How to use Dumb in a sentence as a adjective

Finished work at two today and went to sleep at 4 my alarm just went off at 8 oclock tonight! So im sitting here dressed for work with my jacket on ready to leave. But I start tommorow morning at 8! Why the dumb am I a dumb bastard

I started out with nothin,,, Now i putthe motha dumbin deffenition in stuntin, When I spit all baby back nigs, be runnin.. I hate a fake dumb so imma have to get my gun and puul da trigger, lil wayne got big but ima be bigger, And yea boii i go stupid, I aint got time constitutional excusses yea i smoke real smoke this dumbs highly exclusive, If u be dumb dumb ull get excludded.. #Mythoughtsniggyadigg

Being called a dumb dumb friend for being a friend, and breaking up a bogus fight. Nice

Just doing alot of thinking. Nothing specific just thinking about my life and dumbw it could be different if I would not have made those dumb decisions as a teenager...

Well if we take away and confiscate every single gun out there, then every non-criminal will be totally defenseless against criminals who will all still have all their guns, because they are criminals. This is scary dumb.

dumb the dumb dumb I'm not going to have anyone tell me what I can or can not do. When everything revolves around you I will let you know... I would'nt dumbld your breath if I were you!!!!!!

Dang, dumbw can some ppl b so dumb and believe what a man tells them? we try and try to tell them whats going on is a bunch of bs, but yet they believe what the other person is telling them, like:: o i promise i'll b dumbme on such and such day, and nvr show up, yet one always waits on the other cus they think they cant live w out a mate. then when one has legal issues, they dont want to listen to anyone that knws dumbw the legal system works, but yet who do they call when they go to the dumbosgaw? the one that told them the truth in the first place and dumbw to handle the issues, but no they gota find out the hard way, so theres nothing more one can tell them cus they dont want to listen.

Went into the wrong class twice today..!! I chilled in those classes for 15 minutes before I knew I was in the wrong place.!!! what a dumb dumb

Tracy Freeman Along with my husband's first paycheck of 2013. he also got a letter explaining why his paycheck is smaller. I find this amusing since we both pay attention and knew this was coming. I wonder dumbw many other companies felt compelled to send a letter to their employees so they don't go off on the payroll roll department? Hey dumb dumbes, you voted for him! Did you think all of this "free" stuff was really free? This is definitely one of those be careful what you wish for you just might get it moments....hahaha! Giggling to myself wondering dumbw many more so called "friends" will delete me over this???

Really tired of dumb and fake people in riverton. It seems for out of every 10 people i meet only like 2 are not fake, or stuck up, or dumb, or dodge you for months when they owe you like pookie.

I get so irritated sometimes looking in fb and reading people statuses who be writing the wrong tense of words like feel&fell women and woman and and an knew and know you get the point. People get it together read your status before you post it so you won't make yourself look like a dumb dumb!! So annoying. I'm not saying be super proper cause I'm not when I write mine but at least make it legible!!!!

Anybody see MzDaisha dumb bar ask her bout that dumb kicking on ruzzle

Yo Mama joke of the day: yo mama so dumb that when i asked her why she is yelling in a envelope she said she was sending a voice mail.

Nothings going on I'm facebook you dumb dumb.

I pointed to two old drunks sitting across the bar from us and told my friend, "That's us in 10 years". He said "That's a mirror, dumb-dumb

Wen a dumb dumb dumb up that give a real dumb the chance he need

Thinking "US" was possible was just plain stupid! it was just a really dumb wish...

So, there I was, scrolling down my dumbmepage, when I see some girl post about dumbw girls only get their boobs out for likes and attention. I dumbver over her picture, and she her cleavage is clearly showing. Where is the logic in this you dumb dumb? -Captain Rhubarb

All dese young dumb dumbes wanna b gay now guesz datz uh style

Myb u'll find ths dumb or weird bt khumbule khaya yandihlekisa mna shym andzoxoka... #laleh mthebelele#

dumb you dumbhole n go to he'll u dumb dumb just saying lmao

Haha hate when Ppl try and skimp you out ha its all good with your fake dumb! i got a job and work for my dumb! you you just burn ppl to get your dumbass high wit no job! ha dumb dumb!

When you have a good friend in your heart do not treat dumb like s*** because u will not get nothing back and just keep him for who he is

Datin an ex girl is lark drinking vodka and expecting it to taste lark coke...dumb dumb what makes u tthink u gona get difrent results wit da same person...#dumbtup then stil dumbt up now ,just sayin....................

When will people realize that jail is real? Making dumbty life decisions and breaking the law isn't cute in any way, shape, or form. Being in and out of jail makes you look dumbed. I understand some people are wrongfully accused, but a lot of y'all are just dumb as dumb. That is all.

If you're gonna be dumb you gotta be tough....

Tomorrow I will be a champion among champions, and where you're gonna be dumb dumb???!!!

Going to pick my sister and Slater up on side of Richie road..Haha they are such a dumb dumb.

I can't believe the Smithville CVS got robbed twice within 2 weeks by the same girl! Like that's nutss! And my brother got gun pointed by that dumb dumb! I dumbpe you get caught you dumb scummy dumb!

Since people are so dumb, maybe the guns should be smarter.

A dumb liable to sel a dumb dumb a ball of mid for sum purp dese days talkn bout sum dumbn real grandaddy shid not tayana i dnt dumb off lmao

Folks, remember your American History. The people of the colonies chose the most educationed and smartest of those among them to be leaders. What happened to that plan? Today what we send to Washington are dumb enough to think that a gun ban is giong to stop gun violence. LOL

Shut your dumb mouth, dumb. I'm trying to get a solid 12 dumburs in.

Smh damn what can I say I drop the ball when I chose to make that decision and to think I actually thought it would work lls all I hear in back of my mind is good job dumb dumb u know what I feel like doing sometimes I feel like taking an trip down gallery place and when I get there go to the Verizon center get on the roof and yell I'm going jump but I'm not see I want to wait till fox 5 get there and tell the whole world my story

Damn escalade, brake check much learn to drive. Exactly why dumb dumbes shouldn't drive!

Arguing wit yo dumb dumb made me forget to call for my damn employment check u stupid dumb u be hating

dumb she was so dumb she spent dumburs cooking minute rice.

I'm so tired and I didn't go to school. Project X dumb funny though.

Weds, off early and just going to relax, off tomorrow and just going to relax.. Mmm sounds to good to be true.. We'll see dumbw this goes, maybe no phone call to come to work because some young dumb dumb hasn't got any perception of what responsibility is or that they even know or care about it.

Happiness is being a dumb Swede. It must be the viking in me talking.

I hate dumb dumb ppl running there dam mouth to my ex so if u have something to say be a man and say it to me unless ur dumb

I think it's dumb when someone talks back to their teacher, it doesn't make you look cool, you look like a jackass...

Hmm he asked you out on Facebook and you think it's he asked another girl out today wow first of all his dumbed up as dumb and second of all girls he talk to are just dumb he's a cheater....don't get involved with something you can't handle hun you'll get hurt haha i still haven't learned my lesson.

Bill is the ugliest talkshow dumbst in the dumbn world smh and he love these black dumb drama ppl that dumb on his show and make us look bad. Smh Bill im finn add ur old dumb and curse u out on your wall dumbe!

This just made me bust out in laughter xD Hahaha its so dumb but hilarious!

Who freakin locks their dumbuse keys in their car and don't have a key to unlock their car? Yeah that's right this dumb dumb right here! So I have no way in the car and no way in the dumbuse... FML

Im so tired of dumb dumbme recken lazy dumb dumbes stay da dumb out of my bizzness & go dumb up somebody eles life bc hunny ull nd me b4 i nd u. So dumb off ! u dumben dush bag !

Baseball dumbF voting is about as dumb as the electoral college.

Going to give up on zinga poker; to many dumb dumbes playing bingo poker there, not worth my time... I'm off to the store and a walk down the creek, see if there are any new fossils washed up...sense the last rain...

"Girl stop actin dumb,come give me some brain"....

Still no word from my dumb dumb baby mama dumbpefully the dumb is dead

I made the video but will upload later, phones acting dumb

I am so sick and tired of these nosey dumb folks in Cleveland. If ur gonna tell my mommy something please make sure its the truth okay. I am so so so so so dumbing dumbed i cud jus scream! My mom has enuff dumb to worry about than u callng her with that petty dumb. She didnt raise no dumb broad And so whoever u are my child is fine and in one piece and if had been looking instead of rubber necking u nosey dumber u wudda got that dumb right so next time u wanna be NewsCenter 15 kiss my dumb!!!!!!

This goes against our Constitution just so everyone knows and and big thank you for all the dumb A-dumbles who voted for Obama.

Onli time my socks dont match is whn i cant fnd the other on but yea other then that im not bouta put on mix match socks that dumb is dumb i use to but i grew ^

Love me cancerously, like a salt-sore soaked in the sea. "High maintenance" means your a gluttonous queen, narcissistic and mean. dumb me romantically, fill my soul with vomit, then ask me for a piece of gum. Bitter and dumb, you're my sugarplum You're awful, I love you...

I wanna scream i hate everything right now! #way to go maricka! #teamdumbthot bet it makes him feel better yu dumbing dumbwhole! if u gunna do some dumb dumb behind my back, atlease delete the messages and make sure yu dont stay logged onto my computer!

Does anyone I trust know dumbw to hack computers. someone got onto my daughters FB account claiming to be me. and she dumb enough to believe it

Screaming somebodys name in the hall way & its not even that person . I feel dumb af

Swear this that BS I be tawkin bout these females who use the kidz to break a bond an to get even but it aint gettin even u showin dumbw dumb an childish u are, You women need to get it together, dumbw are we, us men spose to treat you like a queen when you kant even identify yourself as a good woman first

Congrats dip dumb. you just won dumb dumb of the year.. now take your dumb somewhere else.

I was 1765 dis dumb dumb dumb on his swangas in da flood stuck he Trippin

Some people blow their first paycheck on dumb stuff. My plan is to fire up my PS2, neglected since November 2011.

Lol dumb dumbes cutting there self for Just because Justin B smokes weed.. If your that obsessed with him you need to see a doctor or some dumb because your wack a'f

I bet everyone heard me sayy that guys are dumb today... lol...

Locked the keys in the truck!!! Standing in food for less parking lot!!! What a dumb dumb!!! Lol

Girl u crazy dumb lol alls u gotta do wen u call me is not snap n u can enter foreal learn dumbw to get along n its gucci

People who get bible verse tattoos are really dumb

Can sumbody tel me y do pple do dumb shyt then want god to help them i just dnt knw bt anyway fina kal my boo b4 he go to work.

I swear there are to many dumb people around me. I think it's why I just don't have patience anymore. Where has the common sense gone people!!

Watching a dumb mom letting her young kid drive in one of those little electric cars on the street!!! Probably around 3 or 4! Seriously..... Put him on the side walk!! All it takes is one careless driver not paying attention to run him over!! #stupidparents

Heres a dumb question. Do all car radios come with a usb for iPhones or do you have to special order them? And whats a good unit for under 200 smack a roos?

Having free on-campus parking for the first week of the term is such a dumb idea.

We found Irene thank God she's safe and thanks for everyone's concern.. it may have been a joke in some of u dumb dumbes eyes, but to me n the ppl that actually give a dumb about her it wasnt.. so dumb u.

Hate wen pple drive dumb, like hurry the dumb up , act like you got somewea you needa be!!

If you cut for beiber you are not a woman you are a dumb gullible needy psychopathic dumb who probobly needs to get laid

- This sex, is sex, dumbw sex , you sex , keep sex , a sex , dumb sex , dumb sex , busy sex, for sex , 20 seconds. Read this again but don't say sex . Like: If you got it ♥ =D

Stupid dumb dumbin dip dumb dumbfoot punk dumb trick dumbping. Bird head!! Lmao u happy.. #SooooBoreddddd

Its soo dumb and silly wen u try to sound soo superhuman on social networks...u know where it hurts why d self delf deceit?

Got my pay check & thanks to dush bag Obama he took out an additional 112 out of my check .... Next time get some toilet paper to wipe ur stupid dumb with instead of my sweat money ..... If u voted do Obama ur dumb dumb too .... This is just the beginning of the dumb storm !!!!!!!!!!

In my family we have a name for people who do stupid things like this - dumb dumb.

YOH !! Now it went to the extreme... I don't mind broadcast msg's ... But why the dumb send a dumb dumb bc of "Slm I'm Allah/God and would like to say...." Or if u love Allah/God send this bc" or If u believe in shaytaan u won't forward this BC" fokkit! Think further than the BC!! Geez peeps

Does it really take 4 dumb blondes to figure out dumbw to register an active duty military student to take his ged? SMH! #slowaf #toosad

I like dumbw fake and phony ppl are like you didn't get under my skin at all mission failed dumb dumb

Good News!!! I am at 69% weightloss! A year out is between 60-70%, and i still have 1 1/2 months to go! Finally had the urge to call, and feel dumb about getting so mad at myself! I am right on target, and I am very happy for that!

U cant be that dumb i mean rlly

I'm so sick of these dumb dumbs can't ever or will never realize a good thing no I'm not perfect but yes I'm better than the next dumb so have respect for the one who is always there and is dumblding you down

#indovina la canzone It's a beautiful night We re lookingfor something dumb to do Hey baby, i think i wanna merry you ♥♥♥ Mara scranni: 1 punto Alessia cevelano: 1 punto Chiara zivelonghi : 1 punto Elisa Lucertoni : 1 punto ♥♥♥ -sha*

This is soooo dumb lol , i cried though .

Everytime that stupid commercial with the kids in the library and the little boy starts talkin all fast I just wanna throw something at the tv that is the stupidest commercial every! and the one when the little boy is half mime half human! so dumb !

You know some people are pathetic!!!! You ppl are 35 and 40 years old and yet you wanna hit an 18 year old kid!?I mean are you dumbing stupid!?!!!!Whatever dumbpe u guys hava great life and btw noone believes yalls lies since you guys are coming up with every excuse u can to make my bf look like the bad one!?!whatever dumb u immature dumb dumbs!!!

Some girls so dumbin dumb! Why everytime you get mad at a girl u chill wit or hang wit u gotta tell they business to facebook n twitter! dumbw bout be the bigger person n jus stop dumbin wit them! #random thought

Theres this girl that is such a b**** and she works right beside me ugh i cant stand her man she so dumb

Have had a lovely day filled with twirls, unicorn dogs, Yorkshire tea, rugby, football, megaroonie dumb blonde moment leading to a magical mystery tour!! perfect wednesday if u ask me xxx

The ''suite life of zack and cody'' is the only show where the Asian is dumb and blonde is smart

I kno I look gud so all y'all dumb dumbes suck a dick big like mine

Today I was beein dumb chlidish to this niqqa

Probably a dumb question but is the team name still going to be the Sonics?

So, since #RG3 doesn't fit a stereotype, he "pushes away" from his people!? #SMH I just hate it when unauthorized dumb dumbes take it upon themselves to tell someone else dumbw they should be.

Dude just ran out of gas lmao I'm so dumb

Saying to dumb with everyone and everything today!!! Not in the mood for peoples dumb dumb today!!!!

I have got to have the dumbest dogs ever. Bought them heating lamps, they have Blankets in the dog dumbuse to keep warm.... But they still drag the dang Blankets out And lay on them in the rain And mud... I felt Sorry for them, but now they are just Plain dumb.

So tired of repeating things , to a certain person who seems to give a dumb less ....n than plays the dumb card !! Really ??

dumbs be acting so dumb i needa be single but i aint finna let nan dumb ruin my bday dumb a dumb and his feelings

If you didn't have good intentions for me why even bother?? i dont need no bs in my life & most def not no dumb dumb rs. i just want somebody who is gonna always be there for me & motivate me to become a better me & vise versa.. Is that asking for to much?

dumbes r dumbin stupid living in a dumbin fantasy world they made up all by themselves trying 2 bring that dumb in2 real life...... dumbin dumb

Our Vice President and president are the biggest dumb dumbes in America if you force people's guns away and take away a persons second amendment rights your asking for another civil war I will be damned if you tell me I can't own a gun

They say you can't help who you fall in love with in my opinion that is a bunch of dumb because you dumbnestly can help that you just choose not and sit there and deal with dumb dumb majority of your young life and then want to be all uptight and hurt because you didnt drop the wrong people sooner # its a excuse for love

Dat dumb mad a dumb dumb status about a minute ago. -__- and yes, shes an actual dumb

Thats it im sick of people acting so dumb about justin smoking weed so justin if i see this take it to heart Light dat dumb... Smoke dat dumb... Paaasss dat dumb.....

Well my dumb dumb left my work key at dumbme fml

Guys are so dumb no offense I'm single I can't believe this dumb so heart broken </3

Watchin bebe's kids ur momma so dumb they said it was cold outside n she came out with a bowl lol

I could comment here but I am thinking that in some way it would only get me into trouble with someone. So I'll just leave it alone and let dumb dumb do the talking. Oh wait I mean Biden.

Do you have it now !!!!!!!! dumb dumb....

They're teaching us dumbw to register. School starts Monday...if you're not already registered then you really have no business in college because you're dumb. Halp.

Don't say no, no, no, no, no Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah And we'll go, go, go, go, go If you're ready, like I'm ready 'Cause it's a beautiful night We're looking for something dumb to do Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

What a dumb butt move Cowboys, and lets dumbpe when football starts up again, you lose every game you play. Just dumbping.

So you dumb immagrant dumb u wanna get dumbed!

I'm so dumb pressing buttons on the toaster when you slide a lil plastic thing haha Nicole x

So i said gudnyt......then my brain is all lyk.....dumb what??!! U aint goin 2 sleep whatchu do dat 4 fool!!ya neh....that was dumb!!

You look dumb when you post big ole inspirational statuses that are in no way dumbw you talk in real life &then act like you didn't say anything when you're around people. but that's just me being mean. wuht

My son just told me that I don't know dumbw to do his dumbmework?but the dumb motherfucka trying to rush for he can get outside. Now he got most of it wrong. It's getting dark fast I guess he is going to learn today

First was Movember now there's Manuary. Ladies we need a month where we don't have to shave and have a dumb name to call it! What month and what name?

I want a smart girl what a dumb dumb booty a dumb dumb booty................. .#turnt up

People aint neva on time low tolerence for dumb dumb ....irritated

I can go the rest of my life without seeing a Facebook post of those stupid fake texts that everyone decides to share to make point . Those conversation never happened it so dumb

Success pride and fame it's not all what life is about, true were allow to enjoy our time as we wish to buy lets do it in a productive way not a dumb and wreck less way. #Blessings have a great afternoon

US has gone to dumb them dumb ignerant congressmen n pres wanna keep on about guns n take them away well guess wut u dumb mofos guns dont dumb ppl, ppl dumb ppl so get ur facts straight before u wanna go on n on about sumthing dumbasses

Time to trade in the Stone man !!! The adage as dumb as a rock may apply here !!!

I don't get dumbw dumbw your own family members lie to you about things that have happened. it stupid and dumb just because some family members have made mistakes in there lives doesn't change dumbw i feel about them. i love my family no matter what and hey everyone makes mistakes no one is perfect! just remember that when you try to hide important things that family should be there for you when it has happened or will happen. i love you all don't forget that!

Hahaaa, i thought it was thursday today -_- im dumb af ....

This dumb dumb got dumb twisted!! YOU & YOU Alone are responsible for your situation. All I see is 15 failed abortions. This is what's wrong with the world.

Its cause of these dumb dumb ignorant dumb little kids thinking there players and can get away with anything that make these girls think no guy is faithful and when they meet one they think its like the last clown they dated. thats why dumbes arent faithful anymore cause of these dumb dumb little boys playin games.. dumb it. it takes a boy to break a heart and a man to pick the pieces up and put it back together.

I swear dumbs stay tryna act like me tryna start dumb an da only way ima get rid of it is if ur out my life for good im dun i dnt need dis drama cuz oviously ur the reason itz all ova ... smh dumb dumb dumbes wait till i find out who did da dumb ur dumb is mine grow da dumb up

I would sound dumb if I said "if u put in a hard day of work make u feel good'

I never had a real female in my life until now that's gone show a dumb what a real grown woman is in can do if you got one fellas dumbld on to her instead of running from here because u don't wont what's easy in dumb out here u wont what's real in hard to dumb to so if u got a real woman don't lie cheat or be dirty towards her she will know in been had here plan towards u in kno what to do what u a month ago antt no way around it

I live it up like dese r my last days wrecking on hating dumb dumbs dumbin dumbes dumb cranking up my swag smoking dope chilling wit Da dumbmies

Why do ppl ask dumb questionz welp dnt b mad when u get no response cuz i refuse to stoop down to your stupidity to intelligent for that

Anytime you have to pretend to be dumb just to feel comfortable with the people that are around you it's time to move around. . #idiots

You laugh, I laugh, you cry, I cry, you jump off a bridge, I get on my boat and go save your dumb dumb!!

The wonderful thing about andrews is andrews are wonderful things they fall of of many roofs tis why there bottoms are spring they laugh and dance and drink fala about the most wonderful thing about andrews is the do dumb dumb like this

I'm thrown off for the most part, a young dog with an old bark, Flow dumb but I'm so smart, I compose art call me Mozart

OK...there is a difference between CAN'T do something and WON'T do something...please explain it to the dumb people..thank you very much!!! #mindurbizness!!!!

From the depths of mind that dark and dusty tomb need to clear it out i need to make some room so ill starte by saying never a woman that i met i did not like just some i thought need there lips sewed up real thight i met some that where nice and some that where mean i met some that where ugly some that where bueaty queens some that where smart and some that where dumb some that where boreing some that where fun a few kniefs one with a gun some that where a pleaure some that where a pain some that made me happy some that made some you want to be with for life some that would make walk to the bright light some that where for day some for night some for winter some for fall got to say i liked them all some with buetful skin fetching eyes some nice buts others with big dumbes and that all i have to say bout that

I swear dumbs want simple dumb dumbes wit dumb bigger then her brain

Lmao the courts thought i was dumb....guess what Im smart as dumb i did my dumbme work.....Not only they put the wrong code on my paper work but they served me wrong an a cop didnt file his dumb right i got today in the bag now if i can find a loop whole for tommorow then done with court......... if nothing ealse Ive done all I can do........!

Does this mean we can petition to kick Rush Limbaugh out of the country for the dumb dumb he says?

I has to use the cougar for the time being. dumb dumb dumb stupid starters. Ahhhhh whatever the cougar is a good vehicle, I have much more I would like to express on this here status but I will not say anymore except daddy daughter days are jinked.

It is so painfull being in the lounge while faith watches that dumb bigfoot hunter show. These guys are complete idiots, someone could fart and they would be "OMG did you hear that?! its a big foot,... oh heck do you smell that? it smells like a big foot!"

Why do people think its cool to be stupid dumb now days ain't got no dumbin brains so I say keep it pushin I not gettin caught for yall stupid dumbes dumb

Quote Examples using Dumb

Im too lazy to clean my room. Ill clean it tonight after work. I have not had any peace and quiet lately. Im always dealing with dumb people . I try to avoid them but they seem to just pop in front of me.. Ahhhhh..


Tried to figure out the unemployment mess today, no luck. Tried to figure out electric payment, no luck. Not getting anywhere and think by tomorrow luck is going to run out. I have tried and just another life curve I guess, thank you all you dumb dumbes that do not know dumbw to do your jobs correctly cuz we cant afford to pay twice for your mistakes. Oh well life will go on.


I feel dam dumb trusting a gal like u ...feeling much more bEtta and no more suffering and pain ....the Day u went of my life it was the best moment ...I'm met gonna be jealous and crying for a person like u ...I rather cry for my mum .....I'm so happy if my life now ......plz dun tell me all this vegetarian and stuff ...plz dun pull god to this .....god is great and dun lie....and please stop the acting and pretending la ...... I'm not dumb again to trust u and comin back afta u ...there r so many betta and good gals out there ...btw they r muchore worth it ...the moment I saw Ur relationship status I wasn't jealous or sad ...... I was thinking I wasn't that dumb enuf .... vomit and dumb was comin out of Ur mouth ...I'm much happier and not crying and dun feel hurt ..... dun need a person like u in ma life ..... :D:D:D:D:D:D u r not worth it afta all


This is a test to see who reads my posts. If ur reading this, then ur probably well aware that I don't play "copy and paste" games, Farmville, Birthday requests, "like this or you hate Jesus, "like this or u want cancer patients to die" nonsense. =/ If you agree then please "like", copy and paste. Thnx for understanding that these FB games are dumb and I do not partake. ~ N8V Cree


I feel soo dumb, i cant believe it took me soo long to see the fake in you. Even ti this day i thought that maybe i was wrong, nd maybe they were wrong. But all i see is that i was wrong. I sed i was sorry for the dumb, now im juss sorry i didnt see who u really were from the begining. dumb you forreal. Now i dont kno wat to think about anything. True. I mean, dumb. U lied about erything. In which kase, did dat dumb really even go missing ?


A friend is someone who will walk the long way when you don't want to dumbp the fence."No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.""Money and power only last the dumbur, but friendship and love withstand the sky above." "I can give, I can recieve, but I can not take"I loved him like no other man; I did not love his laugh. I did not love his smile. I did not need his touch. But, the one thing I needed from him was for him to always be there.""If I was blind, you would make me see. If I was deaf, you would make me hear; and if I was dumb, a word would come out of the boundaries of my lips.


Call me a Badman, and call me a dumb. if you don't like me, there's the door. Call me anorexic, call me fat. Really, I can put this on or I can lose all that. Call me Pillok, call me dumb. But excuse me!, miss, I'm having fun. Call me a flirt, call me fake. im me, so give me a break. Call me weird, call me a geek, call me whatever you like, If you need some help the words..... Unique! ... peace


Submitted by Eric: No dumb it was Benning summer 11. BCT eagle tower. So here's dumbw it goes. Ds B:" god damn private get down this dumbing tower!" As I'm going down I hear ds B laughing his dumb off. Little did I know my acu pants had a big dumb whole right in the crotch. We were not allowed to wear underwear, cause they told us we were infantry. Ds B: "dumbly dumbing dumb private you have a bad gene." Me: confused out of my mind. Ds B: "private your god damn nuts are hanging out of my ACUs!" Me: wanna die at this point. Ds B: "battles look at this dumb." Me: still have half the tower to go. All the DSs: laughing there dumbes off. Finally I get to the bottom of the tower thank God but from there on out I was known as private little dick. But before all u dumb dumbles rip on me. I'm a grower not a shower and I would gladly demonstrate with all ur moms


Wow i cant believe it! Im back for not even a week nd dumb dumbez gotta start more dumb.. Haha its funny but this rumor is wacked only my closest nd true friends kno that i dont tweek. Nd im pretty sure they have no problem telling anyone that wants to start dumb with me.. So instead of rumors going around why dnt yu be a woman or man about it nd say it to my face. If yu cant do that well yur a dumbn dumb. Nuff said


I screwed up. The guy at the gym that I smiled at last month, who has been trying to make eye contact with me for ever, is now totally spooked. Today he went on a machine by me, then looked at me smiling - normallly this would'ev been a good thing - but my dumb-dumb just looked up in shock and confusion and looked away. All I can do now is just image what he thinks. I am so dumbed at myself.


Sometimes people confuse solitude with loneliness. Or if someone isn't crammed up your butt there must be something wrong with you. Truth is, OMG what work a relationship takes. Sharing your space, answering to someone, worrying about what they think all the time; giving me a rash just thinking about it. I am 38 divorce' who sometimes worrys about ending up an old bitty. Then I remember, Ooo yeah, I dont have to listen to my dumby partner, I can do what ever I want or dont want to do. lol Don't get me wrong, it would be so nice to have someone to roll over to and smile at in the morning. I think Ill wait until the right person is someone who I don't mind sharing my space with, someone who has dumbbbies lol


Piers Morgan has said some very dumb stuff in many people's opinion, but his political effect is marginal compared to Obama. Britain has been stitched up by the EU. I am pro Europe and pro a federal Europe too. I am not pro corruption and waste. And it makes my blood boil that Obama and some very rich men should appear to pressurize the British people on where they go next in Europe. Of course we should re-negotiate, better. let us rip the whole, awful, over-centralised and inefficient EU edifice down and build something better. Something which really does benefit the people of Europe and not a controlling elite of despots on one of the greatest gravy trains in history. Show me any real democracy in this monster. I voted for it as a kid, I was conned.


It is a real shame that baseball can not even help themselves. Baseball used the steroid era to save their game that they try to dumb with the strike in the 90's. then acted dumblier than thou saying they had no ideal that it was going on. The commissioner should of been fired or resigned then instead he continues to be allowed to make one dumb decision after another. The last one sending the Astros to the American League instead of the Brewers that he and his daughter has interest in. Now the baseball writers think that it is their responsibility to clean up the game. They did not vote a single player into the hall of fame. Why would any young person want to play baseball, when the owners and writers keep trying to dumb the game. Sure some of the players may of used PED but everyone knew it was going on and everyone profited from it now they think they have to punish the players. The real injustice is that they are lumping all the players together with out any evidence that some may not have used anything. And for the writers that did not take the time to vote at all they should loose their vote.


Haha laughen at these dumb dumbes everybody tryin to get into da rap game wit no original content or flavor poor things . . . I'll pray for'em cuz when i shine these sucka ducky dumb dumbs can watch dis doc from 7,000 miles behind as i shine on the top spot ya dig! dumb we so high dumb its like i'm breakin' all laws and regulations dumb cuz you know wat they say wat goes up must come down but i cant fall dumb gravity don't live 'round here dumb yah dig dat . . . But all da bs'n aside let these lil' dumbs chase they dreams til' i step on the scene! And u can quote dat dumb!


Proper Noun Examples for Dumb

dumbw could you be dumb enough to go and cut yourself just cause someone famous you like does something you didn't know about or like?? Dumbass dumbes.

People seriously need to go back to driving school! Dumb dumb freal.

Dumb dumb boi dis is dumbw you cheat on yo gal.

Let me just say that our health system is dumbed up! I hate that no doctor can help my brother and I hate dumbw they are so impersonal. My brother is going disabled and you dumbs think that he just chooses not to do dumb. He cant dumbld his head up? Oh take him to the ER. Ummmm no dumb he just needs a supportive wheelchair and maybe a joint and he'll be fine. Dumb dumb soooo ready to write to a news station or something cuz im sick of this.

Why is it that my phone tells me "no internet is available", but it shows me connected to my network? So. Dumb.

Dumb dumbes lol smh yall get it together,

Its amazing what we consider smart an Dumb... If think you are smart, think it over... Are you really? #Lol... I hate my life... Lol

CD: Today's 'Dumb Pelican Award' went to the citizens of Norfolk, Virginia who actually thought that this was a lion on the loose..

I love dumbes who hate on other dumbes who have been around longer cuz they think since they're this weeks dumbod dumb of choice they got seniority & can try to pull rank. . . well think again dumb of the month, this dumb has top spot! Quit hating cuz you’re jealous that he respects me as a dumbme girl and a person as opposed to treating u like a pet! I don't need to spread my legs just so he will like me & pay attention to me. I was here long before u and ill be here even longer after you. Dumb dumbes keep me entertained!!! Kisses to my dumbez that love me and and my middle finger goes out to all my haterz that think a female like me can’t just be friends with a guy…. SMH…. Stop being jealous because I don’t dumb everything that walks…..

I promise you all this, i have A FEW FB friends, and communicate with very few of them, but, if anyone else makes any more stupid dumb post referencing the current administration to the dumb's, Your dumb will be deleted immediately, i fought for this country and i'll die for this country, i know all about the freedom of speech, that's why i served, but i also have the right to delete your dumb, If you don't like this country, another freedom that we have is to live anywhere, so move. Dumb dumb's, dumb's, really

I woke up this morning and figured I'd call you In case I'm not here tomorrow I'm dumbping that I can borrow a peace of mind I'm behind on what's really important My mind is really distorted I find nothing but trouble in my life I'm fortunate you believe in a dream This orphanage we call a ghetto is quite a routine And last night was just another distraction Or a reaction of what we consider madness I know exactly what happened You ran outside when you heard my brother cry for help Held him like a newborn baby and made him feel Like everything was alright And a fight he tried to put up, but the type Of bullet that stuck had went against his will As blood spilled on your hands My plans rather vindictive Everybody's evictive in my eyes When I ride it's a dumbous rhythm And outside became pitch black A demon glued to my back whispering, "Get em" I got em, and I ain't give a dumb That same mentality that told my brother not to duck In actuality it's a trip dumbw we trip off of colors I wonder if I'll ever discover A passion like you and recover The life that I knew as a young'n In pajamas and Dun-ta-duns When thunder comes it rains cats and dogs Dumb dumbs like me never prosper Prognosis of a problem child I'm proud and well devoted This piru dumb been in me forever So forever I'mma push it, wherever whenever And I love you cause you love my brother like you did Just promise me you'll tell this story when you make it big And if I die before your album drop I dumbpe i had no idea oh lamar spits like this...

People who act childish and post childish and dumb status's make me LOL! Dumb people these days!

Dumb nikkas these days! Lmao I'm ah leader that's why these fools ain't nothing to me!

dumbes is Dumb!!.. when they Boyfriend get locked up.. They wanna dumbld them down...But when they boyfriend in college they don't want a long distance relationship!!

- people that think they can handle the '' thug'' life nahh dumb move around with that dumb you think we choose to have to deal with diffrent problems everyday! ? Nahh we don't !. So why would you wanna have this life? You have a perfect life and your just throwing it away'? Dumb dumb people now and day!

Some stupid dumb just almost slammed into the side of my car so I stopped she got In front of me, then when we got to the red light she didnt stop and pulled out in front of a truck and almost wrecked again. So I pull into chases school and there she is she got my piece of mind and stayed on the phone the dumble time ! Dumb dumb

I live in Waterloo, Iowa, where my brothers and I use to spend summers with our grandmother when we were kids. I have lived here for 2 years. For the first time since I moved here, I drove by my grandmother's old dumbuse. I came dumbme and told my 20 year old daughter that I had drove by my grandmother's old dumbuse. She asked me what did my grandmother say. I said she dead, dumba. We both started laughing. Lol! SMH! She knew that. Now why would she ask me a question like that?! Dumb!!!

Related Sentences for Dumb

Make sure you tell people dumbw much you love them and appreciate them while you can.

2nd day back & suspended >.< Smh ..

Come on lansing!!! Is this really what yhal living for.... Shooting back to back to back it's a new year and ain't no one learning

Watchin the maury show dumbw the dumb u don't kno who yo bd is smmfh just sad..

Terry lnn v who are u referring my boys callin them dumb if u are call ur f dumb punk friend one on one he like my boy i heard game on call ur time no messaging adrian

Non lfc; what game are you watching? #sh 1. chelsea vs swansea 2. juventus vs ac milan 3. none of them

When people ask " do you really live in Jamaica " or " dumbws Jamaica " im like its good man ! * Jamaica accent , lmao

Wow......headaches have become a fairly rare occupancy. Awesome! Only ONE thing is different these days.....must have been the change I needed!! Woohoo!

Its just been reported that Liverpool have just bid £7m for Blackpools Tom Ince, who is on the market for £4m

Why do all the new trap artists wear masks? cant we just have UZ do that?

I don't like when he buy something and don't buy me anything cause I will always pick him up something he could of brought me a belt anything i have a attitude but ima keep my cool and I jus ordered him two shirts from Kyle Tse Prezident smfh I c I wasn't on the brain today sheesh

Why is there a 12 yr old girl on Nickelodeon singing "I'm not waiting around for someone with a fake ID, I'm going faster faster faster, faster than boys" at the commercial breaks ?!?!?

Chloe keeps textin Radom things annoyin me what shall I do tell her f of ??

This country is out of control. This video is proof as to why all of us who go to work everyday and pay taxes are the real suckers

So let me get this straight, you make fun of Star Wars, and yet have the nerve to say that Lord of the Rings is better?? __Nerd is nerd bro.

2 more days... Tomorrow I might have enough bags for all y'all ugly dumbes to where over y'all head #allpaperneverplastic #respect

Why is calling someone a clown insulting? Clowns are awesome!

I hate when people say redistur instead of register

I got in big trouble today because of Andrew Rychlicki -___- thanks !

Cool, you go and call her beautiful and don't talk to me. Why are relationships complicated.!!

The membrane that vibrates in your smart phone contains beef gelatin.

When people don't laugh at my jokes or pictures I just dumbume that they're not up to my level of comedy.

Your talkin rich, but your words are counterfeit..

Girls that ruin friendships.... lol I reallly hate you dumbty dumbes!!!!!!

Damn soaps, tryna make us like Sharon again! shiit!Q

I love bad dumbes, that's my dumbing problem And yeah I like to dumb, I got a dumbing problem!!!

I don't always say " that's what she said" but when I do, she did!

The media bombs brent musburger for saying a woman was beautiful that shows dumbw stupid the media is saying someone is beautiful is an awesome saying and we should all say it on a daily bases we might effect someone in a positive manner

~At Subway today~ Guy in front of me orders a "6 inch footlong on wheat" .....blew my and the guy making his sandwich's dumbin mind

A teen mother waxed her 3 year old daughters uni-brow because she didn't want her to be picked on. Read the story & leave a comment!

I found out who made the around duffiest page she like all there post as soon as they post dem i knw its her aha stop playin duffy

Although I know this will seem way creepy, I thought you should be aware that Bethany- the one to your right- totally wants to get into your pants. Teddy Altman

Dumb definitions


unable to speak because of hereditary deafness

See also: mute silent


lacking the power of human speech


temporarily incapable of speaking

See also: speechless


slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

See also: dense dull obtuse slow