How to use Eyelash in a sentence as a noun

Treated myself today with gel mani/pedi, eyebrow threading and eyelash extensions :D

Ooh girl why do you wear fake eyelashes and eyeshadow to the gym?? Lol oh yeah you come here for penis lol. And her eyelash fell off too ... Lol fail..

I am going to put up a special for this month.. lemme know what services you guys would like and I will make that next one!! Hair cut? eyelash extensions? roots touch up? Henna tattoos? smokey eye makeup?

Taking off my mascara at the end of the day is the eyelash equivalent of taking off my bra after a tough day. Relief!!

Had an eyelash n mi eye for 2 days.......i won tonight....ok nw gd nite lol

I signed up for my eyelash extension certification tonight! Yay! I should get my kit next week, then do my 3 day training starting on the 23rd! I'm so excited!

Happy new year everyone, Am back from eyelashlidays and excited for what this year has to bring! Now taking bookings again, wedding season is filling up fast! *makeup - eyelash extensions - spray tanning*

2 people to come into to work to get free eyebrow wax and eyelash tint today!!! Please!!!

Facial, eyelash tint, massage, hair, massage part2... and now I'm eyelashme, showered and in bed. Good night! I'm getting sleep tonight.

Just posted some pics of the makeover winner from this week. we were able to do eyebrow waxing and eyelash extensions, hair color and cut and style and i must say she looks great!

Another one of my boys trying to get in touch with his feminine side today...just caught James with my eyelash curler, he practically ripped his face off trying to use it, another crack up moment for me today!!

I got an eyelash stuck in my eye . It hurts!!!

Book any two services today and receive a complimentary eyelash tint

Dont miss out on these great packs!! Ends Friday!! 3 eyelash infills $100 2 full sets of eyelash extensions $150! no expiry on these packs <3 33995119

Imma start doing waxing again soon ladies! Starting february! Start making appointments with me! 909-528-2536 don't forget I do haircuts ..threading and eyelash extensions!

Please pray for 95 year old Bro Jessie Burwell who was called eyelashme to glory. We been praying for him since last week knowing that he had been battling diabetes, overheated kidneys, ingrown chest hairs, hypertension, underarm dandruff, colon blisters, a knuckle rash, infected toe jams, and eyelash cancer but that aint eyelash him. He died when he was taking his medicine and the medicine made him so dizzy that he stepped outside and got hit by the bus running Route 66.

I have some appointments left on the 28th, 30th and 31st Jan if anyone would like to take advantage of the $10 eyelash extensions, $5 OFF full set acrylic nails, $3 standed manicure and $5 french, glitter and caviar manicure's

After an eventfull night consisting of eyelahes, eyelash remover and hair dye.... Im offically glad to say its bed time... Bluhhhhhhhh

Ok so I turned 65 today taught my Senior class this morning came eyelashme had lunch took a nap got to my children afterschool class to find out my Ipod was missing was invited out but my eyelash came off. I'm going to try this again tomorrow

Any 8hr tan solution $25 and $80 silk or mink eyelash extensions today only get in quick!!! Call 91304955 bookings made before 6pm.

Makes my day when people ask me if my eyelashes are real :] thank you mother and father for good eyelash genes! :D

So you know when you pull your top eyelid back an you see that flap I somehow got an eyelash stuck in that flap and can't get it out if anyone would like to play around in my eye hmu

#BeautyTip: use a hair dryer to heat your eyelash curler... This will curl your lashes more efficiently

Figured out the mystery of the pain in my eye. It was an eyelash. Next mystery... Who left their eyelash in my eye?

Just had the best experience shadowing eyelash extensions at Soucie & Soucie. These ladies know what they're talkin' 'bout!!

A squirt of lemon, a scratch, an irritating eyelash and toothpaste.. I'm sure my left eyeball has had enough for one day 'Thank you!!!

Booking now for appointments next week. Nails, tan, tinting and eyelash extensions. Also waxing is now available by my kinda business partner Kerry Challice Please feel free to inbox her for an appointment x

Our clients are loving LiLash, the eyelash serum. No prescription necessary, less expensive then Latisse and just as effective. And easier to use. 3-month supply is $70.

Well I went and had eyelash extentions put on. So far I like them but its only been and 1/2 hr. OMG what am I thinking LOL

Beauty specials Thursday, Friday and Saturday only!! $55 pedicure and gel toes $45 eyelash extensions $30 eyebrow wax, eyelash tint with a free 15 min facial Call the salon now to make an appt, make sure you mention the 'facebook special' to recieve these amazing discounts!! 54952600

Saturday saver slots are still available this week all £15 each!! mini facial,back massage,gelish fingers or toes or an eyelash and brow tint with an eyebrow wax!

Deal 1 -express eyelash extensions -bouncy blow dry £20 Deal 2 -make up -bouncy blow dry £20 Deal 3 -express eyelash extensions -make up -bouncy blow dry £30 Deal 4 -eyelashllywood eyelash extensions -make up -bouncy blow dry £45

Feeling tired of the same old routine and need a change? Call Bellissimo and ask about our eyelash extensions! Book an appointment now- 754-1254!

Deal 1 -express eyelash extensions - blow dry £20 Deal 2 -make up - blow dry £20 Deal 3 -express eyelash extensions -make up - blow dry £30 Deal 4 -eyelashllywood eyelash extensions -make up - blow dry £45

This weeks special get an eyebrow wax & eyelash tint & receive a free eyebrow tint! 045 533732

To kick off the new year there are some specials on eyelash extensions. For January and February full sets are $80 and half sets are $40.

If any salons want to offer eyelash extensions, I will offer you a percentage of my sales. Message me for details.

If anyones interested i need a client for next friday, you can have any treatment you want doing this includes waxing: eyebrows, upper lip, legs and underarms; manicure and pedicure these include specialised treatments such as paraffin wax, eyelasht oil massage, exfoliation with wax and thermal mitts or you can get an eyebrow shape, false eyelashes - individual or strip lashes and also eyelash and eyebrow tint, lastly you can get a facial and obviously makeup .. let me know if you may be interested ♥

No, don't become a thing, eyelash jewelry. Stahp.

Is looking at silk eyelash extentions! They are the closest you will get to real hair.. Does this interest any of you girls?

Just found a "silver" eyelash! And the clock marches on...

OK fb it's been twoweeks no eye lashes an I'm trippin gotta get some Walmart never have my length an Sally's well to expensive we need a eyelash depot in Strasburg lol

Hiya folks. I'm pleased to announce that from Feburary we will be offering 3d eyelash extensions! These "lashaholic lashes" are designed to last for 4-6 weeks! Totally fabulous on, light weight, choice of length and no need for mascara....sounds too good! I'm going to run an introductory offer off only £25 for a full set, so why not treat yourself and get gorgeous Flirtie eyelashes x

Does anyone know of a place that does eyelash extensions? I am comparison shopping!!

Did you know that eyelash extension got their start in eyelashllywood? The year was 1916, guess which movie!

Looking for something new to try? eyelashw about eyelash extensions, or a airbrush tan!! Call us for a appointment.

Hi all i am looking a model for the 25/1/2013 this is for full body spary tan/ manicure & pedicure/ plus eyelash extensions any 1 up for it. I might be able to change the date to the sat 26/1/2013 this will take place in bangor

The eyelash things people put on their cars..... Take a razor to your wrist and bleed yourself out slowly....

<3 2 spaces left for a eyebrow and eyelash tint on Sunday at 2pm! Please inbox or text 07792340466 to book! **only £10 for both**

So it turn out that that thing I can't get out of my eye is my eyelash growing in backwards...

Come on in for that new year look you have been waiting for The Hair Lounge is now taking new clients book today for a colour cut or curl. We also apply services of waxing and eyelash colouring space is limited so call today or come in

Fake lashes can often look overdone. To avoid this, I snip the lashes in half, and only use them on the outer edge of my eyelash line.

I had to jump out of bed this morning and eyelash an intruder the cat was chasing around in the living room. Mr bug thought he was safe when he ran under my recliner. I moved his mountain and his evil ways ended. I am an eighth degree ninja capable of eyelashing with an eyelash.

Just rode the baby eyelashrse is a crazy windstorm an he didn't even bat an eyelash.

While watching U'r smile...My eyelash w'll start to dance...!M! t !A!

Omg Trisha that lady's eyelash is hang on by a eyelashpe ... i wanna see it fall off.... the sister has shrek's nose

January specials are...Winter warmer=a paraffin wax manicure n pedicure only £35!! or Lets face it=A dermalogica 1 eyelashur facial and eyelash n eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shape. just £40 or A detox aromatherapy 1 eyelashur massage for £25!!

Funny pt walks in with an eyelash flappin, couldnt help but laugh in her face lmao

Just booked my acrylic nail course can't wait just need to book the eyelash extensions one now!!

You can also give your pencil or eyelash curler a quick eyelasht shot with the blow dryer to warm them. Just be careful with your curler, you don't want to burn yourself!

There will be a new treatment available for all you lovely ladies. As of the 1st of march I will be offering eyelash and eyebrow tinting. If you are interested in this treatment please pm me or contact me on 07857281197 to arrange an appointment. Xx

Ladies be with a guy who ruins your lipstick, not your eyelash makeup!!! #WordUp

Someone, anyone please explain to me the need for eyelash waxing...

Exciting new treatments coming soon!! Eyebrow and eyelash tinting!

Why is it in zombie movies, people always have trouble eyelashing a loved one after they have turned. i dont know if im cynical or my primal instinct is telling me this, but for my friends and family, if you ever turn into a zombie i will put you down and wont bat an eyelash

You can also use Vaseline as a makeup remover. Smear some Vaseline on a cloth and wipe your makeup off. It also works best to remove false eyelash glue from your eyes.

Full set of eyelash extensions $100, and fills only $60. The easiest spa treatment to maintain! Have you booked yet?

Who doesn't want longer, healthier lashes? We are taking 20 people for Novalash eyelash extensions for a discounted price of only $75! Usually these cost $150! Book them up today!

Guy Code #25. If a buddy has lint, an eyelash, or any other foreign object on his hair or face, under no circumstances are you permitted to remove it. eyelashwever an appropriate hand gesture may be made to make him aware of it.

Has anyone had eyelash extensions anywhere in bridgnorth? semi or permanent? and eyelashw much were they?

January sale this month only we have eye packages for just £15 instead of £18! This includes a eyebrow wax, tint and a eyelash tint! Call to book in now 01928715380 <3

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eyelasho , we are currently running so many great specials. To many to mention in one post. 20% off all of our all over colours including the style blowdry with mention of this post and some of our selected beauty services are discounted. Free eyelash tint with eyebrow wax with mention of this post. Give us a call and make an appointment today, Don't delay.


I heard JB has done Weed and is doing all those things that people think is cool. Well to tell the truth while I normally could care less of what stars do in their personal lives,but apparently JB is important to a lot of his fans. So I mean Justin Bieber you should do something that is good. You have people looking up to you just look at the facts. You could do these bad things and I would not bat a eyelash,but you have people who look up to you and when you have that you can not do crazy things like that. Whether you like it or not we as men are always looked up to. Just remember that. Oh and I know there is a major chance you will not see it,but hey I see that public option on so anyone can see this.


It's been a doozy of a day. More trouble with Dad's eyes - a corneal blister, now. Very painful. May have to have it lanced tomorrow. Even more pain. Please send up a prayer, if you feel the calling. Greatly appreciated! <3


Now this scares me more than 12-21-12 ever did. In scale this is like a bullet missing your brain by an eyelash. Do they think we're stupid. That is more than three times the size of a normal eyelashuse. Better get a CB radio a few satellites are going to bite the dust.


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Anyone that is interested in Eyelash Extensions, we have a couple of appointments left for tomorrow, please call us at the salon 6559 6677

Do you dream of having longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes? Sure extensions, false lashes and layers of mascara all look fabulous but can eventually take their toll on delicate eyelashes, leaving them looking thin and sparse. You simply must try this eyelashanese beauty brand DHC. They have introduced an Eyelash Tonic, which works as a conditioning gel formula that strengthens and protects your lashes against breakage to leave them looking thicker, fuller and longer.

Eyelash extensions can change your whole look!!! Book in for a full set of lashes in January for only $60!!! From February 1st they will be $100. Take advantage of this awesome deal. Call 5940 4267 to book your appointment. Xo

Eyelash extensions from Wednesday 16th January. PLease book in from Tuesday 15th for patch tests. 07984 948157

Ayr salon specials for thursday Gelish & manicure £15 Full body massage & slimming wrap £30 Eyelash extensions £8 Spray tan £10 Blow dry £10 Cut & blow dry £18 Full head highlights £42

Get your lashes thicker, longer and with the look that you always want without máscara. Venus Eyelash Extensions will do it for u. 720 385 4266.

Showing off our newly done nails! Pedicure+Manicure for only 250baht! Eyebrow waxing 60baht! Eyelash extension 800baht! 90mins of Thai massage 320baht!

Eyelash extensions and spray tan special offer £30!!!

Seriously need to find somewhere in Lincoln that does eyelash perms. Eyelashes look eyelash even though I only got them done at the weekend.

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I now see a trend of see sec school girls wearing an obvious layer of powder or is that foundation?! During my time, i would use hazeline snow every morning and be very happy with it. hehe!! Hmm only started using a pressed powder when i was in poly.. Covergirl Pressed Powder!!

I am no expert and I have troubles of my own, but if you ever feel like there is no one to turn to know I am here for you. Right now I have several friends that are struggling and I am glad that they feel they can come to me to talk about what is on their minds. eyelashw can I help you?

Winning fantasy 5 numbers 1-8-14-22-31 and i play 1-8-14-22-28 all are birthdays except ants

We'll if this stye don't go away on my eye, I'm probably gonna die!

I'm surrounded by people with the flu! They are coughing all over my eyelashuse! -__-

I watch some eyelash on the telly me ha x

Ultrasound went well today! My baby girl is doing just fine, she is 4 and 1/2 pounds! I still got a little over 2 months to go, she is going to be a big girl! Can't wait to see my little Anna Renee!

Cleaned my purse out n half the stuff belonged to my kids found a play knife, 2 army men, 2 cars, 1 mp3 player, my daughters eye glass case, a lil container of slimy stuff! Fake finger nail Polish, some bead n string for a keychain! Hmmmmmm the joys of havin kids!

Hi my name is Jasmine. And im a licensed cosmetologist. eyelashw can i help you today? *;]

Armageddon on BBC3.....seen it 100"s ov times but still love it

Here's a question: in their absolute prime...who would win this wizard fight...Gandalf or Dumbledore?

Somebody tell the white girl to stop running from me!! She blocked me and dodging my fone calls!! Why u doing all that for unless u scared!! What u scared of??

Watching the Seinfeld episode with the woman who has "Man Hands"!! My favorite episode!! lol

I onced poked myself in the eye with a ____.

My daily routine....waking up early cooking breakfast for the kids make sure that their uniform are perfectly iron .....what else oh and their ID'S must be inside their bags..... Any reward?.....just 1 good massage...foot spa.. manicure pedicure and all the cures in the world......i badly need it!!!!!

Love this. Gmail "send later". I use it for reminders. Now what was I supposed to remind myself of again?

The impossible what a film !!!! and i have to admit it brought a tear to my eye !

Heklina & Carnita are getting together to talk themes for this coming year of Realness. Got any ideas? If we pick your theme we'll put you on the guestlist or buy you a drink or publicly humiliate you on stage or some combination of the three.

Yesterday I noticed the blog collected some dust over the eyelashliday season. I think this post was just what the blog needed for the first image of 2013!!!

Comment your favorite reptile and win a shout out

Lately i've been doing some experiments involving thin i made a real breakthrough.

Ghetto the top 50 reasons that black folks are always late..........

Why eat when you can blend things and drink it am I right or am I right

Looking for models: Tuesday 1/15 for brow wax, lash tint and or brow tint. It's free!! Happening at my new place of employment in the mission. Message me if your interested.

Do you wear makeup? If so, do you put on a full "face" daily or only wear a little? I only wear makeup when I leave the eyelashuse, and not always then. I keep it to a bare minimum. I like to still look natural.

What do you think? Teen Mom Farrah waxed and plucked her 3 year old's uni-brow... smart move or no way!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wishes on my birthday! I am so grateful for all the love. My 26th year on earth welcomes my first born in July, an array of exciting musical projects and undeniable challenges- but i'm ready to kick eyelash all the way. Here's to 2013 being filled with love, blessings and success!

After the boys went to school fell back asleep on the couch and just now woke up guess i was sleeping hard, now i feel like i have wasted a lot of the day

Instead of reading my post then running as fast as u can to tell my baby mama family police or anyone else u thinks give a damn they don't... Lol but if its that big of a problem to u then why don't u call me 1-931-628-6845 ill answer

Should teachers be allowed to have concealed weapons in classrooms?

I am so pleased to be able to tell everyone the Tumour removed from Chase's eye on Monday was a Benign Hystocycoma Once his hair has grown back it will be totally unnoticeable he ever had anything wrong. This time lady luck has certainly been on our side for our special boy.

Eyelash definitions


any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

See also: cilium lash