Earphone in a sentence as a noun

A cable, earphone, and paper manual.\nLet's move on !

* earphone_event: Small program written in python to detect earphone presses.

I'm starting to think its a best of both worlds with the earphone tech and the subscription services.

Well, the $60 earphone actually comes with a 2 year warranty... whereas the $15 one does not.

HUDs combine all the best uses of iWatch and bluetooth mic/earphone combos, and improve on them.

I compromise by only putting in one earphone, on my right ear that isn't facing traffic.

I wired a diode and earphone to the TV antenna lead in my room, and could listen to the town's radio station again.

I remember a TV program, in Spain in the 70's. They explained how to do one AM radio with one transistor, an AA battery, half a metre of copper wire and an earphone.

To get the nearest AM-station, simply put a resistor, an a diode together and attach 20 m of wire and an earphone on its side.

Because Apple isn't a earphone , audio equipment company.

I recall as a kid my mind being blown when I realised you could get enough energy out of "thin air" to drive a little earphone, with nothing more than a length of wire, a finished toilet paper tube, and a crystal/diode.

As an off the cuff engineering estimate an AM crystal radio is pretty efficient internally and just barely converts a multi kilowatt transmitter output into barely audible sound inside an earphone, given a substantial antenna and grounding system.

Earphone definitions


electro-acoustic transducer for converting electric signals into sounds; it is held over or inserted into the ear; "it was not the typing but the earphones that she disliked"

See also: earpiece headphone phone