Etiquette in a sentence as a noun

I feel this is against HN etiquette but I need to thank you.

Am I within HN etiquette to paste my post in another story?

Lots of the world and lots of situations work like this, with wide variations in local etiquette for what counts as an intro and what warrants one. "Who sent you?

But the etiquette and the interface are lagging behind the technology.

Communicating online\n requires the same etiquette as communicating face to face.

This is the 21st century - if you don't treat women with respect and as equals then please, don't show your face in public anymore until you learn normal human etiquette.

A post about etiquette that calls someone out by name, with an insulting headline?Face-to-face is the right channel for this sort of pointed criticism.

I've added a disclaimer to the GitHub page regarding Pywikipediabot and plan to make changes to fully comply with MediaWiki API etiquette.

Whatever it takes to be successful, whether that's hiring a speech coach, taking more classes at the university, learning etiquette, doing odd projects, finding a tutor, seeing a therapist, waking up at 6am to exercise... there is no limit.

How do you even reasonably fact check that?He said that someone once sneezed on him at a Burger King for a story about sneezing etiquette... how you fact check that?And for the big finale he told someone at the NYT that he likes listening to vinyl?

"Which is to say, if I hear someone apologizing for the weather, one likely presumption would be that they're just assuming fault as a matter of etiquette, or some latent self-hating tendency... but another, more interesting, possibility is that they're apologizing for not having gotten around to the step in their world domination plans where they build a global climate-regulation system yet. Because they would if they could, they will as soon as they can, and it's only their own laziness and ignorance of proper power/wealth/intelligence-bootstrapping methods preventing them from being there already.

Etiquette definitions


rules governing socially acceptable behavior