Droning in a sentence as a noun

By captured, I'm sure they mean captured via droning.

Would you rather have had a 1000 word article droning on about how all the tech companies are copying each other these days?

The US Government has killed thousands of civilians around the world in the last decade via droning.

It's not clear droning the planet and having overwhelming force in our fighter fleet isn't where our priorities should be.

My personal data has now been leaked to unknown parties and they make light of it by droning on about "best practice" and passwords.

There is nothing different about computation, per se. Instead of a teacher droning on to kids about how to surf, let them learn how to do webpages, or robots.

The PCs in the store let you do that too but they forgot to mention it in the marketing because they were so busy droning on about hardware specs.

As long as America is droning 'baddies', the possibility that they are nailing some civilians too remains.

I have to say when I ran my last company I hated picking up the phone only to hear some "IT recruitment expert" who has never fired up terminal droning on. Conversely, I would love to call you guys up when I start another company.

I thought I understood that physiologically, such droning caused the tiny hairs of the inner ear to either die or become less sensitive.

Somebody near you might be saying; "Co-founder keeps droning on about development buzzwords while I am still trying to bang out a minimum viable product.

And with a packaging that is similar enough to not be challenging, yet different enough to have to make a concentrated, droning effort in order to iron out any misunderstandings or surprising behaviour.

In what example is the US Government killing, kidnapping, torturing, or droning citizens of other countries on any meaningful scale basis outside of a few obvious countries like Afghanistan?What does someone in Brazil, or Peru, or Belgium, or Russia, or China, or Spain, or Japan, or Australia etc etc - have to fear from the US Government?

Droning definitions


an unchanging intonation

See also: monotone drone