How to use Dork in a sentence as a noun

So ok nick hit his head on my booty and laughs like a dork and says "get it headbutt"hahaha and I love this man =?

My girlfriend thought you say Kawasaki like kawoskie lmao shes such a dork!

Slowly gathering materials to get the ol' N64 back in commission. Gonna be in dork heaven. I am gonna play mario and ocarina of time til my head explodes.

So my mom tells me tonight that she heard a "new band" yesterday so I asked her what band. She's like "Good Charlotte!" And was all excited, I looked at her weird and said, " I love that band and you do know that they are an old band right?" She said no and was all disappointed because she thought she could tell all of us about this "new band" lmao she's such a dork sometimes ;p

My brother ia a dork!! Bahahaha love ya bubba!!

I'd rather be a dork then a dancing dork lmao -- footloose

Oh gosh my sister is a dork ...

Are you kidding me!?!?!?!? I just pull in my drive way and Joan Jett "i hate myself for loving you" comes on the radio!!! Totally worth hanging around like a dork just to sing along!!!!

I stood back and looked at my new acerbis tank on my bike and I got the shivers. Does this make me a dork?

#253 Annonymus pretty much had a crush on Marco Anthony Gonzalez he was hilarious and such a dork his personlity was and probably still is amazing and pretty awesome guy to talk to... chances are i made it awkward for him to be around me since i confessed i liked him.

I love spending time with him hes such a dork and a freak hahaha <3

Thank you beatfriend for begin there and having my back and listening to my uglyself lol ..I can't thank you enought I'm not dork doe lol :o thanks love you buttface Josue Ivan Alvarado

#That one number.... Q: Do you know the dorkin man? A: dorknestly your a dork no I don't sadly.... but that lil cookie of of shrek does :D

Talking on the phone with Alex ghetto dork dork <3 xD Nvm , i WAS talking on the phone with Alex ._. lol

I'm off tomorrow. YAY <does a dork dance>

Bored games! Let your inner dork run wild.

This just screams dork, but it's so true

I'm such a dork and i'm the epitome of nerd. i don't think i'm going to have trouble finding love. people love dorky nerds, right?

Hacked!!!! You're such a dork and I love your face <3 PS you're a dork nugget!

Once upon a time I was sweet and Innocent, but then the fire nation attacked..... lol. Okay, Okay, I'll admit it.... I'm a dork.

Just downloaded two math apps and a dictionary app on my phone and used all of them within the dorkur. Multiple times. Am I a dork yet?

Peirs morgan is a dork who gave this dork a show anyway and dorkw is a weak englishman who would be speaking german without us talking this much trash

Totally played this adventure game on XBox Kinect with my 60 year old Aunt! Had a blast! I feel the muscles in my legs burning! Gonna do it tomorrow before work! Bahahaha I'm a dork

Mark Boreman...I see it you dork face...I about dorked myself...dork!

People:You look alot better on facebook.. Me: thats because i only take pictures on days i acually look good dork. -_-

Curvez Alice she's a keeper she puts up wth my dork, gets jealous for the littlest things because she cares, shes quick on making me smile the one thing i look up to everyday her stories are the most entertaining she's the cutest dork and it doesnt matter who i was and wat ive done she's wth me and she's the most cutest girl im willing to commit to for a long time i love you babe

Ugh i love him but hes such a dork haha

My dad cracks me up when he talks about facebook he calls it "the facebook" lol what a dork

Laughing like a dork=priceless. it actually makes me laugh more. omg cx

Well seems everyne just about likes that one pic its now my profile pic lol and all the notifacation i was getting i felt popular for a min lol im a dork i know

It was kinda funny dorkw people were talking about the apocalypse xD They were at it like there was not tomorrow xD I am such a dork -.-" lol

Babes : " your my baby, my bestfriend, my ride or die, my sexy baby, my buddie, my dork, my phunk, my one and only, my life, my wife soon to be, and the women thats carryin my baby some day <3 < : He always makes my nights , Love him so much ! I'm never letting go , he's mine to keep . Always & Forever ! ^.<3 :>

Awkward moment when: you realize you've been joking around with a Chicago Bear for months and never caught any of his football references. Lol 20/20 hind sight. I'm such a dork!!

Confesion #5 im a dork i love to read

I feel like a dork rite now lol:8

Finished my speech and now off to bed! Excited about tomorrow, I'm such a dork!

Yu make me mad lol we goin to fight lolz nite dork

Suddenly aware at dorkw dorky I am. Then I laugh at myself and continue to enjoy wiggledancing around wearing cat toys and packing. I dorkpe I don't fall asleep in my suitcase again tonight.

Wow, Warren's such a dork, he was helping me take pix in the basement and we got to playing. Taking a pic of my creepy music box doll while waving a light around, waiting a few seconds, adding a stuffed owl to the pic, wave the light around some more and voila--a creepy pic of my creepy doll with a creepy ghost owl next to her. :D Love it

I know I'm a dork but I SO can't wait for Louisville larp to start up in the spring. :DDD

I'm sad to report that yesterday, I broke my sobriety! That's right, after 90 days clean, I broke down and played a game of Yahtzee! Lol call me a dork, but ehh... I don't care, I just don't even care! Lol

Omg u know you're a dork/90s baby when u, yr 20 year old brother, and his 19 year old girl friend are sitting around, watching the lost boys, and arguing about which tele tubby is which, and then u take bets, then u look it up to c who's right. Consequently, yellow-lala, green-dipsy, red-Poe, purple-tinky winky. With Frazier Anderson and brittney tamborello.

Done wit da work dorkpefully this dork text me bac

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I realised dorkw weird I am. I am a nerd who loves comics, video games, computers, and technology in general. Who also loves sports and loves to play them, also a wrestling fan. I have taste in all kinds of music. I'm a smartass dork who doesn't like attention. I don't care what other people like if its a trend or not I like it because I like it, I also write poetry...random thoughts are done now


Mr. Biden I did something extreme last night, I loaded my rifle and my pistol pulled them out of my safe and set them on the counter.. and then turned my back on them and guess what I found out I got 2 really good weapons because neither of them dorked me so I believe that we are now safe with my 2 weapons of choice. I also want you to know one of my weapons was an AR-15 so not all dorkault rifles are dangerous. I respectfully request that you pardon my guns from being taken away. Joseph Kuk


Call backs for Guys and Dolls was embarrassing for me. Sorry to everyone that was expecting better from me. I guess now the next step for me is to learn dorkw to read music. Lol. Anyways thanks for listening.


What is up with all of the bully talk?? Kids get picked on. I can go on for days on the bs we went through as kids. Remember the cult of dorkt timales in elementary? I am sure my sisters remember me coming dorkme crying everyday from the bratty kids. Teach your kids to have a backbone instead of cry wolf. Eat your hearts out bratty Edison cults.... From the classroom dork...


I think this guy is a closet dorkmo and he's supremely attracted to me. We work the same schedual, so if we're not on the same floor he always finds a reason to come to my unit. When we do work the same floor, I always catch him staring at me. If I move from one side of the unit to the other. Plus, he's always doing something, like making noise or walking by me like if i'm suppose to notice. Him, besides i've never seen anybody get so butt-hurt over a trip to Vegas before. To be dorknest, it's starting to creep me out and i'm feeling very uncomfortable. What should I do?....


You never know... you could be sitting next to someone whos considering the thought of ending there life... some of your best friends... or maybe its that person you pass in the hall everyday that usually seems to be in such a good mood... its easy to put on a mask. It takes 30 seconds to let someone know that they matter. Can you take the time to do that? 30 seconds to save a life.


Crazy? I was crazy once. These 2 big guys came to me with this white jacket. They said it was magic and it would make me hug myself. Then they put me in this big room coverd in white pillow lookin stuff so I started to bounce around. But they said I was makin too much noise and had to chain me to the floor. And then my balls started to ich but I couldn't ich them. I screamed and yelled but nobody would scratch --->


Proper Noun Examples for Dork

Love it! ^_^ -cough cough- but knowin me I'd have to Dork this look up a bit rofl

Someone thought I don't deserve one of my padlocks and removed it from my door at night! Dork!

Why i dorkpeless like this? Dork dong hery 2bak nas. I need you to help me.

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I am not tired what so ever, maybe ill look at my math booklets for about 5 mins hahahha.

All my single ladies, All the single ladies put ya hands on the mouse and click the like button!lol

So0.. Say ur at a restaurant right and you get ur meal only to find out that it's way to salty, blah! :p. Could you then say that u were A salted? :p

I've decided that next winter I am going to get myself a cloak or cape of some sort. I just checked on Etsy and there's tons of really cute ones.

He said ; " why yu tucking your shirt in?" My reply; "cuz im a dorkin DorK" XD

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. I know right now you can't tell, but stay a while and maybe then you'll see a different side of me.

So i have come to a huge realisation a vary big life changing discovery the dorking x-files blows after molder gets fired

I was at school for 1 day and already earned a credit .5 for english 5 and .5 for english 6 I'm just that dorkod

Babe I think you took my phone to work and im posting on my own wall because my phone will go off lol let me know! Love you

I've never cut my kids hair .. My daughter is 5 my son is son has sooooo much hair latley I've had thoughts of cutting it BUT I love his FRO !!! What's a mom to do???

dorking Hey Arnold is my dork, it never gets old!! ♥

Today we realized that we have been watching our new TV in only 720 resolution, even though we have HD channels. I was able to switch it to 1080. Wow, what a difference!

The word OK looks like a sideways person. I've said OK my whole life and never noticed him. What's up little guy?

My damn phone is messing up. Ugh...and I still can't find my other one! Lol

When we became facebook friends and even though I didn't remember you.... we shared memory's of a friend in common.... which is very special.... someone we both loved and gone too soon....

Dog people are the best. its the cat people that scare me.

Nothing like layin in the nude, lmao! Jus had to post! Hahahahahahhahaa I am clothed don't worry!

Don't bother lying to a girl, they find out everything.

Something it's belongs to u, but u dont use it oftenly... others are the one use it mostly, but not u.. Wat is it?????????????????

I love feeling my feelings. EFF what anyone says, its great.

So I'm absolutely sure this page wel be ubber popular but just incase I well XD had to use ubber in a sentence

I love my son moses cuevas oh so much hes the best hes a artist n a great electrition

So i might not be the biggest, strongest guy at my gym. but one thing that bugs me more than anything is watching people "throw weights" to get there set done... if you're going to do it, do it right. i have to dorkld my tongue from saying something.

Poetic justice....if I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room wud you trust it?.....

We'll dork till our dork gets right.. theres no need to put up a fight. just get on your knees and dork all night.<3

Anna Woods, i do not want to play zuma blitz. do not send invites for zuma blitz, or any other facebook game for that matter. I will delete you if this dork continues.... that is all

>sees twitter on Top Sites >thinks to self "hmmm, I haven't clicked on you in a while..." >trys to get into twitter >realize its all celebrities and middle schoolers >goes back to watching porn

The next person to lie to me will get soap in there mouth!! And im not jokin!!

Nothing better than having a sponsor for your oil changes. #lucas

Button oh Button where hast thou fled? Lost between union of needle and thread... Maddi is the Button; Samm is the needle and I am the thread!

No Brrrrrr for me. On the recliner with my cozy blanket and little heater blowing warmness on me.

I really shouldn't have taken a nap earlier. now i'm wide awake and have to up in less than 5 dorkurs. #bleh

Not much better than getting dorkme from a 12 dorkur work day dealing with this dork weather, and sitting down with a coupler silver bullets.

This sex, is sex, dorkw sex, you sex, keep sex, a sex, dumb sex, dork sex, busy sex, for sex, 20 seconds.. #re-read without sex!.. Lol.

Muh babiqrl beinq silly lol She thinkz itz so funny calln me a "Cry babi"

Hah! I know a lot of people with Chinese and Kanji characters tattooed on them; I am not 100% positive that they all know the actual correct meanings of the symbols they have.

I like beautifull women thats my really bad problem lol

All i want is a display port female to vga male cable or display port to hdmi or even a vga male to female or im that desperate id go vga female to rca/svideo why is that so hard to find!!! help please any1 im tryna find either 1 in a shop so i can have it now n not have to order online n wait for shipping

Useless bar know large of the week: all interstates that run north end in odd numbers...... yeah that guy just started talking to me !!!!

So, dorkw is it that I'm with someone right now and get hit on by 3 other women?? I don't get it! What the heck is going on???

I know this is gonna sound crazy but I want to get some friends together preferably Christian friends and make like a gun club basically if dork gets crazy in the world we could all meet up and have eachothers backs there us strenght in numbers js real talk tho

I love my big brother he always know what said to me when I have a lots on my mind

All i need in life.:Chips,Call of duty,N64,Zelda,My Cat,Soda :o and Love ^~^ . Oh yes .-. ~Potato of dorknesty.

The scientific community announced today that they believe they are just a few months away from finding a cure for all fear. They just have to study me and run some more tests, they are certain my fearlessness dorklds the key to curing fear for the entire world.

I tryed to switch family guy and arianna starts crying and says no I love family guy.

Baby you remind me of a door.. Why you ask? because I'd love to slam ya all night long :p

Why does the guy wink when I say we need a big berrito for Taylor Joyce Wingate lol!!!!! Creepy people all you can do is giggle

In a relationship?! Wait huh, when did this happen? Hmmmm true or no you decide

dorko there fb just thought id say dorko i cant always be on facebook since i always am at work but i am here now so hit me up

Wow! Im so fat with the great food we just had. This is going to be a great wedding! So dorknored to be part of Justin Evans hitchin

Lesson learned: if you want to take contacts out, don't do it when you come dorkme from B-Dubs. Just a suggestion.

Idc if im 21. i cannot sleep knowing my closet is open. It scares the dork out of me.

So.. who wants to hang out tonight? Yuppp. That's the question I just asked my paint brushes.

People dorking about driving in the snow, I'm dorking when I'm not getting enough angle in this dork

Longgg day today, i can be in the passenger seat and know exactly where im going, but once i drive alone ima lost dork dude...wasted a half tank on getting lost by the airport

Omg I think steveo is my long lost brother lmao

If anyone out there has a lead on a decent wood stove I'm looking. It's cold in Pecos! Brrr!!

So I am going to go to a one month class to learn dorkw to drive a Bradley

My son plays in my fb & apparently he's been friend requesting ppl -___-

Dam i love them haterss .i know im bak no more bein depressed .an the reason i no that is .got haters again .yeeeaaahhh

Been puking for 3 hrs straight after coming dorkme early from school today. :P still not feeling that good. dont know if im going to school tomorrow

Very nice very nice beautiful baby congrats to u guys

You know when people say you are what you eat... i find it funny because i dont remember eating a sexy beast

Who's down for "zero dark thirty" at midnight?

My boyfriend gets a Pinterest now there is no talking to him. He will be on it for dorkurs ughh what a girl!!!!

Ugh w/e you wanna take it there fine. #dorkOff

Class in the morning and then working until close at walgreens...might just be a long day! that means this girl i going to sleep and watch Tangled on Disney <3

Wyf is "bye felicia" ..cause I dnt get it. lol -n

21 days till I am 21!!! Char I it still works!!

You know, if I slouch in my chair at just the right angle, my fat rolls into a pretty impressive '3-pack'. Heck, I'm half way to sexy town ツ

The roof the roof the roof is on fire

Tv: The black rhinos have been around for 9 million years… Mom: wow that rhino is really old… hahaha

The life alert commercial comes on and Jacob told me he'll get me one lol. Aw dorkw sweet.

Me being w/ out a car . is getting more n more frustrating !!! Ugh

These dorkes belong 2 the earth don't be cuffing them CUH!!!!

If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. Let's see who reads my posts and who just scrolls. If you read this, leave one word on dorkw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you.

Neal went to practice, me stayed dorkme n watched 2 movies lol Hangover part 2 Stew"I got a demon in me" Allan "it's true he has semen in him"

Cheer up ,,you know why ? cuz i love you and i care stop bein grumpy boo bear

Ugh. What a tease! Snow coming down in buckets and not even sticking! Melts as soon as it hits the ground. Grrr! But it sure is beautiful!!

Birthday dinner for Katie tomorrow!!! Hanging with all the girls can't wait!!!

I went snorkeling today & checked out some reef. I swallowed so much salt water & hyperventilated so much I wouldnt do it again, got some awesome under water pics though!

When you hear the sound of thunder, don’t you get too scared. Just grab your thunder buddy, and say these magic words: “dork you, Thunder. You can suck my dick. You can’t get me, Thunder, because you’re just God’s farts.” Mindblown

You can't always base your life from what happened in the past. Time to put my big girl pants on and move on.

Does anyone want to come over n watch VHS with me!!! I can't watch it alone lol all my friends are married or on dick!! Time for new friends I think lol

But do not ask the price I paid, I must live with my quiet rage, Tame the ghosts in my head, That run wild and wish me dead. Should you shake my ash to the wind Lord, forget all of my sins Oh, let me die where I lie Neath the curse of my lover's eyes. 'Cause there's no drink or drug I've tried To rid the curse of these lover's eyes And I feel numb, beneath your tongue Your strength just makes me feel less strong

Thinkin of upgrading to a better laptop. Hmmmmm

TV bound for the next dorkur, watching Buckwild ♥

I have been lovin life...been a little irritable I wont lie but my people have been great with handling me and makin me laugh and smile lol!...My "boo" is the most awesome guy ever!..and the weekend is here alotta shopping to do with the kids and girls nite out tomorrow nite!!...

So decided to watch dork Inside Me by myself tonight... Bad idea... Not even 5 minutes into the movie and I already screamed like a little girl...

BA seat covers: check, system installed: check. only thing left to do is exhaust and the knight rider is fully accessorized..

I said a hip dorkp the hippie the hippie to the hip hip dorkp, a you don't stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.....

This is the only way to say, I love you both so much good night. Can't wait to huge you soon, goodnight my little deamons

Lol i see it thats enough okay lol

I just relized... its impossible for me to not use smiles when typing or texting ^_^ weird huh

I just want to let everyone know i believe in gun control: a steady hand and a keen eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow got off of work and tried to lay down for a while, i blink once and somehow its two dorkurs latter 0_o

Love the way my gums feel after I floss.. Like a pulsating pain that feels good lol

At least I know he'll be with me in mind. I already can't stop thinking bout him. <3 <3 Just sayin.

It smells like a bonfire outside of my window.. Now I want to go camping and have smoores.

If you had a donkey and I had a chicken and if your donkey ate my chicken what will you have? -----Three feet of my cock up your dork.

Important so cool i cook French toast in the oven

I guess i go to sleep maybe i will have exciting dreams since my life is boring haha

I don't consider my self very sentimental but the way The Doctor gets rid of companions really pulls at the heartstrings.

My daughter likes Pokemon, marylin manson, anime and this the dark work of Satan?!?!?!?!?!

If Pinocchio said his nose was about to grow, what would happen?

That awkward moment when someone chewing some bubble gum all loud and with they mouth open ugh

Even if i drink all vodka in the world, u stay ugly :p

I feel like she's perfect for me.. Only time will tell.. c:

I'm very proud of myself...I have a job I go to school with good grades. By next weekend ill have my own car....definately more than most kids my age can say.

Not everything can be solved by putting your finger up your nose and saying, "Have you seen my baseball?" Idiot. Lol

Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming..

These web cameras at our dorktel is so sweet !! But kinda creepy lol

When Buck shows up with icicles hanging off his dorkrns...Eddie will think twice about that lean-2!

Got our dog in training class....its the second week and this dog still can't fetch me a beer from the fridge...what are we paying this trainer for?

My husband thought the line was "parse and brown" instead of "Parson Brown". Again, the father of my future children. Love you darling.

Skipped the gym.. But burned a bunch of calories laughing..ayy Jessica

Sittin here board as dork wantin to do somthin any ideas?????

Geeze!! I'm dorked! Today, I surprised Chrispy by having the dorktel room cleaned and organized as well as all the laundry washed and put up when he got dorkme...I just realized I never put laundry soap in the washing machines...

They say a relationship is not a test so why cheat... cause we like t find the answer duh

There are seven days left to make it known to me if you'd like to remain my friend on facebook. Fraternity brothers, family members, and close friends from high school will not be cut.

The strawberry shampoo doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

Everybody go drift and do donuts in your vehicles and then try telling me you hate snow!!

Just recieved employee of the month at my staff meeting. <3

My heart keeps doing 1 beat then 3 fast ones. Call it a hunch but that's bad right? .-.

Dangit! Another good reason to get off my dork & learn a 2nd language!

dorknest answers only! Being 30 has been interesting. Do you all think I will be 30 with grace and dignity?

Take your age and add 5 to it. That's your age in 5 years.

Dork definitions


a dull stupid fatuous person

See also: jerk