How to use Evaluation in a sentence as a noun

If you are managing people and part of your evaluation criteria, formally or informally, is "does that person work a lot of hours" or if your 'business stability' requires that kind of sacrifice on any kind of regular basis you are doing it wrong. TL:DR Unless a client is going to die or go bankrupt if you or your employees don't work extra hours, go home.

Notch is a very bad programmer I despise this sort of single-dimension haughty evaluation of programming "goodness": It is garbage, and is the dismissive grenades that a particular type of maintenance programmer tosses to feel better about themselves as they try to feed the family with sloppy seconds. I single out maintenance programmers because there is a stark difference between creating something out of nothing, and being the guy who looks at that something and -- with all that is laid in stone in front of you, all of those unknown lands revealed and detours and dead-ends made evident -- can say "Oh clearly you should have A->E->Z: What a dummy!"

Even then, unless there was something so obviously wrong with the design that a conclusion was inescapable I'd refrain from rash public comments and redouble evaluation efforts to make sure every angle was evaluated exhaustively. Having designed high-performance, high-current chargers in the past I know a thing or two about battery technology, particularly when it comes to failure modes.

The pattern lasted until the bust of 2008 and 2009, which bust sent the big firms reeling and has caused a further re-evaluation of billing practices. The reason for the further change was simply one of supply and demand.

That previous paragraph is probably way to generous in my evaluation of the skill level represented inside Anonymous, but that's a large part of the problem. We don't really know much about the insides of Anonymous by design.

Surprisingly to some, Tcl 'won' that evaluation. Self was going to continue because Bill could self fund it if he wanted to, and Tcl had the developer base and momentum.

We are good at relative evaluation. What we suck at is pinning that to an absolute scale."

In this case "judgement" means "uses the things that I know", and there seems to be little evaluation beyond that high-level use case. Why was -- in this contrived scenario -- Jack's solution a "maintenance nightmare"?

Think about the complexity of the cognitive processes that are going on in that evaluation. It's amazing!

Watch how its attempt at lexical scope combines with lazy evaluation for ridiculous fun. Bizarre, automatic and random conversions behind the scenes.

In particular, this would normally need a careful evaluation of the contract language, which may or may not define what happens in the particular case you describe. If it should not adequately define what happens in express contract language, then there are default rules that potentially govern what happens.

You can fit Haskell's evaluation rules and its typing rules on one page. Haskell's syntax is also very simple and consistent.

Evaluation definitions


act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of

See also: rating


an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"

See also: valuation rating