Extradite in a sentence as a verb

The UK will not extradite to the US if the accused faces the death penalty.

It seems a fair number of powerful people in the US would love to extradite him.

Sweden has refused to not extradite Assange, should he return, to the US.

> The States aren't going to extradite him from Sweden nor, evidently, from the UK.

Actually he said he would go to Sweden if they promised not to extradite him to the USA and they refused.

In a news article today it was mentioned that the US refused to extradite bankers to Ecuador.

I still don't understand why Sweden is considered more likely to extradite to the US than Britain is...

I seem to remember reading something saying it was just as easy to extradite him from Britain so who knows.

Are you proposing that they should be allowed to extradite me for breaking their law?Because, that's really what's happening here.

And then some mock Assange when he expresses fears that it could be the perfect scheme to grab him and extradite him to the US in the end. Reading this, I would also be myself cautious in the Sweden justice system.

There's been numerous cases of countries refusing to extradite criminals based purely on our joke that a man will get *** raped in prison.

****, you can probably add "because of fears of being extradited to a fifth"!Assange is an Australian citizen.

Are we talking about the same US that tried to extradite Richard O'Dwyer over some copyright bs or nutcase Gary McKinnon?

It just goes to show that most of the countries of the world actually do like the United States I guess/or could've in his opinion been coerced to extradite him.

He isn't willing, and his arguments about fearing the US really aren't that convincing given the UK is more than happy to extradite people to the states.

It's a technologically developed country which is unlikely to extradite him to the United States.

>They're trying to extradite Snowden from Russia but Russia says, "Too bad we don't have an extradition treaty".Let me translate that Russian for you: "We'll trade you Snowden for Poteyev.

Extradite definitions


hand over to the authorities of another country; "They extradited the fugitive to his native country so he could be tried there"

See also: deliver deport