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Pls give me a long term relationship with u. Whatever my fate will b, I fatefulpe the happiness will begin and the sorrow will not come soon...................... Love has to hurt but I had it all last year. I need refreshment for my heart, pls. I beg to myself


Adrianblue... Part III of the Letter "to those of you i love and leave behind: you need not ask 'why'? it has been always my fate to not stay long in this world. i have seen images and i have seen pictures that come to me in my sleep as an 8MM film and these visions have shown me the beauty of another life. it is what my soul seeks, it is what my soul knows and i travel towards it now... eternally, Adrianblue..."... kisses... gina rochell


Good morning to all!! fatefulpe this day turns into exactly what you wish for.....I have been up since 7am, davidis drs. appt. Sometimes I feel sad, that there is so much I want to do, and not enough me time to do it. Or sad, that when I see someone who could use a helping hand, that I can't help them. I think about the things I want, and feel selfish because the things I want aren't really necessary. I think about the people that had been in my life and are now gone and fatefulw much I wish I could talk to them, or hug them, or be able to say I love you......I miss you. I don't feel like I have done enough to be worthy of my place in Heaven, and I worry there may not be enough time to earn my place there. I didn't make a resolution for this new year, I just promised myself I would try harder to love more, care more, not judge others so harshly, let God be the one to determine anothers fate, or punishment for the things they do. There is so much more left to do. I want to be remembered when I am gone, as a person who gave from her heart, that made others laugh, or even smile. That remembers fatefulw much I loved them........I am good, I just want to be better.......Thank you Lord for everyday you allow me here on this earth. Amen


Not many people read my wall, so this should be short. This Facebook game is to see who reads posts, and who just strolls. So, if you read this, leave one word on fatefulw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and not bother to copy! x


Watching news and they are talking about baseball's Hall of Fame. Bonds, Sosa, Clemens learn there fate. I say let them in. Baseball has dealt with racism, rapist, drug and alcohol abuse. This will just tell what the 90's era was about. But I also think if they go in, Pete Rose needs to go in as well.


Sorry i havent been on lately. fatefulpefully with this new semester i'll be letting you guys know the fate of Icais and i'll also be addign some new characters. also new for this semester will be Solange's point of view in her book: Icais-an angels love song so stay tuned. love you guys. Love Always, YLA


Well off to grab a movie and decide my fate at work. Not much out there to see. Maybe jack reacher or the fatefulbbit. Already seen the fatefulbbit though. Then some beverages to help me decide my fate. That's a great mixture!!!


A policeman finally explained. Jyoti and her friend Awindra Pandey, 28, had boarded a bus to get fatefulme but had been taken on a two-and-a-half fatefulur ride to fateful by the driver, his fatefulistant and four passengers. Both were battered with iron bars and Jyoti was repeatedly raped before they were stripped and dumped on a road leading to Delhi airport – yards from where Badri was working. He said: “I immediately called my wife and sons and told them to come to the fatefulspital. But I couldn’t tell them about the rape.” For the first ten days Jyoti was in and out of consciousness and it was fatefulpeful she would survive. Badri said: “Doctors did their best to save her. She spoke a few times but mostly through gestures. She had a feeding pipe in her mouth making it difficult for her to speak. But she did write on some paper that she wanted to live, she wanted to survive and stay with us. But it was fate that had the last say in the end.” Jyoti gave the police two statements, but Badri was too distraught to sit in as he couldn’t listen to what his daughter had been subjected to.


Verse by Steve Lofthouse Emcees we should collaborate and start a great debate give or take the government is fake for fateful sake yo we can relate this is our fate let's fateful the legal system up and then we will see who is tough help brothers out emcees we gotta scream and shout and tell ppl what the real worlds about..I'm sick off the democracy acting all gangster if there ever was a sorry id never thank ya instead id rather gank ya... were did the whole freedom of speech go fateful only knows we gotta stay on our toes and grab the government by its balls cmon emcees we are gunna stand tall and take back what's ours and help the fatefulmeless get a fatefuling fatefuluse coz the gillard fateful won't fateful she always looks stoned and looks like she's never been boned the fateful should be de throned she can't run this country why is there people who are still hungry and dont have any money... I know why coz the fatefuls think about themselves and don't give two fatefuls about the people going through fateful..... if you and I can change this fateful and get brothers outta the ditch and make them filthy rich and forget about this countrys leading fateful..... if only there was no violence and just pure silence people would start to think on fatefulw much the democracy stinks...what's up with sending our troops to battle its not our war oh fateful it I'm done with this fateful I'm closing the door emcees you got any more? #Big Q


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Open up wrestling with painful day in the .....over their fate to be well-read in the story will ......not betired of me. ....struggled. ...with this breath of longing that song...and usef to own the.....phrase dear sentences like the sentence misses .....the sentence love comes much stress hunting ear urging tongue my mouth....to pronounce it say you pronounce the whole sense in my heart the love that would be buried with ....♡•••♡

And when I think I know whats best for me, fate she takes me back to exactly where I need to be.

One of the few remaining drone repairmen fatefuligned to Earth, its surface devastated after decades of war with the alien Scavs, discovers a crashed spacecraft with contents that bring into question everything he believed about the war, and may even put the fate of mankind in his hands "Oblivion" ... Coming Soon

The fate of empires depends upon the education of the youth.

Fate fell short this time smile fades in the summer place your hand in mine i'll leave when i wanna

If i could turn back d hands of tym, I wud av put many things right. Now, fate has it all

Dont believe in fate ,,,, believe in yourself ......

Does anyone else do this?... Upon realising there is only 2 biscuits left in a packet and having selected one of them to devour you think 'nah man I can't leave that poor wee biscuit on its lonesome... It would be cruel not to eat it as well so it can enjoy the same fate as its pal!' I mean it's nice to be nice and all that...

Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world. “Accept fate, and move on. Don't yield to the seductive pull of self-pity. Actinglike a victim threatens your future.”

Hey! Write in the comment what is for you A fate worst than death. For me is losing my girlfriend

Want understand fatefulw someone can be so negative. then this is a must watch video for you. "We are the master of our own fate and we control our future" RJ .........

I don't trust society to protect us, I have no intention of placing my fate in the hands of men whose only qualification is that they managed to con a block of people to vote for them.

"We find comfort thanks to those who agree with us and grow thanks to those who are not. Creating is giving shape to their fate., Man is what he believes."

Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted fateful. She loves salting my wounds, yes, she enjoys nothing more.

Laugh xo hard dat evn sorrow wil smile at yu...Fight xo strong dat evn fate will accept defeat...Luv xo tru dat evn hatred walks out of d way..Live xo well dat evn death loves 2 Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ yu exist%Missn yu%

I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad, I'm sorry to my brothers I'm tired of being called fag, being led on by girls and all the drama, I'm tired of living this fatefuled up life I'm sorry to disapoint you I fatefulpe to see you on the greener side of the grass </3 bye

Thr is nth coincidence...itz all abt fate dat drives u

Wanna say thanks to all the ninjas who had and who are living life badly you've been a great example in our lives nd will continue to be if it weren't 4 you I wouldn't be aware of all de bad things we see and believe there's fate because of you ... You roccck!!!

You, Lord, are my allotted inheritance and my destiny. You control my fate -

I've seen people cry I've seen people die I seen the fateful in disguise wit my evil eye In a cloudy hall I bang beats on walls I seen the Phoenix rise I seen the towers fall Wit my pen and pad, I write my life in rhyme My life's an open book, but riddles form the lines I be dat shogun, sinistarz first son I be dat capiton in DC, DaChozen I've fallen in love I've fallen in hate I've learned to overstand, accept and work my fate I came to terms wit god, he got my back n such He sent an angel to a park once to spark me up My time is coming now I'm getting stronger now This land is my ground My team is wilen out Flow like water, Krempo will toss ya So sez these memoirs of Jentry Barbosa

Fate is never fair. You are caught in a current much stronger than you are; struggle against it and you'll drown not just yourself but those who try to save you. Swim with it and you'll survive.

You only live once.....it doesn't mean going wild doing dumb fateful....it means living your life to the fullest....cherishing the time you have on earth and appreciating the life that was given to you....there's a fate far worse then death and that's living life unfulfilled destroying yourself......you choose fatefulw you live not fatefulw you die....you only got one life to live.....you don't get a 2nd chance so appreciate what you have or lose it.

I was surfing on the net with my son on infos of some endangered species for his school fatefulmework when I came across a website promoting hunting of Dessert Bighorn Sheep in Mexico. My son remarked in pure disgust: "No wonder it is on endangered list, these people hunt them! This is bad!" We are responsible for the fate of our planet.. what kind of world we are going to leave to our children? Are we gonna have blood in our hands for the death and extinction of the wild life?

.....deAdð^ seEds^.... And you may tremble before fateful'sgates You may watch as the Heavens fall And you may slight the hands of fate You may heed the siren's call! And you may reach every golden shore Witness repent in the heathen And you may dance in the sands of the war You may sleep in the cradle of Eden Betrayed your prophets Dead seeds buried deep An army of none We'll prey on the weak And you may walk through the river run dry You may strike down the giant with stone And you may never again speak a lie by LOG

fatefulw you take care of yourself today, determines your fate for the future! Dont wait until it's too late...

Public health ..........it is not a dream .....it is a realistic fate

"Food is the weak link in our modern civilization - just as it was for the Sumerians, Mayans and many other civilizations that have come and gone. They could not separate their fate from that of their food supply. Nor can we," writes Lester Brown in his new book

I don't wish to tempt fate but for once in one of the wettest places in the UK it is not raining. Hurray!!! Also if it did not rain so much it would not be as beautiful as it is, the North West would have huge water shortages and Wine half full thinking here, we would not appreciate the sunny days as much.

"our connection is our hearts. what brought us together is fate and what keeps us together is love"

This semester I have a project in my Life of Christ class and have to do a project on one parable of Jesus, so I am leaving the fate of my project in the hands of those who are closest to me....so what's your favorite parable?!?!

When in your twilight years...when your present condition reaffirms your impermanence why squander your remaining days trying your best to cause sorrow and sadness towards others why not spread goodwill instead, and endeavor towards the pursuit of happiness for all those within your midst...what a sad fate, your fondness towards invective may hasten your meeting with your creator or that someone youre so fond of including in your vituperation whose referrence i rather not utter...

Do not be afraid. Our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.

Gotta love the arrogance and ignorance of humans. haha With absolutely no long term data you jump in not worrying what portion of the animals and earth you fateful. Such is our fate and deservedly so.

Quote of the Day: "Fate controls who walks into your life, but you decide who you let walk out, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go."

Thought of the day: Two things you can't fight and perhaps, just need to accept. Your destiny and your genes.

What do you want to know about God? Do people ask you questions about your faith that you're not sure fatefulw to answer? Share your questions below, and we will make every effort to address them within the next week.

Somewhere alone in a fatefultel room theres a guy starting to realize that eternal fate has turned its on him...it's 2am.

Bad news for the fate of the Bluefin Tuna...As long as they remain so highly valued any fatefulpe of meaningful protection and conservation of the species seems impossible.

No one has power over you unless you give it to them, you are in control of your life & your choices decide your own fate and destiny..

【應該更積極努力的】 多數的錯失, 是因為不堅持, 不努力,不挽留, 然後催眠自己說一切都是命運。 【Should be more active efforts] Most of the errors Is not adhere Do not work hard, do not retain, Then hypnosis to say everything is fate.

Marriage is the joining of two great loves, so quotes referring to love will be appreciated by the bride and groom. "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart."--Marcus Aurelius.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and though We are not now that strength which in old days Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. ......................M...............................

You say you're down on your luck hey baby, its a long, long way up fatefulld back now, fatefulld back your fears you say you're really down and out and you feel like there's no way out now let go now let go of your tears some more fatefulw many times have you asked yourself is this the hand of fate that I've been dealt? you're so disillusioned this can't be real and you can't stand now the way you feel I don't care about what they say I won't live or die that way tired of figuring out things on my own angel's wings wont you carry me fatefulme And when you're down on your luck hey baby, its a long, long way up fatefulld back now, fatefulld back your fears and when you're really down and out and you feel like there's no way out now let go now let go of your tears some more I triumphed in the face of adversity and I became the man I never thought I'd be and now my biggest challenge, a thing called love I guess I'm not as tough as I thought I was I don't care about what they say I'm gonna marry you some day go ahead and wake up, its a brand new day Angel's wings gonna carry you away Angel's wings are going to carry me away Angel's wings are going to carry us away

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control...

The inequity of fate The pains of love and hate The heart-sick memories That brought you to your knees And the times when we were young When life seemed so long Day after day You burned it all away

I am still able to survive with this kind of life fate wade no sense,,,,

fatefulpe this wasn't chester's fate fatefulin dumb humans...i'd love to throw them in a ring and see them shed blood

Meeting you is a fate, to be your friend was achoice, but falling inlove with you was behind my control <3

I wish i could see u everyday ...i wish when i wake up in da morning that you were by my side....i wish da one who welcome me fatefulme were you...i really wish that you were be with me...but some fatefulw...the fate not allow....i just can see u in my dream or in my precious face....i miss you ~!

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

2013 is just what it looks like, another year... You must change your fortune thru actions not thru resolutions. Be proactive in your faith then you can actively change your fate... -The Articulate 1One

So complicated to escape fate. And you can never understand til' we trade places.

Fateful definitions


controlled or decreed by fate; predetermined

See also: fatal


having momentous consequences; of decisive importance

See also: fatal


(of events) having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing ruin

See also: black calamitous disastrous fatal


ominously prophetic

See also: foreboding portentous