Transducer in a sentence as a noun

Note how the take transducer maintains internal state with an atom.

Returns a transducer when no collection\n is provided.

A doubling transducer would take that reducer and produces another one that doubles each element before summing them up.

The ultrasonic transducer probably does a pretty good job of warding off animals.

In particular, this forgoes the guarantee that the only thing the transducer is allowed to do is return a value from the reduction.

I think it could be parallelized by chunking up the input, however the transducer doesn't know how to do that by itself, so the step function would have to be modified somehow.

"filter" that returns a collection or a transducer depending only on arity seems a little counter-intuitive.

It returns an entirely different thing - a function of reducing function to reducing function, aka a reducing function transformer, aka a transducer.

I think if you sit down with the code clojure uses to implement transducers and compare it directly against the haskell code and _don't_ come to the conclusion that the clojure code is simpler, there might be some motivated cognition at work.

In fact, composition of transducers is exactly "monad-arrow composition" or "composition in the list monad Kleisli category".So in that sense, they are a particular form of monad.

Theoretically ultrasonic cleaners should be inaudible, but high powered ones are not. Much as intermod distortion is hilarious with high power RF, noisy/corroded/semi-faulty ultrasound could be loud as heck acoustically thru no fault of the generator, amp, or transducer.

You can have an insanely complex typesafe haskell transducer, a still very complex but unsafe haskell transducer, a weaker and less flexible version of transducers with a simpler type encoding in haskell, some combination of those ideas, just test your code out in the repl while developing in clojure and just kinda rely on the fact that core infrastructure or popular libraries will generally work.

Transducer definitions


an electrical device that converts one form of energy into another