Feeding in a sentence as a noun

By the time you people get done with him, his Wikipedia page will talk about how he spent four hours every day feeding puppies and orphans.

Twittering on the internet and feeding outrage to each other, but never actually getting engaged to solve real issues.

There is no discernible difference, to them, between feeding someone and saving their soul, save the greater importance of the latter.

Apparently you think barely feeding them for a while will turn them into lazy asses without no ambitions such as, I don't know, an apartment, a car, a 40" TV screen and two or three kids.

They often work together, the gray sucking away every positive feeling and the black feeding everything negative.

This piece is very perceptive in portraying Prop 13 property-tax caps and rent-control as sibling policies, each feeding destructive "I've got mine" politics.

As much as I like WebGL as a dev, Microsoft's arguments against feeding arbitrary machine code to buggy graphics cards that have kernel-level memory access privileges... seemed a bit convincing.

I'd rather see a few people turned off on electric cars and the rest informed and trained with the care and feeding of the cars during winter, than to see people stranded out in the cold because they weren't aware of their cars' performance envelopes.

One clue, of course, is in the original story...where work/life balance is a "value" to the company...and the c-level execs are all washing their cars and feeding them pizza...while the engineering team they slave away...on the weekends in the cubicle farm...missing kids ball-games and family meals...etc.

If software is useful, and I build something that makes developing software easier/faster/cheaper/better, why should I be criticized for wasting my time while the guy who uses my stuff to build something else easier/faster/cheaper/better gets lauded?To me, this is like praising a farmer for feeding the world while criticizing the company who builds his tractors for indulging in self-pleasure.

HTC has grown 3x every year for the past 2 years because of Android, and Samsung has become the largest smartphone manufacturer surpassing both Nokia and Apple thanks to Android, and they say nothing against Microsoft or try to protect the ecosystem that's been feeding them?Shame on them for not standing up to Microsoft, and kudos to B&N, which wasn't even a manufacturer not too long ago, for having the guts to stand up Microsoft and protect the Android ecosystem.

Feeding definitions


the act of consuming food

See also: eating


the act of supplying food and nourishment

See also: alimentation