Exasperated in a sentence as an adjective

Then she got exasperated and said, "Wow, I just asked you whether you prefer this food or that food!!!

", and repeated the game a bunch of times over the day, with the guy getting more & more exasperated.

A system that makes your genuine users frustrated and exasperated does not have a bright future.

They'd sit there, diddle on their laptops or phones, and then get cranky and exasperated when you'd tell them, "no, sorry...there are no slides.

Somewhat exasperated, I went into his room and turned on the light to find the biggest scorpion I'd ever seen crawling up his wall.

With the situation as it stands, I can only respond with our poet laureate Seferis' exasperated lament, "Everywhere I go, Greece wounds me".

And in these cases the situation can be exasperated by well meaning friends, relatives and practitioners searching for a root cause that, if addressed, will make it all go away.

"But on the other hand, "users and developers are exasperated with Craigslists insistence on preserving an outdated interface and design.

My dad, who is a solid state physicist, was a kind of cheerleader for modern technology and was exasperated how companies were not adopting and adapting more quickly.

The charges likely exasperated his condition, but without that underlining fragile mental state, he would almost assuredly still be alive today.

I think Tesla is probably exasperated that a couple Model S cars catching fire is international news while cars from other manufacturers catch fire every day and it's barely even worthy of the local news.

My colleague beside me, a program manager of another program, turned to me exasperated when one of the Indian project managers in her program couldn't figure out how to fill out a project change request template.

Maybe the hugely reduced barriers to entry into the technology sector that resulted from cheap computers and good programming tools would lead young and eager people of brilliance to found ambitious companies to finally -- aren't we all sick of being exasperated by the mediocrity of culture and politics in the past 20 years?

Exasperated definitions


greatly annoyed; out of patience; "had an exasperated look on his face"; "felt exasperated beyond endurance"