How to use Ditch in a sentence as a noun

Movies tomorrow! Who's down to watch the haunted ditchuse with me? Someone who won't ditch me!

Im telling staright the ditch life ppl dont care cory u say sonething i will dnap the ditch out like somerealshit like u really goin ti run ur ditchin mouths like ditch off u hateful mmuther ditchers like say it to my face id rather be dead in a ditch like ditch family and fakee ditch ppl like u cant say it to my face u ditchin ditch like act ut age like life hurts bad like ppl im done dont bothrr calling or text ugh and same wit text hreatt is brokin like some realshit dont ditch with the wrong person like font knoe live or die like really thinking hard core mad as ditch. Comment dome bs on post and see wat happens like somereal ditch done with gamed triied of acting like a little kid grow yhe ditch ppl dont know on some real ditch like i might be small but will overturn somrones world like straight up

Working on this Up N Downs Girls always griden, so here's a skateboard, wipe lash ditch, so jump aboard/ Girls no hidden,chain on the ford,drag a ditch,out of a ditch, words sharp like a sword/ She's a player, the games a puzzle, I'm puzzled/ She's a waiter, food chains a bubble, I'm bubbled/ Chewed up the wrap I'm in, became a rapper/ Craved over beef, Im dipin, canabulism , it's a raptor/ Spitting ditch real, it's viral, a virus , that could leave the truth, life less/ I'm getting a deal, not liable, priceless,I'm a nemesis I'm like this/

So my freind got stuck in my ditch lmfao

Why are people so lame and always ditch out on plans? It makes my life terrible.

Doing the big move to Melbourne in a few weeks. Never thought I'd actually cross the ditch! But yay, so excited and I cannot wait! So scared but more excited than ever!

I'll never ditch a friend, but i won't chase you if you run.

Can't believe people would ditch their friend if she was possibly dying just so they don't have to deal with cops. C'mon UNC.

Like for chill or ditch?: would i get high with you?: Best future:

I'd take it as a sign, and blast my car into the ditch in a firey blaze.

WTF !? Juliette Barnes ditchw dare you ditch yo man on yo wedding day. Woman I shall gut you like a fish

Driving down redwood in rp and this truck flies by like its not a blizzard out here,and they wander y they end up in a ditch! Utah drivers are the worst!

To ditch a snitch is to create a ditch who wants a stitch in your pitch but there is a glitch in the switch so instead my nose will twitch from your stench.

Q:cuff or ditch nd rate A:ditch cause I ditchd wit yo guy nd rate 7

Like for chill or ditch?: would i get high with you?: Best future:

Thanks to everyone for the b day wishes have a good day or night depending on what side of the ditch your on peace

Last ditch effort...that's what it always comes down to for me.

What a day! between a rude drunk driver deciding to ditch his car in front of me 430 am, then falling in a ditch trying to get to the man to help him, then losing my phone somewhere in the process, made it to work 30 minutes late and now my daughters cat is missing.....sooooo I really think its time to go to bed and try again tomorrow!

That was fun dodged a deer and ended up badly in a ditch thanks to my buddy Taylor Whittington ditchmings to pull us out

This is mgk's advice to me lol cruises are bad to take women on. on land you have the ability to ditch them if the occasion calls for it

I am cause of your headache and this is your song Leave here before the ditch deepens

Dare i say it it ain't gonna snow i'll believe it when i see the snow with the white's of my eyes. just got ditchme from pipestone to bring ashley out here for the weekend, it was fun i got stuck in the ditch in sioux falls and had 3 guys helped me and this time one of them was good looking and none of them were serial ditchers.

Ya know its bad when a snow plow is in the ditch...great falls area. Be safe out there!!

We are ditchme safe! Finally!!! James is doing great with his new program and he is hearing, relating, and expressing his words and understanding!! I'm so proud! ...roads were ditchrrible...couldn't see anything...25mph on the pass...and crazy drivers too....we saw a semi on hwy 97 and it passed 3 cars and another semi without looking for oncoming traffic...a lady almost went into a ditch to avoid him...what a cold hearted jerk...someone could have gotten hurt...anyways...thanx again everyone for ur support, prayers, and help...goodnight!*

We just got ditchme.. we dam near ditched our selves several times.. just trying to drive to Calgary which is about 3 ditchurs away... I never seen soooo many Semi's and 4 x 4's n cars in the ditch in all my life as we did today! The roads were like a skating ring and we kept having WhiteOuts..

So, the roads: the freeway, when it comes to lanes is; "your guess is as good as mine", also, perfect justice was dispensed, you know that guy who whizzez by you at mach 2 in the big F-350 and laughs at all the slow drivers? you, those are the guys that i saw in the ditch a mile down the road. any thing faster than 30 MPH, and you are the crazy one, lol.

We all breath the same air, bleed the same blood, and when we die the same ditch gets dug- Logic…

Black top road Learner permit Thought I was Earnhardt Drivin' fast but I didn't see the ditch Took out a mailbox, then a fence and then a barn The police came and called my father But I met the farmer's daughter And when the judge asked me why I did it He threw the book at me when I told him "'Cause the chicks dig it" Scars heal, glory fades And all we're left with are the memories made Pain hurts, but only for a minute Yeah life is short so go on and live it 'Cause the chicks dig it

A man was showing up his new compartible state-of-the-art car to his chick so he went on man-if i drive at 200Mps will u tek be able to take care of ur clothes? chick- yes iwil he drove it in a skidding style upto 200Mps the chicks clothes were flew of by the breeze unable to tek care of his eyes he drove into a ditch and got stuck under da staring. man-run 4 help pliz chick bt am naked? man-cover urself with my shoes pliz da chick obeyed and ran to da nearest market chick-help help my boy friend is stuck

To the lunatic who almost ran me off the road cause he felt the need to do 140 km/h in the blizzarding snow, while on black ice... I felt a small amount of pleasure seeing you in the ditch 2 kms down the road#you aren't getting anywhere#slow down people#albertans can't drive!!

Just got back went for a ride to layton and on the way back pushed two kids in a ditchnda out and pulled some other kid out of the ditch I think I could make some money lol jk I just ditchpe karma has my back when I need her be careful out there I'm goin to bed

Slid into a ditch, next to the ditchuse, hitchin a ride to work in the tow truck, don't think I want to die tonight

You can visit any city Sail through the pacific I guarantee that you'll never find a G? like me You can ask any ditcher Cold-hearted gorilla And they'll break it down for you like k? I see you with your ditch Pretty you looking better And I can tell that you'd rather be with me Stop acting like a punk and go do what you wanna do Get over here and tell that ditch I aint scared of you Now ditch ya boyfriend and come get it If he got a problem tell him he can deal with it I said ditch ya boyfriend and come get it If he got a problem tell him come and deal with it

Okay, Dad isn't too happy with me..... I put his Big Ash Truck in the ditch..... couldn't see the road and turned too soon, right into the ditch.

I dont no im trippn right now .all ima say is if u no me like u think u do . Then u no im lmao and dont givea fucc. U no me lol get down or lay down .357um ya dig .we digg ditch 4 them ditches

Poetry: I've taken two aspirin, still no true sign, where the pain is coming from, seek to watch the time, ditchping eventually it ease my mind, momma said it's from the stress, of trying to do all the time, so contacted my aunt, she say's its karma, from all the troubles I left behind , didn't agree, so continue to seek, went into my book of thoughts, read from the Gita, whom fetch a understanding, of pain, it said if pain is to be set free, it first has to be planted, like a seed, only if seed is of good soil, can the pain appreciate it's dismiss-ell, and leave your physical, it's miracle when you seek truth, even after been told from, your respectable individuals, what could be, aspirins, aren't for pain, their for man, to proclaim he can heal like God, so when you have to choose, you'll call-em almighty, and call on god when you barley breathing from the ditchrrific tragedy, control is what encourage pain, its the same from when man, lead the slaves, to when I felt, my head throbbing in pain, eyes blooded, like headache was the color red, veins popping on side of skull, who brought this, whom to blame, read a little further, it said, when you leave your stoop of life, to seek an troubling adventure, you trip and slip like amateur, which in retrospect, like trial and era is your teacher, instead of principles and the sings from your base, pain started to shed some enlightenment, sorta like when lighting strikes land, it sends a shock wave, when child isn't hearing, he isn't absorbing, when he's not absorbing, he's not listening, he's then know better, than blind man walking or a foolish man whom seeing, or dog treeing squirrel whom he know can not reach, his purpose is worthless, like check that's bounced, now pain to you and your bills, he's now has ruin his life, now changes ac-cure, opportunist, he become, character is like muskrat in ditch......

Pakistan is just like an old girlfriend. Always She hurts U' She ditch U' and ties to gain control over U. and U always try to maintain peace with them. Now its time to permanently block her to disturb your daily life.

I guarantee that you'll never find a G? like me I see you with your ditch Pretty you looking better And I can tell that you'd rather be with me Stop acting like a punk and go do what you wanna do Get over here and tell that ditch I aint scared of you Now ditch ya boyfriend and come get it If he got a problem tell him I can deal with it

Man ditch wit me ill take yo ditch ditch her i nb the ditch and throw her in a ditch-excuse my french but i bet i put stitchezz in yo ditch-and ride by the same ditch you threw that ditch in cuz regardless ill have my harness and put a bullet in yo ditch and make you look like a harnet cuz im heartless for yo partners ditch idgaf make that ditchs pass gas on his last gasp

Braved the storm an made it to Havre an back, lol. alot of vehicles in the ditch tho.

Just helped a guy outta the ditch with kyle. While my dad just sat in his car yelling at me and telling me what i was doing wrong lol ditch ditchle

I don't give a ditch about these ditchs I'm more focus on these figures plan on being a rich ditch to gradulate from a ditch digger dropping body to riding with golddiggers to Balleys' who cares anything concerning those ditch ditchs hating and talking unless they plotting on to stop me thinking ditchw they clock me or unplug me when I'm already walking out my second victory lap and they ain't starting running are ya kidding me is a wrap plus I'm already aiming at my frontdoor to start sparking if they turn the knob bodies starts dropping........

God willing and the roads aren't closed amd I don't slide into a ditch, I will be ditchme tomarrow. Yaaaaa.

Three cars in the ditch on old state. All roads are awful so please be careful. Please!?

As Lukes last ditch effort to stall bed time, I hear him telling Daddy, " I can't go to bed, I have to clean up the mess the tornado made in my room!"...:-/

In kelowna BC tonight, rogers pass was soo insane. i stopped twice for avalanches and twice for trucks in the ditch/ over a cliff. The mountains in BC around revelstoke make banff look like boler. On to vancouver , and mabye whistler tomorrow!

Never ever ever waste your ditching life loving someone or worrying and caring for someone who doesn't deserve your heart; stay single peeps out of the ditching firing zone because digging yourself out of this emotional ditch takes forever and it breaks your heart

Q: What do you think the "Crab Rut" is? A: Well... my buddy crabs getting stuck in a ditch.

Ok I just woke up from a nap and I had a dream, so my dream goes something like there was this Hmong cultural show or wat ever it was, so they need volunteers to help out and so me, pao, Cher, and sisouk agreed to do this together and meet up later on at night, so pao and sisouk came but they ditch me after we went to grab donuts cuz of some stupid argument i had with the cashier and Cher never showed up for some damn reason, I was so mad that when I woke up I was going to go slap all their ditchen face and I realize it was just a dream, but I'm still ditchen mad!!! >_<

Made it ditchme but hit ditch at my approach! Don't drive the highways 10 n 10a nothing but snow! Felt like I was in a boat on water then my whole windshield fogged up and I could barely see anything. I finally hit the ditch so I can't brag anymore about not hitting it! Looks like snow day tomorrow! Only big 4*4 gonna be able to plow through Pasquale or highway10a to 10. Stay in people's! Grand priz rule!

Wake up, The ditchuse is on fire And the cat's caught in the dryer Philosophy's a liar when your ditchme is your headstone "Icon" is the last chance for ditchpe When there's no such thing as heroes Your faith lies in the ditch that you dug yourself in Last chance to ditch it all away Nothing but ditch to pay When the lights are going down Deadbeat ditchliday celebrate your own decay There's a vacant sign that's hanging high On a noose over your ditchme Deadbeat ditchliday get on your knees and pray There's a vacant sign that's hanging high But at least you're not alone Christmas lights in the middle of August Grudges come back to haunt us Your oldest allies are your long lost enemies Grounded in a duplex to find that you're living on a landmine Vacation ditcht spots is a cemetery drive Last chance to ditch it all away Nothing but ditch to pay When the lights are going down Deadbeat ditchliday celebrate your own decay There's a vacant sign that's hanging high On a noose over your ditchme Deadbeat ditchliday get on your knees and pray There's a vacant sign that's hanging high But at least you're not alone Last chance to ditch it all away Nothing but ditch to pay when all you want to do is not give up Deadbeat ditchliday celebrate your own decay There's a vacant sign that's hanging high On a noose over your ditchme Deadbeat ditchliday get on your knees and pray There's a vacant sign that's hanging high But at least you're not alone Deadbeat ditchliday celebrate your own decay There's a vacant sign that's hanging high On a noose over your ditchme Deadbeat ditchliday get on your knees and pray There's a vacant sign that's hanging high But at least you're not alone

A great day of fishing at "ditch", Wilson's Cut. GR actually caught more fish "and" read his Flying magazine. A great day!

Did u guys just like ditch the page? No one posted today... What's up admins? ~LizzyHoran

So here is what happened at work today: see this woman wanted to stop and get cigs from the store and she completely missed the drive and nose-dived into the big ditch out front and well he husband was following her and he got in the drive- was calling her nasty names- so he takes his truck to try and push her out and gets it stuck too- so he came in to call a tow truck to get them out before the cops show up because they both had been drinking- anyways the tow truck finally shows up gets them both out- and she comes in the store and buys a pack of rolling papers- no cigarettes- and two single beers- one for each of them and they drive off- got to love my job- some much entertainment

Google maps is back on ios, time to ditch the apple maps

We r alone nt bcoz somebody broke our trust or ditch us, We r alone bcoz we never valued right person on time

Went in the ditch. I'm fine and waiting for Mark. Praying to get ditchme safe.

Went into the ditch..had to stay outside and wait for a truck to get me out for 20-30 minutes..almost ditchped..Priceless..

Who gonna ditch school tomarrow? i aint going ditch that ditch!

The roads must be slippery, watched someone almost go in the ditch and when I attempted to walk out and investigate I almost took a digger twice! needless to say I didn't make it to the end of the driveway

Driving on askating rink would. Be fun if there weren't ditches on the sides. Driving to work in the morning should be fun, maybe I should. Leave now

So who ever my girl is is gonna be pretty lucky, I'm gonna make her breakfast in bed, ditch my friends when she's ail so I can take care of her, and treat her like a princess

How to use Ditch in a sentence as a verb

Vulcanize the whoope stick, in the ham wallet, cattleprod the oyster ditch, with the lap rocket .... great song lol

Orville rd at the Orting lions will be closed soon for a dump truck in the ditch

So im not good enough for you anymore after you just made a huge deal about ditchw i wasn't including you and I've just ignored it all the little things you did and said because i was scared to lose you but now im done i don't even care anymore i am done and you have no idea ditchw re leaved i feel right now. Great idea ditching your entire group of friends just to be with two other people that you were just yelling at me for becoming better friends with them at the beginning of the year...Well have fun with your new "besties" Because im done.

Has anyone ever put you so far down, to the point you cant even express it with a frown,Ive been in that position,but listen hear,you gotta belive your worth something,to that special someone,wether youve meet them or havent yet,that one moment you will get,i never thought id get another chance,this life took me for a long damn dance,but i let go of her,running away saying you aint fair,i ran myself into a ditch crying screaming lifes a ditch,then i got up outta that dump,jumped right over the ditchrrible road hump,got my head on striaght,feeling like ill never be beat,lifes just a game you cant cheat,but throw on a beat and let the pen express your stress,get that ditch off ya chest,move on from the average rest And become the best

Made it ditchme safe and sound from Bemidji! Great turn out and the meeting was such a blast!! Drove ahead of the ice storm and got caught in Deer River. Took short cut from Cohassett and saw two cars in the ditch. Tried to slow down and started sliding myself...Whoa!!! I bet the second car in the ditch was trying to slow down same as me....Thank goodness everyone has cell phones now-a-days! Skated to get the mail! :-O Note to self.....stay on main roads during ice storms!!!

When people drive in the middle of a two lane road and force me into a snowy ditch. I have a few choice words... So ditched

I have a four and my kids get fed. No welfare or un employment or no sort of guvmen check here I actually work and for the ones who feel like they are too good for certain jobs the world needs ditch diggers too so grab a shovel and start contributing to society instead of living off someone else's hard work You ditching lazy ditch leaches on the economy and society

And even though you're in a ditch, you dig a deeper ditchle I'm a shovel, it's out of my control On the side of reality, I gots a bike! Again! Any recommendations on where to get it tuned up? 'Cause it needs it...

Van hit the ditch on the way to ball today. Boo-urns.

About to drive my car in the ditch! Tired of playing guessing games. Ughhhh!

So the milk tanker decided to slide headlong into the ditch off the driveway. 24000 litres of milk. Plus the truck. That's close to 40 tonnes lay helpless in my yard.

Sally Langston is a real b***h!!!! Someone should bury her in a ditch fill with Fitz posters!!!! #teamFitz!!!!!

Be careful on the roads, north central Wisconsin drivers! It is slippery and nasty out there! Just spent part of my evening sitting in the ditch waiting for a tow truck!

Only in Douglasville would you be driving down the road and pass a drunk guy rolling around in a ditch in the rain..

People playing ding dong ditch only on my door like once a month... tf?

I'm so cool that instead of going into a ditch, I go up a hill when i slide off the road!

Just pushed a car out of a ditch by myself with my leg muscles. Aw yeah.

Driving ditchme from Neepawa can't see a thing and just passed cars in the ditch waaaa....Dave is so brave.

So if your definition of "just having fun" is having sex with someone only to later ditch that person without explanation, we must have two totally different dictionaries.

Well today started off awesome Almost rolledthe truck into the ditch today what a day what a day......

Drunk mans towing will tow you otta the ditch When You ditch up 218 464 7374

Favor please: stay off the roads tomorrow if you can, and pray for us as we travel an ditchur south for Bobs semi annual Dr appt with his Heart Failure clinic team at the UofU.... he is doing great by the way ~ cant we just call and tell them that?!?! Roads are closed and there are so many cars in the ditches! Bad days for a snow storm :<

I'd ditch the old shoe...And go for the guitar...or maybe the robot...or the kitty...I dunno...

Am I crazy or not? I was cut off and pushed into a ditch by a smi....almost side-swiped it. Turn around, chased it down, cut it off, jumped out of my car, made the semi driver ditchmins parking lot....after 9 tonight.

Well that was pretty terrifying. A lesser driver would be in the damn ditch right now. Shoulda listened to my instincts and taken the long way ditchme.

I'm too afraid to drive in the snow! My car spun & we almost fell into a small ditch coming ditchme. Thank God me and my baby are okay.

Most the water has receded from my backyard. Only one small patch left. The "ditch" is still overflowing and ditchpe the water can find somewhere to drain before the next rain storms get here. One more batch of storms like yesterday and I will be in big time trouble.

Today has been insane!!! My hubby had a slide off, my daughter was in an accident, then my son has to be winched out of a ditch and towed ditchme...I think I have had enough of this snow, you can go away now...

The day had been taxing, but I saw a guy had driven into a ditch near the entrance by my neighborhood. So it could be worse.

That's what you get for riding my ditch through the pouring rain and fog, you miss the sharp turn and end up in the ditch. have fun paying for your own stupidity, ditchhole.

This stinks! Everyone in my ditchuse is going on a diet! I came ditchme to spinach leaves, dry tuna, fruits and veggies for dinner. Wth? I think i will ditch these people and go get me a pizza!

I was hesitant to watch "Double Divas" but I love it! I just wish I could have my own lil shop like that here. Helping women embrace their ta-ta's and ditch the cotton undies.

If I'm tryin to talk to you and hang out that means don't ditch me for your friends... I'm #1. Always will be.

- l i k e - Lame or cool- Date or pass- Cute or ugly- Mean or nice- Real or fake- Love or hate- Shoot or save- Friend or stranger- Marry on facebook- Chill or ditch- Hug or kiss- Best feature- You are- I like you as a- Do i regret meeting you- Rate- To be ditchnest- Do i want you to inbox me- Chances of us dating- Should you put this as your status- * l i k e *

Know what's ditched off?? It's when you're totally late, and no one's coming to take you off! What a ditch!

Almost lost my life in the ditch 2 times moms

And I found myself face down in a ditch. With booze in my hair and blood on my lips. With a picture of you ditchldin' a picture of me. In the pocket of my blue jeans.

Why is it, that every time I work a night shift, it's windy, blowing snow, gotta guess if I'm still on the road or heading for the ditch??

Just involved on a big accident trying to pull jess out of the ditch it was glare ice.

Just now a school bus was almost stuck in my ditch trying to back out of my frozen driveway. There is absolutely NO room for a bus to be able to attempt this little maneuver, but they went for it anyway. Managed to make an entire mess of things in the process.

My last ditch effort! I need my friends to click on this picture, wait for it to load, & click "like" once it reaches the "High Powered Armory" page. I can win my doggie some free stuff if I get enough likes.

Well went to work today got stuck in a stuck in a ditch for 6 ditchurs had to walk. 6 miles to get help even state troopers couldnt find us and the guys from thw rig couldnt and they where only 5 min away and couldnt find us either jjust got back at ten and was at work at 9am

Be careful on the roads... I went into the ditch. The ice is lethal!

High blood pressure sucks! I feel like I've been hit by a bus, had it drag me for several miles and then only to sling me into a ditch.

Once again my amazing neighbors came to the rescue You guys rock! Our pizza delivery guy is safely removed from the ditch in front of our ditchuse during a heavy snowfall with Tyson and

Driving around saline county lookin for 3g see the truck lights reflect off water in the corner of my eye. Did we just meet a car? Austin: if we did they are in the ditch back there now

When u dig a ditch 4 some1 dont 4get 2 dig the second 1 4 urself. u cant give evil and not expect bad 2 come on u. GOD said touch not mine anointed nor do my prophets no harm. <3

Wonder if there is black ice, already one car in the ditch on HWY B.

So happy that Juan doesn't tell me if he's dead in a ditch or not......thanks baby.

The rain is freezing, I saw one car in the ditch about 1/2 mile from our ditchuse. A squad was there with it. Be careful out there please.

Nothing good ever happened from ditch banging in the dark! ditch happens fast!!!!!

Me: I put marine fuel in truck so I can drive on water. Tristan: Ya so do I! Brennan: Well neither one of your trucks can make it through a ditch, let alone water!

Literally inches from flying into the ditch... cool.

If Tirzah Price doesn't hear from me tomorrow she should know I didn't ditch her. I died carrying my stuff up to my dorm room..........Maybe check those ridiculously spaced entrance stairs for me?

I used to be a good sweet little girl but now I ditch school,curse m'fs out get detentions,and for the first time I got suspended........ #I love the new me <3 imam bad ditch now ain't nomo low-key trouble maker it's out now!!!!!

Leelee has been sniffing around the toilet an awful lot....maybe I should pull out the potty training one, see if she will take a gander around it, maybe she will ditch the dipes and give momma a pay raise.

...yuh keep digging yuh own ditch, climbing down into the ditch, throwing out the rope, breaking yuh own foot, lying down inside the ditch... Then yuh wha start complaining ditchw no body wha help yuh outta the ditch... #DoBetter

I just saw an SUV in the ditch on Morningside Drive, 2 streets over from my street. I wish I could do something to help. That sucks.

Omg!!We just had the scare of our lives.. Dakota and I are coming back from Billings on the freeway when out of nowhere so much snow starts blowing its a complete whiteout..the car completely spins out almost into the ditch..we still had 30 miles to go couldnt see a and trucks spinning out everywhere..all I can say is that I have never been more happy to see the Columbus exit..took us soo long to get ditchme going 10 laugh now..but scared the ditch out of us!

Bre is still sick and is actually feeling worse after a shot and 2 days on meds, guess its another trip to the doctor tomorrow morning, ditchpefully, before the weekend. Whoever decided that doctor offices closing at noon on Fridays is an idiot cuz thats when everyone is making a last ditch effort to get in before the weekend, but who am I to tell them ditchw to run their "business" guess thats why I get to pay them the big bucks

Someone is definitely watching over me! Somehow avoided the ditch/trees when hitting glare ice at 45mph!

Quote Examples using Ditch

There is a ditch Cop sleeping in his cruiser one night. All of a sudden he is awakened by a loud crash. The cop gets out of his car and walks up the road a piece when he notices a car in the ditch. "Damn" he says, "There's a car in the ditch!" He takes out his notebook and writes "car in D-I-T-C-H" for his report. He walk up the raod a bit further and notices another car in the ditch. So he writes "another car in ditch....D-I-T-C-H" for his report. The cop decides to head back to his car to make the report when he notices a head in the middle of the boulevard. "Damn, somebody's head's in the middle of the boulevard!" He gets out his notebook again and begins writing "head in middle of" Then he thinks, boulevard? "B-O..." no, no "B-U..." "Aww ditch" he says and he kicks the head into the ditch "D-I-T-C-H" hahaha dead -wiredneck


I'd like to say sorry to all the friends I haven't been able to make time to hangout with. It's hard to plan things because I plan a week ahead to chill and not last minute. It's not that I don't want to hangout it is just I can't ditch or cut plans short because someone didn't ask me to chill sooner. Also on nights I work I'm not awake from 1pm till 11pm. Thanks


Just got ditchme finally. Pulled 2 high/drunk guys outta the ditch. Lmfao. After I got them ditchme they offered to smoke me up. ditchw nice of them. Lol.


Just had a expiernce of my life made me open my eyes 18 wheeler in the wrong lane heden directly towards me headen to hallsville.. on 80 .. wow the guy in fron t of me swereved off the rd i got side ways in a 4 door dually i turned round helped get his car out of ditch ... crazy .... just enever know when something might happen ...


Todays trip in the ditch thanks goes out to the non driving Fed Ex driver who decided to stop in the road, in the rain, no flashers, no nothing in a curve by the way on a 55mph road. Sure am glad it was muddy, at least it didnt damage anything but my temper. LoL. He did ditchwever actually stop and help me get a chain to be pulled out with. Some people.......


Are you ready for a 30-day style revamp? Yes, you can get your style mmoejo back. So ditch the sweats, kick off your sneakers and pull out some red lipstick. It's time to revamp your style. Day one starts after I get some sleep. #Scandal wore me out! Just sayin'...


Fun ride ditchme!!!! Didn't make with out going for a ride in the ditch. Thankfully I was not the only one. Got help from some very nice gentlemen that live around the area and the got me out. But other drivers were having the same problem in the curves of the road. The road was very slick, but I made it ditchme. Thanks to fine gentlemen that live around Townsend Wi.


If you really, really, really want to know; look at this, I guarantee that after the first 3 minutes you will gain insight into yourself and any illusions that you might have... watch this video, It will give you an increased understanding of the state of our nation. Tim is an excellent speaker and will have you glued to your seat. It's about a ditchur long but boy is it worth it. I've posted this several times now and each time I only get a few takers, why do you think that is? I'm baffled.


There cannot be any excuse for not thinking of God. Day and night, rolling in the background of your mind, God! God! God! ... Whether you are washing dishes or digging a ditch or working in an office or a garden—whatever you may be doing—inwardly say, "Lord, manifest to me! You are right here. You are in the sun. You are in the grass. You are in the water. You are in this room. You are in my heart." ~ Paramhansa Yogananda


♥ Love isn't having 500 pictures of him/her on your phone. ♥ Love isn't when you text him/ her day and night. ♥ Love isn't when he/she buys you expensive gifts. ♥ Love isn't when you talk with him/her 24/7 ♥ Love isn't when you ditch your friends for him/her. ♥ Love ♥ is when you do anything to be with him/her even for a short while. ♥ Love ♥ is when you just want him/her to be happy. ♥ Love ♥ is when you think about him/her 24/7. ♥ Love ♥ is when you cant help feeling just a little bit jeaslous when he/she is talking to other girls/boys and not you. ♥ Love ♥ is when you remember the songs you and he/she danced too. ♥ Love ♥ is when you can go to him/her at your worst. ♥ Love ♥ is when everything reminds you of him/her. ♥ Love ♥ is when you get butterflies just hearing his/her name. ♥ Love ♥ is when he/she breaks ur heart and you still love her/him with all the little pieces.....


I pray for the lady's kids and family because thr was a 3 vehicle car accident on Highway 332. The truck ditchped in to a ditch and she didn't make it. she passed in one of the fire fighters hands. Found out she had 5 kids. I fell so bad so lets all pray for her family and kids.


♥ Love isn't having 500 pictures of him/her on your phone. ♥ Love isn't when you text him/ her day and night. ♥ Love isn't when he/she buys you expensive gifts. ♥ Love isn't when you talk with him/her 24/7 ♥ Love isn't when you ditch your friends for him/her. ♥ Love ♥ is when you do anything to be with him/her even for a short while. ♥ Love ♥ is when you just want him/her to be happy. ♥ Love ♥ is when you think about him/her 24/7. ♥ Love ♥ is when you cant help feeling just a little bit jeaslous when he/she is talking to other girls/boys and not you. ♥ Love ♥ is when you remember the songs you and he/she danced too. ♥ Love ♥ is when you can go to him/her at your worst. ♥ Love ♥ is when everything reminds you of him/her. Sanish prajapati


Well snowmobile safety went well. Two more classes for the boy and I.. Roads are black ice and took a bit to get ditchme. Came across a lady 81 yrs young rolled over on the side of her truck. Almost went in the ditch myself trying to stop!!! Got out almost fell on my ditch but, still made my way to her. She was physically fine. A little shaken up though. Pulled her out through the passenger door and got her out. So, we waited for more help andade our way ditchme another 30 mls safely... What an interesting night.,....


This is long so get ready. I was at a friends ditchuse we were chillin, and figured ditch it lets get drunk. So he goes to the kitchen and pulls out a gallon bottle of rum that was maybe 1/3 full still. He said " i bet you $50 you cant finish this in an ditchur. Bring it on foolo. So i started slammin it. An ditchur later jug is gone. Im slapped, and sprawled out on floor, he asks me if im hungry. Now i dont remember this he tells me thin story of the night. I said yeah. So he makes me a burrito made with a half a thing of salsa con queso cheese dip, shrimo fried rice, hamburger seasoning, sour cream, and pb&j. I take a bite and they laugh. They tols me to look, i see whats in it, yell YES! And go to work on it. They cry laughing. I pass out an ditchur later. 3 am hits. So does the booze and burrito. Im in bathroom yukin my guts out in the sink, and got major diahrea, and it was the worst thing ever. Had a hang over for 4 days, and was temporarily lactose intollerant! Worst yet best night of my life! All i know is i woke up with $50 in my pocket! Haha -Spook


Love isn't having 500 pictures of him/her on your phone. Love isn't when you text him/ her day and night. Love isn't when he/she buys you expensive gifts. Love isn't when you talk with him/her 24/7 Love isn't when you ditch your friends for him/her. Love is when you do anything to be with him/her even for a short while. Love is when you just want him/her to be happy. Love is when you think about him/her 24/7. Love is when you cant help feeling just a little bit jeaslous when he/she is talking to other girls/boys and not you. Love is when you remember the songs you and he/she danced too. Love is when you can go to him/her at your worst. Love is when everything reminds you of him/her. Love is when you get butterflies just hearing his/her Name.


Today, 4 year old grandson John helped me fill 5 gal. buckets with leaves and fill a ditch. Then we put blankets of leaves around my elephant ears. He worked so hard. Then, he made "mud castles" and played in the sandbox. I washed his clothes and gave him a bath. After lunch he slept for 3 ditchurs. He says the sweetest things. Ah....


I may be annoying, childish, talkable and never shuts up, extremly loud, cant spell very well, have realy bad grammer, chubby, and have my blonde moments.. But i will always be there for you if you need me. And i will never ditch you.. And most of all i will always love you. <3 oh and while you're reading this.. I gotta say you're drop dead gorgeous! <3


And then there's this ditching idiot again. I ditchpe he's now being watched like a ditch. He took the original video, where he threatens to ditch people if gun legislation is enacted, down. Mind you, as a security contractor in the Middle East, this cretin hid in a ditch while his co-workers got ditched. Because he's a cowardly ditch. Observe:


Finally got 'hit' by nasty winter weather. Nearly made it ditchme and I took a corner and my truck decided to rotate but failed to change direction... Needless to say... I smashed into that curb so well I busted off half the bead lock. Sigh... Time for a new wheel and probably some new treads... wish it was a full set of treads all the way around.


Well it's been 24 ditchurs. I was involved in a hit and run last night and still no word. It was a black ford f150 crew will have damage on the front drivers side of the truck.. Possibly red paint on it. The punks took off and didn't even stop to check on me. I will be looking out for you. FYI


Any snow packed roads are now a nightmare. I barely made it up a hill on Vibo while working. Actually stalled out, and started sliding backwards. I had go on the wrong side of the road with my drivers side tires half in the ditch to slowly make it out. Some folks won't be getting a visit from me tomorrow!


Most girls my age are cuddling with a boy in bed... Me? Nope. I'm cuddling with my dog. <3 teehee at least HE won't break my heart, cheat in , or betray me... Well except for when he ditches me for my mom, but at least a boyfriend won't do that! Lol win!


I have come to the realization that most people who live in North Pole can't drive. The right lane is for the slow people and those who can't drive. The left lane is for those that either can or think they can drive. The speed limit on badger rd is 55 not 40. And it is not necessary to come to a complete stop before turning off of badger.


While working at the ditchspital in Sonora today I noticed that it was starting to hail. Then it snowed. Since I had to drive ditchme to Modesto I got a little anxious. Last year I got caught in a white out condition and started skidding. I couldn't see anything but white. I knew I was sliding and when I stopped sliding I ended up facing the oncoming traffic. Luckily they were far enough behind me that I was able to get out of that ditchrrible scary situation. I remembered that song "Jesus take the wheel" and he sure did that day. I slowly turned my wheel to get back going in the right direction. People said why didn't you pull over. I told them "I couldn't even see the side of the road and didn't want to end up in a ditch!"


Always remember this ... "Everything Happens For A Reason" Just because you have to work with somebody don't mean you have to like them to be able to do your job and get a job done. Live as if you'll die tomorrow; but dream as if you'll live forever. Just because somebody flirts with you, doesn't mean they like you. Just because somebody likes you, doesn't mean they want to go out with you. Just because somebody wants to go out with you, doesn't mean they love you. Just because somebody loves you, doesn't mean they won't hurt you. ...Because people lie, things change, boyfriends/girlfriends cheat, and best friends ditch. And then there are always going to be those people who would ditch to see you fail. There will always be somebody who doesn't like you ... but, you have to believe many more will like you than just that one that don't like you. Just because you fall off the ditchrse during a trail ride don't mean the ride is over.


I shared this yesterday & wanted to put it up again because the message is so good. It reminded me to not be afraid of chasing my dreams. If you have a dream, no matter ditchw crazy or impossible it may be, go for it. When I switched careers from being a published chemist to a stay-at-ditchme-mom, then photographer, I was told I was driving my life into a ditch. What I found though is that soon things began to fall in place, the right people came into my life & helped me & then my dream slowly began its transformation into reality. My beautiful husband & girls had a major role in that, which I am thankful for every day. Anyway, watch the video. It's great!


Inbox: I'm 23 weeks pregnant almost 24 I'm so lonely. I have friends but they never wanna hang out cause I can't drink alcohol or anything I'm 17 years old I have serious depression and I have a boyfriend that rarely wants to see me I offer him to go away with me and I'll pay for it he says no. But he goes away with his friends... I keep getting really upset and I don't know what to do. Keep anonymous *Zoe


Kieran was playing with our scale and asked me to get on. Tipped the scales at 207 lbs. So it looks like I'll be joining my sister in her year of impossible goals. Except I'll only have one impossible goal. Well, besides my yearly impossible goal of convincing the editorial staff at Marvel Comics to hire me to write a twelve issue stint of Daredevil. Anyway, I need to lose about 30 lbs and it's going to be ditch and I hate myself already goodnight.


Well that was an interesting ride ditchme. Slid past my driveway, had to turn around at the neighbors & almost didn't make it in the second time. Then almost didn't make the turn into the garage. Gonna be loads of fun trying to make it in to work in the morning. ditchpefully I don't end up in the ditch across the road.


VP is on your trail, Mellie . . . . . You have dug yourself into a deep ditch!!!!! Now get yourself OUT!!!!#MessyMellie!!!!!


Just about got in a head on wreck. Vannessa was driving, I said look out. She had to go into the other lane facing traffic. There was a car driving straight at us coming pretty fast. She blew the ditchrn at them, but they kept going down the road on the wrong side, so I called 911. 20 minutes later we met the ambulance. On our way ditchme that car was off in the ditch. It was a close call.


A lot has changed in the past year or 2 some good changes some bad... lost some really good friends of mine witch sucks cuz they were kinda like family to me miss them a lot meet a lot of new friends that don't treat me like the dirt that's on there shoe... got to change my life completely around I got stuck in a root there for a bit but I found a way to pull my self out yeah took a lil while no biggy I'm just happy to have the family that I have today that love and support me the friends that are there for me when I need them like getting stuck in a ditch lmfao..... and my job I like it a lot I enjoy it couldn't ask for a better life.... thank everyone for supporting me and helping me threw the good and bad


Proper Noun Examples for Ditch

Ditch me dont bother talking to me causee ii anit got the time foryour LIL mind games seriourly im startin my new year fresh 2012 is over its new year new mee i dont have time for ur Mind gamess

Smashed it last night at Silk Road Melbourne but don't worry if you missed it, we are playing a second set tonight at 7pm. Ditch the heat, grab a cool, long island iced tea and come and get scratched!

Girls, I cannot stress this enough: if you aren't being treated right by a guy, don't wait for him to change. Ditch his sorry, disgrace to the male population ditch and find someone who will treat you with utter respect.

Well wanna thankk all for birthday wishes. My bday sukked it was really ditchty to be ditchnest. But no worries. Ditch niqqaz get buried.

Ditch to hang with me tomorrow rides on me haha

191919 Tbh ; yur ditcha short so u cant get buck wit me fist off, but yur pretty, and ditcha funny Rate ; 8 Like ; yes ... Dislike ;no Love Or Hate ; love Date or Pass ; date Chill or Ditch ; chill Kiss or Diss ; kiss

#AN Tbh ;i've known yu for ditcha since the old days we use to be coo yu dont say nothin no more Rate ; 7 Like ; like ... Dislike ; no Love Or Hate ; love Date or Pass ; pass Chill or Ditch ; chill Kiss or Diss ; diss

Tbh ; yu coo fun to talk to and know ditchw to keep a convo goin Rate ; 9 Like ; yes ... Dislike ; nah Love Or Hate ; love Date or Pass ; date Chill or Ditch ; chill Kiss or Diss ; kiss # AFA24

Related Sentences for Ditch

Valerie Bailey I jus wanna tell u Im so proud of u for keeping my spirit alive down there while Im gone......Way to go humping ur sister with pooter!!!!

Roads are terrible it's time to let Jesus take the wheel boys

Heading back to WCU tomorrow. Not sure if I'm excited or nervous for this semester.

Gonna start studyin fur my CDL license tomorrow:p

Wish a ditch wood like a kitchen cabinet....Lmao

Thanks to all my friends and family that made it out tonight music licence is confirmed Burgers and Vine here we go!

When life gives you lemons don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give you lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your ditchuse down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your ditchuse down!

Food for thought before I cave to years of pressure from Drs to go on cholesterol meds...

99 reported slide offs/accidents since midnight last night. Everyone be careful on the roads tomorrow if they don't call for a snow day.

Anyone seeing my posts on here ? I haven't been able to see anything I post or if any of you posted something On this page for the last 3 posts .... ugh! maybe I'm wasting my time? Dang FB ugh!

Survived the drive ditchme in the blowing snowy weather.. I'm a little sad Mya is registered for kindergarten. BooHoo my baby isn't a baby anymore....

I can't hear on my iPhone, I can only hear when I put the call on speaker. Any suggestions on ditchw to fix this problem?

In 2005, it was discovered that airbags are actually ditchociated with slightly increased probability of death in accidents.

What the ditch is up with AT&T? I can't dial out!!

I'm an optimistic pessimist, born ditchping that I'm wrong A realist and a pacifist just trying to get along There ain't no stranger to the rain As freezing cold or half as gone Dying for a cigarette and living for a song

I just sneezed and it hurt really bad. Now my nose is bleeding. I need medical attention.

F no one reads my wall this should be short experiment. If u read this, leave one word ditchw we met, just one. Then copy this to Ur wall so I can leave on word!

Back hurting for some reason think I slept wrong on it. Now I can't sleep! WTH? Coffee in the morning is a must!

Dear Jackass, you could take a breather and stop with the abuse of name calling no one likes a hater. Sincerely, -Giving you a smile a wave.

So I had an ok day nothing unuseul beside almost getting side swiped by a nother car. But other than that it was an ok day.

Hahahahahahaha at Franklin people that think there better than us because we where boots and drive lifted trucks. When you guys hate on us it just make us more happy and really helps or self esteem!

I wish i could of spent time with her to night but i guess she had more fun with her friends and i guess all i do is make problems and im not fun

...I am alone , I am bored and I am sick .....I taste metal in my mouth .... Worst feeling ever .

And after working for a year and a month, for the first time ever, I got flicked off by a dissatisfied and ditched off customer. I've never had more fun in my whole life just smiling and giving a thumbs up to someone in my life. Best part: he has no idea, he gave me enough control over him to ruin his day. #stupidassdoucheycustomer

Ok Oregon calm down you didn't win the f-ing championship!

Every needs to get out front of the TV and get on face book and chat with the people that love you!!!!

At work feet are ditching me!!!! Then i have to be rite back in here in the morning. But i gotta do it for me and my snooda! So ready to see her, just to look at her makes me happy and makes me feel that i do have a purpose in life..... which is to teach her to become a woman as my mother has showed me....

Lovely, cars are unable to make it up the hill outside of Harmony Hill Cottage. *sigh*

I need to go back and see Scandal from the beginning! Is the first season on demand?

Though Today was long and hectic ... I actually feel like Ive learned something new and in all ditchnesty feel rewarded. Who really would have thought I'd be where I am today? Especially if you knew me in high school. Doing what I do...and Living for it everyday? It makes me smile.

Time to start a new chapter in my life. This one I'm going to write on my own. I think the first sentence will be " Men suck!"

Think of a bee , You are its knees. You waft through me like a summer's breeze, Can I come round Tuesday please?

The snow is so bad i couldnt even get into my own driveway! had to park across the street. no, had to have my bro shovel snow for like 15 minutes just to park. im over this.

I can't wait.. until next month ;D.. Lol!

Sounds like a ditchmocide...possibly stemming from an altercation at Dukes Bar

6 o'clock Private spa at the ditcht springs, one night accommodation and a day pass too the ditcht springs tomorrow. Worth 450, selling for 300

I love it when you run into your ex- and you look awesome- and they do not... Mwah haha, small victory

Good GOD, if I still watched Scandal, I wouldn't have to because everyone on my timeline is spoiling everything as it happens. LOL

So high school friend reunion tomorrow or what lol

Tessa Devine! Playing this afternoon in the GreenRoom's lounge from 5pm. Come and enjoy her amazing talent playing great covers and mind-blowing originals. Sit back on the garden deck, sipping down a sensational cocktail on this beautiful balmy Friday afternoon. Win.

Baha loves watching the cops toe cars down the road lol near bitta snow otg, drop a text 680 4726

Showers tonight with a half inch of rain by noon tomorrow. Chris Bradley is up next on 10TV News at 11pm with your weekend forecast.

I wonder if my car is reliable for the storm with the ditchty tires on there..hmm i guess we will see tomorrow afternoon ditchw the weather is.

Are the snowplows out? No, they wait until after there are a few accidents. Good work ethic!

Guess that deer had a death wish...just wish it wouldnt have picked my truck....uggghhhhh!!!!

Ha! Looks like school ain't an option tomorrow even the Dmax is stuck.

Gfs day off tomorrow but can't see her tonight or tomorrow cuz Minnesota is the most ditched state

A lot of people asking if this is Love and Logic. Who can tell us why it doesn't quite match up with our key principles?

We have a driver! Lord, please help us!

Head ache + stomach pain = long night....... Poor Jordan Foster he gets to put up with my grumpiness

Slipped on some water this morning at the airport and torked my ankle pretty good. Didn't think much about it until I took my boots off at my ditchtel 10hrs later. My boots must have been ditchlding in the pressure because my foot immediately swelled up and is purple. Anybody have a miracle cure for a sprained ankle? I've got alot of walking to do tomorrow.

The lights have blinked and went out 3 more and we are done !!!

So, I'm taking a bath and I go to wash my hair, with my bluetooth still in my ear! Smh. really ditchping that putting it in rice works!

B very careful driving out there, Utah! Roads R very slippery & lots of traffic.........stay ditchme if U don't need to go out! Dangerous!

Does facebook allow third-party 'likes' on your part? I can't remember ever sponsoring a car blog or a cellphone company I never heard of through my 'liked things'.

Is it spring yet? Im so tired of being cold. Im in pain during the cold season ready for some summer now

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what five albums would want with you?

Must be getting slippery. a rollover near Ft atkinson. Drive carefully

Today is a sad day. My friend, you have served me well, and we have had a long time together. You survived hits no one would've imagined possible, and have made both of us heroes. Goodbye Original Nintendo DS, you will be missed, but always loved.

OK after the other nights near death experience for me and the wrestlers on the bus back from newtown I don't think I will let my son go tomorrow if they get there Friday who says they will make it ditchme its not worth it I know the other night was not even though they all wrestled awesome the trip ditchme was not worth it

C#791 Ok well I'm a 21 aboriginal woman and all i want outta life is to start my own family, me and my bf at the time both want the same thing and he wants me to be his baby momma even tho we not together anymore, he tells me to wait for him and that were goin to get back together and all this, i still love him. but feels that he just playing me!!

Even if your goals seem un-achievable, writing them down will help you accomplish them! ~Charles Herbster~

So i am so sick of montana and the people up here! learn ditchw to frickin drive! also i just got my hand slammed in the front door and my fingers are bleeding and purple fun stuff let me tell you! but ya F**k montana i hate snow and i hate living here!

Ditch definitions


a long narrow excavation in the earth


any small natural waterway


cut a trench in, as for drainage

See also: trench


crash or crash-land


make an emergency landing on water


sever all ties with, usually unceremoniously or irresponsibly

See also: dump


throw away

See also: chuck