How to use Driftwood in a sentence as a noun

Went the hills up hwy 70 got some small driftwood bark and feldspar mica granite for mountains in my scenes

"living driftwood"; powershot sx50hs; taken this moring in CDO

Set if 5 lighthouses, solid wax carved candle and driftwood hand painted sea shell.....$15 for all!

Drew has so many cool pieces if driftwood! Love them.

Well it looks like some things will be changing. new sound!!!!!! getting back to the original format the driftwood renegades started on. acoustic based but still full of energy. we will keep you posted, but will be back playing live at the 8th annual milfest.

This one survives in typhoon Yolanda happy to see its first bloom mounted in caimito driftwood

Joey, Clyde and Ezra are in the Yukon 800 right now. Just started. 800 miles and heard there is lots of driftwood on river. Best to all the racers.

driftwoodpe all the Yukon 800 boat racers don't hit any floating debris or driftwood on the rivers!

Small driftwood mirror. Paid £20 will accept £10 ono tsign risca

Fae driftwood cottage with shell chair and table... and a second view of the oculus window in front of the loft...

Quote Examples using Driftwood

Brings me back to the summer I spent between sophomore and junior years of high school... camping out with my friends, Jeff and Paul. Bonfires on the beach, Bodega Bay, AM radio was always tuned to the oldies. We would build a lean-to out of driftwood and live in it for days, felt like we were the last ones on earth. The poem at the end of this song was prophetic. When I hear it now, I ache, because I'll never hear it in the same way, with the guileless ears of a child who was "a digger if beauty".


The irony of these table tops is they were old, damaged and weathered. I repaired them.. Sanded them until I was crazy.. And finally painted them to look like old barn/driftwood. What a learning experience! Can't wait to put them back together!


Took the Jeep down to the water's edge to load up on driftwood. I love to stand on the rocks, face the breeze, then close my eyes and take in the raw smell of salt water. Deep breath in. Long exhale. A gull somewhere off in the distance screeches. Farther out, the dull roar of a Cape Islander diesel can be heard as it works the Strait. driftwoodpe to be still doing this when I'm 95.


Proper Noun Examples for Driftwood

Has anyone in the Driftwood Kenner area has seen this rabbit? My cousins lost her last night

Wade Driftwood... you did amazing last night!! It was nice to finally see you perform dude!

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We are gay...we didn't choose this lifestyle. It's who we are. Human beings.

Hey guys, check this out and let us know what you think, it would mean the world! Stay Gone

This is going to be awesome. SOS returns to the stage for the first time with some new blood. So pumped.

Tune...brings back memories from 2000...the lyric's have only just resonated...i was drift wood for many years

Driftwood definitions


wood that is floating or that has been washed ashore