Filtrate in a sentence as a noun

And then, this script is able to ex-filtrate all this tracking or mining data.

400 megapixels/s filtrate requirement is a low end spec.

How would you recover if the intent of the attack was to ex filtrate something, say payment information?

And then people would ex-filtrate data by toggling the numlock light programmatically.

No, its the other way round : Kidneys let glucose through into the filtrate, but have a limited capacity of glucose reabsorption.

Filtrate in a sentence as a verb

We decided to bypass our fridge filter entirely, and instead run water from our under-sink 3M filtrate filter directly to the filters output.

Scanning outbound connections is not a meaningful defense in this case there are legitimate outbound connections going to say China and given China's ability to capture any inbound traffic there are def. ways to ex-filtrate data without raising any flags.

That’s not really feasible considering that many filters are made partly from activated carbon in order to filtrate many of the harmful substances that are in cigarettes.

If your threat model provides your adversary with vague omnipotence such that they can exfiltrate data undetected across countries under the nose of one of the most capable information security teams in the world for months at a time, then the entire discussion is moot.

If Verizon can put a nice spin to it and through micro-filtration of the brand whatever filtrate is left, as long as it is somewhat appealing it would sell, let it be a search engine or whatever new product Verizon offers free-of-cost to its subscribers over its data network.

Filtrate definitions


the product of filtration; a gas or liquid that has been passed through a filter


remove by passing through a filter; "filter out the impurities"

See also: filter strain