Elemental in a sentence as an adjective

A minimal dose is 300 mg/day, which contains ~ 30 mg elemental Li.

"Maybe in the really early days of the liquids ban, but these days they're a lot more up to speed on elemental phases.

>So what does this process of elemental elimination tell us about what makes a good currency?

Knowing how heaps work or other elemental CS and programming concepts does not matter to the interviewer.

"In my free time I try to keep my house clean enough so that the kids don't manage to vibrationally attune it to the elemental plane of trash.

This may be an issue, say, next century, but we're nowhere close to it. If 3D printing an iPhone is going to the moon, 3D "printing" molecules from elemental sources is like going to Alpha Centauri.

> Basically an infrastructure company in the most elemental and violently grand sense of the word?

Whatever its merits, I'd like to hear about a single case where an anti-skeutomorphic design was elemental in disrupting a market leader.

A shared music folder and spotify/grooveshark etc?Basically an infrastructure company in the most elemental and violently grand sense of the word?

The vapor pressure of molten lead has got to be pretty low... and I expect the bioavailability of elemental lead isn't all that great in any event, compared to some of its salts.

And since we know the elemental compositions of the minerals on Earth that produce the same spectra, we can use that to predict how much of any particular element the asteroid contains.

Elemental definitions


relating to or being an element; "elemental sulphur"


relating to severe atmospheric conditions; "a race against hail or cold rains or some other elemental catastrophe"- J.K.Howard


of or being the essential or basic part; "an elementary need for love and nurturing"

See also: elementary primary