How to use Dorsum in a sentence as a noun

Common peroneal nerve lesion The sciatic nerve divides into the tibial and common peroneal nerves. Injury often occurs at the neck of the fibula The most characteristic feature of a common peroneal nerve lesion is foot drop Other features include: weakness of foot dorsiflexion weakness of foot eversion weakness of extensor hallucis longus sensory loss over the dorsum of the foot and the lower lateral part of the leg wasting of the anterior tibial and peroneal muscles

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A 23 year old female presents with an acutely swollen right knee. In the previous week she has been unwell with fever and myalgia and she noticed small pustular lesions on her distal forearms and hands. She then had pain in her left wrist and dorsum of wrist and hand, then left elbow and knees. These pains settled but her right knee remained swollen and painful. She has recently had unprotected sex. Her WCC and CRP are greatly elevated. A gram stain of a joint aspirate reveals a gram negative diplococcus. Culture of the knee aspirate is awaited. Given the most likely diagnosis, which antibiotic should be prescribed? Select the best answer: a. Doxycycline b. Ceftriaxone c. Amoxicillin d. Azithromycin e. Ciprofloxacin


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Dorsum definitions


the back of the body of a vertebrate or any analogous surface (as the upper or outer surface of an organ or appendage or part)


the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine

See also: back