Dowsing in a sentence as a noun

It doesn't insist that the two are the same, but if you're looking for clues, it's a **** of a dowsing rod.

It's very hard to have sympathy for believers in dowsing.

"Maybe at the same time he could check out dowsing, homeopathy, and all the other pseudoscience.

Who needs a dowsing rod when can actually control media outlets?

We get to hear a speaker explain how to tap into the secret behind dowsing rods to build a space drive? mind.

The way dowsing works, in general, is through ideomotor responses[1].

Polygraphs are about as useful and effective a tool as water-dowsing rods.

Otherwise it becomes the software development version of a ouija board or a dowsing rod.

The little screenshot of someone trying to debunk it with error level analysis amused me. ELA is truly the dowsing rod of digital forensics.

" So are many of the purveyors of homeopathy, of miracle cancer cures, of coffee enemas, of dowsing and of Intelligent Design.

Or do you just use it like a dowsing rod with some power sensor to point it in the right direction?Also, I've tried a network-over-power system, and it totally sucked when it worked at all.

He has cashed-in magnificently on a government and population willing to buy empty high-tech looking boxes from a dowsing practitioner to detect bombs.

The Iraqi government spent $85m on bogus bomb detectors that were just dowsing rods in a fancy box. Nobody at the interior ministry bothered to do any testing, or even to take the devices apart - they contained no electronics that could possibly have detected anything.

Quattlebaum could have fallen victim to the ideomotor effect, the same psychological phenomenon that convinces users of dowsing rods and Ouija boards that they are witnessing the results of a powerful yet inexplicable force.

Dowsing definitions


searching for underground water or minerals by using a dowsing rod

See also: dowse rhabdomancy