Fishery in a sentence as a noun

Pumped for the NYC launch event and a weekend of hacking with fishery experts at WeWork Lounge!

When you trawl through the fishery and all you get are trash fish you start to wonder, "hmm did we actually catch all the fish there are?

Canada restarted seal hunting to protect the cod fishery and it's working for them.

'Plenty more fish in the sea' as they say. Salmon's unique, sure, but I'd rather buy something I am fairly certain is from a wild fishery.

> I rather like the idea of a fishery protection vessel called the "Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall".I'd go with the Me, I'm counting.

I see you are more about fishery monitoring but an old friend of mine is big into reef tanks and is a biologist at cal academy and takes care of the big aquariums there.

This is absolutely not a sustainable fishery--this is an unmitigated rape of the planet for the almighty dollar, even inside the supposedly protected waters of the marine sanctuary.

You're totally correct that private interests can and do influence the political process!One of the wonderful side effects of fishery privatization is the creation of a new lobby which does battle against the existing fish lobbies.

Fishery definitions


a workplace where fish are caught and processed and sold

See also: piscary