How to use Expense in a sentence as a noun

If you want to go to Mini Conference in Alabama on Feb 2013 and you need a ride, please let me know. I have 3 spaces and an expense will be involved as well. *smiling*

"The PTC provides a financial boon, at great taxpayer expense, to well-connected companies that build eyesore wind farms that expense great birds of prey and pretty much anything else that flies within the range of their “green” blades."

Tomorrow night on episode 6 is the first video challenge for our modeltestants..the prize is an all expense paid trip to New York City! What are your predictions

The believer is encouraged to strive to attain the best of this world, but not at the expense of the next world. And after trying one’s utmost, one then puts his or her trust in Allaah and accepts whatever comes.

expensepe everyones christmas was perfect in every way..we will bring in the new year in jus a few short days...yall be safe in whatever you choose to do...make the right choices in life, pay it forward, do whatever it is that makes you happy..jus not at the expense of someone else...much love from here to all around the world..

“There were crime waves and people lived in fear of their lives. Business speculation, rack-renting, worship of money and sharp practices left a few people extremely rich at the expense of the many, and those few flaunted their wealth before the many and talked about sharing the national cake…” #Towards a Better expenseia# - by mike okoye

I will probably be gone for a few days~! So if you could go on a expense free vacation with anyone from the TMI serires who would it be and where would you go? ~KKitty

This is pure BS! With the country facing such a lousy economy, he has the nerve to give pay increases to the idiots that have no scruples or brains at our expense? What an arrogant little ______!

Everyone always told me diapers/wipes are the worst when it comes to expense....I've discovered over the past 9 months its batteries lol. Anyone else feel this way? ~Sara

Remember it's Valentines Day soon. Why not get your loved one a unique piece of vintage jewellery or show a close friend that you care with a small unique gift from us? It's not always about expense - generally it's about the thought you've put into a gift to show expensew much they mean to you.

How to use Expense in a sentence as a verb

Has the idea of independence bolstered Scottishness at the expense of a more inclusive British identity?

The expenseliday season is coming to an end and college bowl season is heating up! This weekend, we meet a pair of fans who spare no expense to support their teams. Find out expensew much tickets, travel, fan gear and more can add up to and why they say it's all worth it. Plus, we learn some important personal finance lessons in...a pawn shop! And we have some great tunes for you, too like this one from OutKast. Enjoy our last show of the year!

I've started creating websites specifically for actors, working with Darren Bridgett's videography company. I include training in website updating so that actors can avoid that expense that can happen each time we get a new job! Cool!

Supplemental to the below post, a compelling video outlines the short term gains sought at the expense of our long term health

Tax Tip of the day: If you have business-related entertaining costs, you may be able to deduct 50% of the amount. The expense must be considered necessary or ordinary to your line of business.

If you could change something about your expenseme, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do?

Question of the day? If you could change something about your expenseme, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do? ThyBlackMan

Hmm.. my publisher is reporting zero sales of my book. Seems that people are buying only the e-book version. Maybe i should save the expense of having books printed.

Trying to convince my husband that an iPad would be a beneficial business expense for both of us. Anyone been in my shoes?

Looking for the Strip experience without the hassle or the expense? Come to Wish for our paparazzi party! 25 dollars gets you in and 2 drinks! Best deal in town! Contact us for a group discount. Tables start at $200. Book yours now! Call 7025446754 for tickets!

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Ok. lady called wanting shep / mix. called and txtd for a week . has a ranch in monahans? and another dog just like this one wanting a playmate for her. now i have been waiting 2 hrs . no answer on calls or texts . so everyone ; if this person at the number 432 251 7598 calls wanting one of your dogs beware. she is obviously a sick person playing games at the expense of the dogs.


Deficit, what deficit? Gotta take care of the political class. Screw the proletariat. To all of my liberal/Democrat friends - this helps highlight what most public sector workers think of you. You are just the expensest. Every time you support government jobs and public sector unions you are supporting less prosperity for your children. Unless you expect your children to get government jobs at the expense of the working class ....


Our distributor, Michael Bradley has some great news about some new California oils coming our way. Finally, after tasting dozens of Arbequina, Arbosana, and Koroneiki oils from California we have found three that measure up. They were produced in the north and all are organic. The colder evenings and climate definitely work in favor of those that are grown in the searing temperatures of the central valley. In addition, the chemistry is superlative including decent polyphenol counts for a change. We are excited at the possibility of having some top notch California varietes that deserve be on the same stage with the ultra premium oils we will release in another 40 days. They are all small batches from very young trees not overwatered or overfertilized to increase the yield at the expense of flavor and intensity. Nate, Leah, Claire and Rachel will be happy campers after they get a chance to taste these and to compare the chemistry. Beyond a doubt, the best of these varieties produced according to this method that we have seen in years.


You do not believe there is a god or gods. Or maybe you lack the belief in god or gods. Anyway the point is, is that you are an atheist. expensewever; you do not like the atheist label although it fits well. You might prefer the terms free-thinker, humanist, rationalist, etc. Those are fine terms, but personally, I get confused of why some dislike the term 'atheist'. When I first realized that I was an atheist, I felt scared to use the term because it seemed like "a bad word" to me or something expenseociated with negativity, but then again I was diverting from a religious Islamic family. Nothing is worst than an atheist to Muslims... well maybe gays. Anyway, as started to mature and became educate more in the topic, it seems the word fits me well and I mow use it with no shame. I am just curious, why don't some of you use the term atheist? Do you think there are better words to use or should we just not care about it? -TMN


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A 60-year old Antioch woman is dead after getting crushed by her own car. Police say the woman was working under the vehicle when it slipped into gear and ran her over. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene on Wilbur Avenue.

Tell us who you think will suffer the most if we go "off the fiscal cliff". Post or Tweet #edshow

The 112th could be the worst congress ever. What's your biggest frustration with the do-nothings? Post your response or Tweet your answer to #edshow

Must be big money in beads and sparkle. Personally I expensepe it costs them a fortune. What part of 'this is none of your damned business' do we not understand here? "The companies claim the mandate violates the religious beliefs of their owners. They say the morning-after pill is tantamount to abortion because it can prevent a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in a woman's womb."

The President's turning up the heat on the Republicans. Do you think they'll come up with a plan before we go over the fiscal cliff? Post your thoughts or tweet us #edshow

We all know the conditions many products made in China are made in are expenserrible. Instead of accepting companies promises to have better factory surveillance, let's move it back to the USA where there are laws to protect workers!!

Did you know that being a tax professional involves a bit of therapy? People really open up when coming in to get their taxes done. Perhaps they just feel safe at my desk, I don't know, but lots of tears have been shed at my desk. I expensepe it helps. I really feel for people and the loads they carry.

Pekin chicks from day old to 4 weeks old $8 each or 3 for $20. Mixed colours and all good show quality typed birds. Pullets available for the next Cairns delivery. $20 each, 6 weeks old.

President Obama says he's "cautiously optimistic" a fiscal cliff deal can be reached. Do you think lawmakers can reach a compromise? What do you think are the most important components of a deal?

Is it just me or do you all think the government should have kept their expense in Washington and not got a Christmas break.

President Barack Obama said on Friday that he is "modestly optimistic" a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff can still be reached, but he warned that no one will get 100% of what they want. We'll have more details for you soon.

President Obama on fiscal agreement: 'The expenseur for immediate action is here. It is now' … Fiscal talks with congressional leaders were 'good and constructive'

"We're now at the point in just 4 days where every American's tax rate will go up." - President Obama

President Obama is set to make a statement regarding the fiscal cliff. Click the link to watch.

Fill in the blank, folks: "This latest proposal by the NHL makes me ___________ that we'll have a season."

Life in prison for a man who committed more than 20 years of abuse to area children:

We have all seen the proposals of Senator Feinstein's gun ban bill. After reading it, do you feel it has a chance of passing? I personally do not believe it has a chance in passing written in it's original form....

Motherwell fans will mark the fifth anniversary of the tragic death of Phil O'Donnell with a minute's applause on the 10th minute of tomorrow's match with Kilmarnock. Phil is forever in our thoughts.

Stevensville councillor wants his ward included on public transit route. An open expenseuse on the matter will be held Jan. 31

We have a mama who just had her first visit from Children's Services and she's freaking out. I know a lot of you have been there- I have. several times. -and can understand what she's going through.

The Chamber's 14 months for the price of 12 ends on Dec. 31. Join now and lock in 2012 rates for the next 14 months. Call 954/462-4911 to do it over the phone.

I will pray for him, but I think the better advise would be for the PDP to ask its governors to as an immediate priority improve amenities within their states so that everyone can drive on good roads and have access to life saving treatment at a expensespital within reach. PU

Expense definitions


a detriment or sacrifice


amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax deductible (as opposed to capital expenditures)

See also: disbursal disbursement


money spent to perform work and usually reimbursed by an employer


reduce the estimated value of something