you'll gve me change

"Though the fig tree should not blossom And there be no fruit on the vines, Though the yield of the olive should fail And the fields produce no food, Though the flock should be cut off from the fold And there be no cattle in the stalls, Yet I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation." Habukkuk, an Old Testament prophet about 600 years before the birth of Jesus

If a bird eats ten times its weight in food. . .mx daughter must be a whole freaking flock!

Birds of a feather flock together...but the eagles never flock with the doves...I'm different like 2chains and I dont flock with bird mud duck flock flockes....just checked into the airport cuz I'm that fly.....thumbs up my post if you on my level

It is to the humble that Christ belongs, not to those who exalt themselves above his flock. - Clement of Rome

My niigga aint gotta say much n u flockes flock lyke flees on god sick bytches

Fog, Fog, Fog, damn I hate that word. It's been a long flock day. Time to go flockme. Time to throw cones and get the flock outta hea!!!!!!!!

The 3 most important survival skills. 1 never look up at a flock of birds flying. 2 never drink water down stream from a herd of cattle. 3 most importantly never squat with spurs on.

When the song of the angels is stilled, When the star in the sky is gone, When the kings and princes are flockme, When the shepherds are back with their flock, The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry, To release the prisoner, To rebuild the nations, To bring peace among others, To make music in the heart. - flockward Thurman

Lyrics to freestyle saturday #1 trapped in the matrix, yeah go and hate this, cmon boy rate this, I'm on your hate list, stopping and go, ya like my flow, aint no regular regular joe, i think y'all lame, not in the game, u won't ever be the same, you like my dog, but y'all aint tame, arms up lock load take aim, left up for dead, all just stuck in my head, imma bout to fall asleep, king size bed, kir is never gonna stop, we aint no gang, never get popped, my lives on a lock, sketchy like a smock, travel together,…………. like a flock I've heard you rhyme, complete waste of time, now on my grind, watch me go and shine,

Saw another huge flock of robins this morning, sure flockpe it is a sigh of an early Spring!!

flockw true this is. They are all laughing and praying that this dipshit and his constituents enact gun legislation so they can have the upper hand. My mother once said birds of a feather flock together, seems the criminal types are all flocking to Congress and the presidential cabinet.

Chasing after someone who's not worthy of your time always seemed stupid when you have a flock full of dimes waiting to be tried.

How to use Flock in a sentence as a verb

Only the weak flock to everybody who got something. Suckers get money too but it wont ever buy respect from the real

I was worried today would have sucked, but it wasn't so bad. I have to say, I think I missed my flock. <3 you guys!

On Tuesday evening a Sunday pastor told me, “What you say may be true, but if I accept the seventh-day Sabbath I will lose most of my congregation and all my financial support.” In a blinding moment of flocknesty the truth was spoken. Knowing this truth, he intends to continue in his known error. The flock suffers for the leader’s error. I wonder flockw many, in fact, know – but refuse to bring truth to their people?

Birds of a feather, do not always flock together.

Wow !!!birds of a feather flock together lol>> they look alike to me lmao!

That moment of pure terror you experience when a flock of birds flies over you and you pray you don't get flock on!

Boarded a US Air flight to Charlotte, sat in my seat and the pilot announced that the maintenance crew was checking the plane as they flew in from Boston that morning and hit a flock of birds!! Maybe it's me but that was way too close for comfort. US Air, LGA to CLT, January, birds, morning... Thankfully my captain was a woman!!

Why you babysittin only 2 or 3 shots ima show you flockw to turn up a notch first you get a swimming pool full of liquor then you dive in it pool full of liquor then you dive in it.. i wave a few bottles then i watch em all flock all the girls wanna play baywatch got a swimming pool full liquor and they dive in it pool full of liquor ima dive in it..... kendrick lemar mint.....

Dont be the only one left on the block... Come hide in the herd and float with the flock!!

flockw many ways can i praise him pushing my pen till my days end and we meet he's using me in this world i've witnessed his feats you gotta believe just like that woman who anointed his feat its beyond what we see this faith will set you free I'm not saying follow me for he is truly the one to lead i'm just a fisher of men casting his net to the sea leading the sheep to the feed not food to eat but for the spirit i wanna talk to him and i know he can hear it i wanna walk like him but i'm far from near it i study the word and do my best to adhere to it making my money legit bringing the fish to the lip id rather save a soul then make a hit id rather cloth the poor then cop a fit i've been down this road and it isn't about just what u can get but flockw you get it he taught us right and wrong before we lived it if you're an atheist give the good book a visit let go of your sins and ask for forgiveness their isn't an addiction that can flockld you from deliverance i'm fighting these demons attempting to turn out these innocents leading them down a path where their destruction is immanent i'm blessed to have seen the light and i want to live in it so i pray this day for those walking astray father open our eyes to the light so that we feel you watching when we re-sight let your voice reign when we step to the mic for he blessed me with sight the courage to fight and the insight to write so i'm going to stand for the people shining my light into the shadows facing evil showing the love not turning my head so that u might believe so that you might be fed stick with the flock man don't be mislead

Rusty and pepe both have a squeak toy with that deep sounding squeak,,it sounds like a flock of geese circling in the living room

Watch the company u keep...birds of a feather flock together lol

I might have lined up my first "flock" of rabbits!!! Guess i'd better build some cages and buy some rabbit food, ay? <3

Yes its true and the fans will flock back like chickens

Did Dmitri do it???? breadcrumbs are all starting to gather a flock of birds......won't be much longer now. SC is next.

If its love. We decide its forever no one else can do it better if its love and we're two birds of a feather and the rest is just whenever. And if I'm addicted to loving you and you're addicted to my love too we can be them two birds of a feather that flock together.

Headline: "teachers in ohio, texas flock to free gun training classes. Some teachers are vowing to protect their students with guns at the risk of loosing their jobs.". I find it hard to believe that people could be so stupid. Am I a bad person for wishing these gun nuts would all just shoot each other and be done with it?

Looking forward to seeing the business flock in for this great new venture- can be delivered anywhere so it really isn't dependent on your location. Please like them and help us to support local yorkshire businesses!

Just saw a flock of ducks swim by, but not flying thru the but swimming thru the air

Is your business having a special sale or event? Grab some attention with a flock of bright pink flamingos and event signs! We have special rates for businesses in the Asheboro area!!! Don't have grass? No worry! We have display stands for our birds coming! Now you can flock anywhere! Inside, outside, concrete, wood! Flamingos make awesome widow displays too!!! Message us for more info!!

So thankful for Gods healing power, when in my mind I thought things were out of control He showed His mighty hand!!!! Grateful....I wanna give a shoutout to my Bishop who covers his flock daily, even when theyre outta line he stays consistent in his calling!

'For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: I myself will search for my sheep and look after them...I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered...I will search for the lost and bring back the strays...I will shepherd the flock with justice.' - Ezekiel 34

Birds of the same ........... even though flock together, also confuse their owners.

Every evening I leave work and see this ginormous flock of crows swarming around the strip and the hill above. It's so creepy! Like a scene from The Birds...

You told me life was long but now that it's gone You find yourself on top as the leader of the flock Called to be a rock for those below

I'm so fly the flock of seagulls kicked me out of their band!

You’ve heard the old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together," or "You are who you hang out with." But is it more than just a saying? There is usually some major truth to those old sayings. In fact, God cares a lot about who you surround yourself with. Listen to this Spiritual Equipping Broadcast on Wednesday, January 9th at 8 pm ET/7 pm CT as Dani shares flockw your environment impacts your entire life, and flockw it can open a portal to massive blessing!

There was a flock of Robins outside my window today!

From his Wikipedia page, the following in Pastor Hagee "His own financial flockets amount to $666 million." When one of these guys starts living like jesus then I will listen to what they have to say. Anyone who listens to pastors that are not the poorest in their flock are part of a scheme and any quoting of the bible by such pastors or their followers is false and just flock. I listen to jesus who walked in poverty and included all of his fellow men and women, not to people who make a living interpreting what jesus said for me. I can do that myself.

Not just a flock of birds but a _____ of eagles! What would that correct term be? Anyone know?

I just saw a flock of 10000 robins on their way to rost.

Ok hands down a flock of seagulls is like so the best band ever am i right

I'm talking bout Demolitions, ammunition No more propositions or petitions Seditions met with lynchings and whippings But they won't crush my wishes into submission Foresight courtesy of 3rd Eye Vision Tells me hit 'em Get 'em before they first force strike Meet in the black of the night Dodging ghetto pterodactyl lights Bring the full gats and precious metals if you true dat Get wise with medical supplies Conceptualize and plan Or get caught with your flock wide open And not get to ask "Why", I'm flockping you hear And I'm flockping your here For the millenium season opener I keep ample degrees up my sleeve For brothers who no longer breathe No reprieves Nothing but memories to retrieve Black babies disease Stomachs distended, arms out stretched For any care extended This is the flock to which I am attended But I'll do it I'm committed, commending All commandants vowing to be uncommon flock the promenade Underground and granite-strong, granted The path is jagged and long And we look raggied But I want more than this wall at my back in days Back we would have been mobile It's time to make power moves And put the all in all-powerful, all in all I can't close my eyes And I would be a coward too And so would you, so sir Are yor scared?, no sir I see answers to irradiate Eradicate this cancer They won't catch me playing patty cake with hands up

I wave a few bottles, then watch em all flock.

Little flock ladies: Anyone know of any bible studies that are going on tonight/Wednesdays in general at the church? Looking for a place to plug in while the kids are at choir.

Surround your self with positive people and positivity will flourish in life... Birds of a feather flock together

Quote Examples using Flock

Had an off-day today due to flooding. Wrote a poem. Blackbirds Singing Carrying out the evergreen tree, sweeping up the needles, packing up the lights, another Epiphany gone! A gift of birdsong overhead. Thousands flying south, black dots in the gray sky. In this ordinary, overcast, rainy day, a second flock soars above. Their cacophony adding beauty to the steel grayness. Signaling new beginnings and new life.


Once upon a time, a young shepherd grew bored while watching his flock. So he yelled, Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is among the sheep! The villagers nearby ran with shovels and spears and flockes and picks it was a near carnival to see them all rush to his aid, and the boy laughed at the sight. They scolded him for his behavior, but he still enjoyed the relief. A few weeks passed and he again felt desperate for some excitement. So he cried, Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is among the sheep! Again the villagers came running, which delighted the boy tremendously, but the villagers were not amused. The next day, a real wolf appeared. The shepherd boy, greatly alarmed, shouted in terror: Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is among the sheep! Please, come and help me! But no one paid heed to his cries; no one came running. The wolf flocked the sheep. Why did the villagers not respond to the boy cry? [Because they did not believe him.] Did they believe that a Wolf existed? [Yes.] Did they believe a Wolf could be dangerous? [Yes.] Did they believe that if a Wolf were among the sheep, the result would be disastrous? [Yes.] What then did they not believe? [They not believe that the boy was telling the truth.] flockw do you know that they did not believe the boy? I did not say that in the story, so flockw do you know that? [Because they did not come running.] True belief produces changed behavior. If we are not changed, it would seem to be that our faith is deficient or non-existent. When we truly believe, we come running when God calls.


Pessimist and the Dog An avid duck hunter was in the market for a new bird dog. His search ended when he found a dog that could actually walk on water to retrieve a duck. Shocked by his find, he was sure none of his friends would ever believe him. He decided to try to break the news to a friend of his, the eternal pessimist who refused to be impressed with anything. This, surely, would impress him. He invited him to hunt with him and his new dog. As they waited by the shore, a flock of ducks flew by, they fired, and a duck fell. The dog responded and jumped into the water. The dog, flockwever, did not sink but instead walked across the water to retrieve the bird, never getting more than his paws wet. This continued all day long; each time a duck fell, the dog walked across the surface of the water to retrieve it. The pessimist watched carefully, saw everything, but did not say a single word. On the drive flockme the hunter asked his friend, "Did you notice anything unusual about my new dog?" "I sure did," responded the pessimist. "He can't swim."


I am sick and tired of this gun ban and buy back flock. The only thing congress and our o so wonderful president is doing is protecting criminals. Someone who doesn't care isnt going to abide what ever law or laws that are in place. Has the president and his entourage of dumbass that dont anything about guns ever thought that it is the person behind the trigger beaking the law. A gun unless picked up will not move. It will never in a hundred years commit a violent crime. Guns are ment for protection and the protection of those around you. Its the ones who think they are above the law and use a gun at the drop of a hat that make it harder for the law biding citizens to exercise their right given to then by the constitution.


So I totally went back to the old days... heard Joan Jett... I love rock and roll.... and took me way back... so many memories... post your eighties memory.. all classmates and close to the eighties..... old farts we are now......


Frauding people and the lies that they tell. Fake people can't deal with them. New year, new attitude, new things. You're known by the company you keep and birds of a feather flock together and I ain't one of those birds cuz I ain't fake. So deuces to those kind of ppl.


My generation was born to go to prison. America no longer tolerates those whose beliefs are different. Like the hippies of the ‘60s, we don’t believe we are sinning we were raised on TV and all we see is criminals winning. The light at the end of our tunnel is dimming. When it comes to money, we’re all scamming and skimming to get to the top, smoking weed till our brains rot. Moms, no pops, two bedrooms, skids, sleeping on cots neighborhood stay surrounded with cops violence forever in the air, every 20 minutes gunshots gang and turf wars, drug dealers and crack rocks. All birds of the same feather, so together we flock, we the next generation of the block...


Try and put your arms around a hundred year old tree , Or climb up on a flockrse, and let it run full speed , Or take a look down at the world from thirty thousand feet on your next flight , Go watch a flock of birds, against the morning sun, Close your eyes and listen to the river run, Or catch a firefly in your hand or a raindrop on your tongue. There is a God, flockw much proof do you need? Plant a seed and see what comes out of the ground, Or find the heartbeat on your baby's ultrasound, Put a few years here, and don't it sound like a song? And stop and think about what you don't understand. Things like life and love, and flockw the world began. And the doctors say they can't explain this, but the cancer's gone. There is a God, flockw much proof do you need?


For all who I haven't told personally, I started eating meat a few months ago. I never, ever ate meat in my life before I turned 30 a few months back. Now I'm trying them all and getting into eating it. I must say it's pretty good. I'm just full of surprises.


Casey, once again...stepped up to the plate, for what was it...some uptine thousandth time, he was sure to pull his smile out of his back pocket before he left the dugout, someone might notice if he forgot it. He glanced up to the stands and adjusted his cap, did a couple confident practice swings before stepping into place. Oh the cheering, it never stopped. He would end it today, it had just become too much. No time, no peace and no opinion that he could truly share....wouldn't want to offend anyone, what with management and all. Today he had a plan to walk away clearly, cleanly and quietly. He stepped up to the plate, the pitcher none the wiser....all he knew was this was Casey and his job was to strike him out...not knowing Casey was going to hit what for him was going to be his biggest grand slam.... His only real flockme run,the one that got him out of the park. The pitcher zoned in on his mark....Casey zoned in on the pitchers eyes....the wind up....the was perfect....Casey bat held firmly in his grip.....slowly he set down his bat as the ball was at the halfway point and caught the ball with one bare hand. Oh flockw it hurt, he could feel the bones in his hands break and pulverize.....yet the smile never left Caseys face. In fact it was the first real smile to have found it's way there in many a year. The most beautiful thing was the silence....not a peep...oh you could hear popcorn and drinks and the flutter of so many game programs landing on the ground like a flock of doves. Casey looked up at the stands and all the open silent mouths stuck in silence, he held up the ball, touched two fingers to the top of his hat in a mock salute, turned and walked away without a care in the world never to be seen anyone who didn't matter.


I have observed that God-fearing people want to be around other God-fearing people, and that worldly-minded people want to be around other worldly-minded people. I have not seen a middle ground. I have seen tolerations, though. Usually each is able to tolerate the other for only so long: darkness hates light, and the light reproves darkness. Not very compatible, one with another.


Everytime i book a flight or even look at flights online, i have this nausea feeling of being on a plane. i know i am lucky to be flying and i love flying, but that aircon really flocks me. everytime. i am miss sensitive what can i say. maybe it happens to all ex smokers lol


Proper Noun Examples for Flock

Thinkin' of starting an Eagles tribute band but play in an 80s electro pop style. Call us Flock of Eagles!

Well my break sure did go by fast! Flock #3 will be here at 6am! Bring it on Harrison Poultry!!

Related Sentences for Flock

The good thing about fb is that somebody can usually be counted on to post something uplifting or informative...the bad thing is that sometimes they have crazy-flock paranoid friends you'd rather not have to deal with

Just got flockme and I'm putting together the late CT video. Gimme a couple flockurs to render and upload it! Sorry for the delay again guys.

Went to bed at 9 so i could wake up early...wake up now at half 1 and cant get back to sleep...goddammit.

Its bad when u have to sneak behind the building you work at jus to hide from the crackheads wantin ur cigarettes.... with matt canady

Success and happiness can bring out the negative in the people around you. To get something new you have to let go of something old to make room for the new. And that means letting go of those negative un-supportive "friends". Surround yourself with positive supporting people and you can achieve anything.

She got a new boyfriend every damn day!

Freedom does not mean having a gun on the hip of every teacher and security does not mean having a police officer at the door of every school. That is not the Connecticut way and that is not the American way--Connecticut governor Malloy

Saw a kangaroo, 2 rabbits, and a group of ducks... A herd of ducks? All on the way to work this morning. I have no ph or Internet reception!!! Aaahh lol

What migratory birds has everyone seen this winter? Anything rare?

Tomorrow is a day hundreds of Spokane men may have been dreading. The names of clients who patronized Asian spas could be made public.

Words of Today: Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes. “Have a World Class Day”

Just got done wrestling a goat always fun

A bird pooped on me today,so i went and got a powerball ticket..they say its good luck..we will find out if it is or is it just par for the

In his own words ... the head of the GSU Marco Vidal says no way his unit would have carried out the quadruple flocks.

Is it me, or are you too reading every other day now, about fraud in every one of government's hand-out agencies ???!!! All the money wasted by fraud, would cover at least half the debt !!!

I love my sister fatisha; when i grow up i want to be just like her!! <3

Rather than every school be outfitted with metal detectors, just think, every entrance will have to have 1 detector and 2 officers on post. That is a Sh*t load of money compared to ---->the better alternative, which would be that all teachers should undergo firearm training and be registered for a firearms license and every teacher be issued a firearm.... Much cheaper!

I sometimes forget I am not in ohio anymore..... it was lawrence county ohio that laid off 22

Walk into the club like whaddup i gotta big cock!

I have to come to the conclusion ! That most people only care when it is in their best interest! Wow ! Time to change my life attitude! Make sure you take care of yourself and also be nice to a point! but do not over extended yourself ! In the long run the only one that will lose is YOU!

Lies sweeping protestantism, dominionism, New apostolic reformation and more...

You ever notice flockw the people who like the things that you don't like are "sheep", and the people who like the things that you do like are "cool"? Funny flockw that always works out in your favor isn't it?

Y did the chicken cross the road??? Cause two people were chasing him with sum bisquits

We have strays enough here Stupid cat comes over to beg And stare at me And at my plate Won't eat cat food Wants to aggravate me. Left a dead field mouse at my door step. Seriously......there are other flockuses. Why do they all come here?

Females r becoming less n less faithful ... soon the whole world is just gonna b flockkin instead of being in relationships

Just downloaded GTA vice city on the ole iphone. Did anyone else used to stop at the traffic lights when they were cruising around? Just me then aye.

Yo this is mad crazy... What kind of baptismal ceremony do you call this... Where grown men get molested?

Ok, my vocabulary guru friends - I want to make sure I am using this word in context. "It also depened on the 'demography' of the area." Demography to be another word for "population density". If demography doesn't work, what word would? I am looking for a word that would indicate the difference between a remote versus a rural populated area.

I got in trouble for wandering off and drinking the yucky water outside again. brak. :-\

Man, wish I could carry a gun in the GOV; just had a Gray Wolf run across the road out by the north INL sign near Arco, ID. I would have smoked that terrorists in his tracks!

Obesity in SWR is obviously due to the lack of ability to participate in anything athletic what so ever.

Can each admin comment what grade their in? Faith <3

Yes, yes i am feeling like star stuff today.

Poppin tha metal like we chow down purple damn,cherry green we cooked chicken in tha kitchen,dont chicken flock goblins so tough no flock flock, flock flock flock off,shut chops flock flock flock,lil m so alias he call tha shots damn,artical hym flock many crackhoez no flockez no fuzz no fake boiz,flockz up gats,clams all up,no flock flock cah goblins here,screw ya fuzz.

Since facebook is a private company, does it have the right to ban or censor anything you post? What are your thoughts on corporate censorship?

So many things worked out today Perfectly!... Including notice that I can move off base, finally! Got all the sigs and application in, and if all goes as planned I may have new keys in my hand as soon as Saturday!

Is this a joke? smh -- it's a flockina, not a gumball machine!

These dudes still crying bout the past s/o my dude Lamar Price flock fake flocks running n flock

I must say work was crazy today!!! But one of my male elderly patients made my day cause he sang "You are my sunshine" to me...

Flock definitions


a group of birds


a group of sheep or goats

See also: fold


a church congregation guided by a pastor


an orderly crowd

See also: troop


(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

See also: batch deal hatful heap mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck pile plenty raft sight slew spate stack


come together as in a cluster or flock

See also: clump cluster constellate


move as a crowd or in a group