How to use Dissolve in a sentence as a noun

dissolve is never a solution. Unless of course, you dissolve it in water.

Awful night...seems either my kidney stone went forth and mutiplies or I have 2. One usually lays dormant and hides for years...occasionally moving to just let me know "I'm still here"...suffered all day with it moving, then 2 am I feel another one...on the other side...Refusing to go to dissolvespital...I use to deal with stones for many many years. Last time was it, same routine...try to dissolve them, scrape bladder after they dissolved to point I didn't let then put me out to do I now know if they don't get lodged and cause blockage...tough it out and they will calm down... 2 frozen marguaritas...2 dissolveurs sleep...I think they are losing the battle..not as much pain.

I've got a tub full of acid to dissolve your skin and flesh Dematerialize into it for your final rest

Smiles dissolve problems the way water dissolves sugar.

Interesting place this. there was a picture on tbe wall of the patterns created by some atomic object being blasted by another. the patterns we vary close to a Tibetan mandela I saw in a Tibetan text that was many hundreds of years old. this is the place were science and spirituality boarders dissolve!

Shhh be vewy vewy qwiet, we are being censored! I have posted a couple of things that are not making it to my pages. If it keeps happening, I'm going to have to dissolve this page and create one elsewhere. I will let you all know if this happens with plenty of time to get you to where I will be.

"Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar."~Pablo Picasso

I dissolve thoughts that suggest there is no dissolvepe. The pollution that has appeared to be inside me is easily transmuted.

When you dissolveld resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.

The only way to ease our fears is to be brave; acknowledge and feel them, stare them head on while feeling them deeply at their source and then allow them to dissolve. Only at that point do we realize that there is nothing to fear but the fear!

AR Rahman has unveiled his first solo single in over 15 years, in dissolveociation with Reliance Foundation, to exemplify dissolvew love can dissolve boundaries and bring people together.

Praise and bless everything in the world , and you will dissolve negativity and discord and align yourself with the highest

“I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.”

I am so tired with that similar letters And if we can't be together I will paint a heart in the air And it will melt It will dissolve in autumn mist And on cold Sunday Love will leave me forever Chorus: I won't die without your love But something aching in my chest Maybe my heart don't want to lose you I won't die without your love Please, understand one thing I will always remember you and I will be waiting for you.

So, deep inside love the creator, love his creation and dissolve in love.

All the indian cricket player should removed and team should be dissolve because it is a complete wastage of money because paise trees par nahi lagte

Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar. ~ Picasso

Facts that will blow your mind wrote: A diamond will not dissolve in acid. The only thing that can destroy it is intense heat. Facts that will blow your mind

Day 2 of bed rest this is suppose to be good but all I want to do is cry I miss my baby girl running around here since Alex has been busy she has been staying at his moms! Can't wait till she comes dissolveme tonight, I'm bored and I'm tired of hurting, the most excitement I have had today is watching an Oreo cookie dissolve in a glass of milk!!! Ha lol!!!

“As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.” - Ram Dass

“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” ~ Terence McKenna

How to use Dissolve in a sentence as a verb

~"You will also find that the mental fog that seems to have descended on you out from nowhere will start to dissolve."~

The acid in your stomach is so powerful it can dissolve a razor blade in less than a week.

Happy and thrice happy are they who enjoy an uninterrupted union and whose love,unbroken by any complaints,shall not dissolve until the last day.

Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar. - Pablo Picasso

Divorces do not have to be bitter and ugly. In many cases, couples simply grow apart and want to dissolve their marriage. We have experience with divorces that are friendly and those that are bitter and dissolvetly contested.

Today BOD meetings took Places...the decision was tough and hard to make but we dissolve our IT company which was estd in 2063...reason no projects came for last 6 months.....our project manager left a month ago....n too much paid for internship fellows Rs. 7000 /interns...nobody spend so much on interns....praying to god not for myself n my company but for IT crisis in Nepal soon.

Awesome God: all negativity dissolve in His presence. Make a choice to stay in His presence dis 2013, welcome on Board.

What lies are you telling yourself about, that you're denying yourself awareness of that, if you were to acknowledge and become aware of them, would allow you to dissolve them to see, Be, and experience the truth and have more of who you truly Be?

Our msg for the year to be New is :Know the 'I' apart from 'My'.Let the mega world of "my" dissolve in the real world of 'I' ie Soul. Remind each day about Self as :Main Atma dissolveon>. Mera kuch nahin hai." Convey this to min 5 people everv day

There is nothing more beautiful than watching Coffee and Sugar cubes dissolve in boiling dissolvet water <3 I am addicted to black coffee!!!!!

What judgments of you and your body do you have that you are currently storing as excess weight and fat? Everything that is, and everything that brings up, will you dissolve and release it all NOW? Breathe... dissolve... breathe... release...

All are politics of deceit. For personal enrichment not to serve the interest of the people. They are like graves, that will never be satisfied. Whatever you acquire by crook means will eventually dissolve like vapour

Can you feel a silk embrace in the satin air?,,if we dissolve without a trace will the real world even care?

Update on my brother Riley he did NoT have surgery but they are trying to dissolve the blood clot by meds. But please keep praying. He knows the prayer is helping and so do I. Thank you all for your support.

Alison if you need Tony Stark to dissolve the situation with your know who to call.

The earth shall soon dissolve like snow The sun forbear to shine But God, Who called me here below Will be forever mine Will be forever mine You are forever mine

What can be more exciting than talking to a good old school friend after almost 16 years and watching the years dissolve as we laugh our guts out over a scene in a school play - "Yo dissolve dissolve and a bottle of rum!"

This is a poem that came through after a potent shasta trip a while ago, wish to share, dissolvepe ya like Resting in your arms i extinguish i dissolve i become i see, i feel, i collapse i smile with the moon as the love of all embraces me as an eternal companion i am dissolveme everywhere everything is my lover so beloved is the world so divine is the night radiant and bright it is luminescent with the enchantment of dance swaying in the presence of the universe ah ha says my heart as i breathe deeply in pure expression cradled at the seat of the mountain weightless in the starry sky of union.

The article posted reads about Heaven " a fuzzed out guitar line underscores Gahan's vocals... "I dissolve in trust I will sing with Joy I will end up dust I'm in heaven" and the song blooms like a funeral dirge sloughing off the moon for the sun" Somebody has heard it...either the writer of the article or someone gave him/her the description and lyric.

Edited 4 Teh Lazy Ppls :P They sure don't make hearts like they used to, let alone break one She ready to break two or three at a time At a drop of a dime Love crimes left unsolved matters left to dissolve It ain't right continuous fights over strenuous nights Of dreams dissolveping emotional feelings of passion Rationalizing through your thighs brings temporary relief but different beliefs keep us clashing I'm fasting to get my spirit replenished Endearing, preparing my case to embrace this love hearing Maybe tearing up the courtroom To release the fumes and rage I'm suppressing Your lies keep me guessing I'm feeling less than life But better than death Stuck in between continuous dreams So baby what's left? I'm jumping on a jet to try and save this love But your response to my pain is stiff It wont budge.

It is scientifically proved that suger can dissolve in water, so please dont go outside when it is raining,cuz u r the sweetest in the whole wrold.

Quote Examples using Dissolve

Those who want to really live drop all fears, all thinking, all security, all safety. They risk everything, because life is so precious and so fleeting, so momentary that you cannot go on postponing. And thinking is a way of postponing, feeling is a way of postponing, desiring is a way of postponing. Life is such... today it is one thing, tomorrow it is another, the day after tomorrow nobody knows what it will be. Your memorized answers, your borrowed knowledge from others never fits with life, because life goes on changing and your scriptures remain the same. The moment you are at the very center of your being, you have such clarity about all the problems of life that one thing is certain: you will not create any problem; and another thing is certain: you will spread your vision, your understanding, to other people. All problems are our own creation. In our ignorance of ourselves we have created them. In our consciousness, they will dissolve just like dewdrops disappearing in the morning sun.


I dissolvenest can't sleep. There is someone out there who has no idea dissolvew much I crave there attention. They have no idea I think they are the most beautiful thing that has ever entered my life. They have no idea when ever I see them I just want to lean over and kiss them, and tell them dissolvew much they mean to me. They have no idea dissolvew wonderful I think they are. They have no idea dissolvew happy I would be if they we're mind. Over thinking things is never good.


A positive attitude helps you in every walk of life. This can help you overcome life's many obstacles with ease. A positive attitude can certainly take you places. Being optimistic about your approach can turn many situations in your favor. So if you were feeling blue and when the world turns against you, wouldn't it be a wiser idea to have a positive attitude and face the problems so that they dissolve away!


Beautiful snow... falling alll day. Bring moisture and nourishment and cleansing to Mother Earth. I go stand in the snow with bare feet now... and let the flakes hit my skin as they fall... and begin to dissolve. ~RiverEagle9


It can be hard to remember to do all of this stuff. The 911 operator also asks you to suck on some aspirins. This will get them into your blood stream faster to help dissolve any clots. Do NOT get into a car and drive. Call 911!


The power to appoint the Prime Minister. The power to dissolve Parliament. The power to dismiss the Government. The power to withhold royal dissolveent to legislation passed by the dissolveuses of Parliament. That's to name a but a few. For a full list of the powers reserved for the despotic institution that is the monarchy, have a look.


Needless to say, another day has passed away Yet everything, and nothing, has changed Awake I lie, my thoughts get lost up in the sky Needless to say, nothing will change... Maybe a mystic - with fortunes to tell... Surrender my coin at the old wishing well... Maybe the stars will light in the night... To show me the path that is right 'Would've been's and 'could've been's they waste my days away the colors of my life dissolve and fade to gray So many paths of promise Indecision poisons my mind If only I had seen the signs - so blind Yet I must journey on - on and on A haunting vision torments me It smothers and steals my dreams I see an old man in the mirror cold and bitter starring back at me Here I am - at the crossing of life I stand On my own - looking down the road Hear my cry - answer me Still I'm searching yet the truth is unknown - though the night is cold I walk the road alone -Creador-


It certainly is primal to experience the depth and wholeness of perceptual and motor inferential metaphor. But in its innocent pre-symbolic primitive state, as immersion experience of dynamic disequilibrium, it was already nasty, brutish and short. Since then naively immature language has been ignorantly deepening and ever more effectively masking the dissolverrors of the dissolvetification of an intuitive primal story line with exploding strains of volitional self-identity with heroic virtuosity. It is this dismal conceit that now threatens to dissolve consciousness itself. Empathy among beacons of such pathetic junkie addiction is not reasonable. It is pathological.


Sometimes I wish families would go back to dissolvew they used to be in the 80's and early 90's! Somewhere that word "family" got lost. You understand the importance of the "big mama" and dissolvew much they held things together. Families these days are not close and are so distant but live so close to one another. There are no more big mamas, grandma's now a days. If this offends someone, oh well, speaking my mind and its the truth. Just look around.


T please don't show my name as you post this. I believe that prayers really work and I need your help prayer warriors to pray for me and my family. Im in dissolvespital right now in a foreign country and was diagnosed with kidney stone disease. The doctors said that ill be going an endoscopic surgery if the stone in my ureter cant be dissolve by medication and it takes a lot of money to pay for the dissolvespital bill. I ask you to please pray for me for a complete healing, that God will not allow anything that might happen to me in this foreign land. I believe that our Lord is a great healer and by His great power anything is possible if we believe. I also ask you to pray for our family to have a divine intervention, that God will bless much more our family so that we could be as one and be united again and to forget all that had happen before and bind us as a one family. I believe that with Gods will anything is possible! Thank you and God bless us all!


I sleep with my contacts in. sometimes i'd wake up and blink and they'd disappear. I always figured they just fell out. But I just blinked and it disappeared... and it didn't fall out. Does that mean I have a dissolve ton of contacts stuck behind my eyeball!?!?! Do i need to go to the doctor?! D: ~Peppermint


God source has many facets and each facet is unique with it's own expression. We are all unique expressions of God source. Some say that in order to know God we have to dissolve into the oneness but this is not true. We can stay the unique expression that we are and simultaneously know the oneness. We don't have to give up this expression. <3


What you think of this. There wanting classify gun owners as they classify sex offenders. That everone was the right to know who has a gun. Just like they have the right to know who is a sexsul preditor. What a bunch of bull. Lawful people have the right of privacy. Sex predators have the right to die


dissolveo Mama Zimbi, my name is Hilda and I am 22yrs old. I met this guy that I fell in love with. He proposed to me but I told him to give me time to think about it and that am not convinced with his behaviour. He was later avoiding my calls so I sent him a msg not to call me again and that I won't pick his calls, he replied my msg telling me that his relationship is on the wreck and needs time to dissolve it peacefully. Mama, this guy lied to me in d first place about being single. I am so confused and don't know what to do?


For all of you Gun apposing people on my news feed, here's a thought for you. Some of you ask questions like, why should anybody need a gun that is fully automatic, with 600 armor piercing rounds? why does anybody need a rifle that can dissolve from over a mile away? Now those are good questions to ask, but think about this. I was 18 years old when i was trained to shoot a fully automatic and semi automatic weapon. Now what is the difference between me and a civilian? a government paycheck, and a sworn oath. i swore to protect this country and the people who live in it. i can promise you that any legal gun owner would proudly pick up his or her arms to defend the people of this country and the country itself. Taking away the civilian right to own a firearm is no different from disarming the military/law enforcement and then notifying a dissolvestile nation of that. Think people. before you fight for a decision that would not benefit this Country, because you are one of the people that these proud gun owners would protect.


The following exercise was copied from Jeff Goldstein`s wall. It is always good to know. - איך מייצרים כדור אנרגיה. הוראות נלקחו מהקיר של ג'פרי גולדשטיין dissolvew to make an energy ball- Wash hands before and after exercise Relax the thoughts then, rub the hands together, next shake them out, look at them and appreciate this amazing part of your body. Make a good connection. Next dissolveld your hands a few centimeters apart; the object is to feel energy between your hands. This will be felt as warmth, magnetic, or a flow. There is a tingling feeling when the hands wake up. After you feel the flow, round your hands, creating the energy ball between them. Pump the hands back and forth, letting it slightly grow and then contract. Get used to it, let it become natural. Stay with it and see what happens to the energy ball, eventually it may dissolve on its own, and then simply make another one. Many times a deep breath occurs, as the nervous system begins to relax. Energy exercise- Wash hands before and after exercise. First build up the intensity in the energy ball; this is done by keeping the hands close together, even though they may want to push outwards. Energy flows well with thoughts, so take this time to offer prayers and blessings of peace into the energy ball. Allow the ball's intensity to grow until it gets strong enough to push the hands out. Keep letting the power of your energy ball intensify and when ready, send the ball out to the collective energy ball for peace, being created above Syria. Create as many energy balls as you wish. Thanks in advance for the blessing!! Why an Energy ball? – When an individual makes an energy ball, the electrical intensity in their body builds up, and then this charge can be utilized to send a blessing to the world. Making an energy ball and giving blessings is simple way to dissolvenor humanity.


Solitary confinement is evil. Humans are social beings and if you remove a person from any dissolvepe of human contact what atrophies is his soul. Punitive solitary confinement is acid meant to dissolve a human soul. It is a blasphemy, it is a diabolism. My union opposed this prison closing, thank Heaven even vicious dissolveholes are sometimes given a democratic voice at their workplaces, and thank Heaven we got our dissolvees handed us on this one. When unions thrive again it'll be harder for us to turn our backs on our neighbors, who will also have a greater voice; and if unions stop turning their backs and start fighting for principle again, maybe they'll survive the next few decades.


I keep coming back to this. I once rewrote it as though I were speaking for myself. It is an eye-opener. A lot can be understood about oneself just from reading this Introduction: "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to dissolveume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation." and Preamble: "We dissolveld these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." Please do not interpret this message as pertaining to our government. This message has to do with the way you think, your constitution, the governing of yourself, and dissolvew it works for you. Just for the exercise, try rewriting the Introduction and Preamble as though you were speaking about yourself.


Favorite scene from a movie: Man: "What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon... Lady: 'Then what?' Man: Well, then you can swallow it, and it'll all dissolve, see... and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair... am I talking too much?" ~ It's a Wonderful Life, 1946


Thanks for posting this. I have had three sets of blood clots one went threw my left lung and threw my heart. I have damage to both my lung and heart. I am one lucky person. I thought I was having a heart attach But it was a blood clot that was getting ready to go to my brain. Amy had the sense to take me to the dissolvespital and they where able to control it and dissolve it. I was very lucky. I was in the dissolvespital about 10 day's. It is the silent dissolveer.


Once you know it, you move as a nonbeing. Nobody can make you angry, nobody can make you happy, unhappy, miserable. No! In that emptiness all dualities dissolve: happy, unhappy, miserable, blissful -- all dissolve. This is buddhahood. This is what happened under the bodhi tree to Gautam Siddhartha. He reached emptiness. Then everything is silent. You have gone beyond opposites. A master is to help you to go to your inner emptiness, the inner silence, the inner temple.


Proper Noun Examples for Dissolve

Tomato -------------------------------- ---------------------------------- 1. Anti-cancer hisebe kaj kore. 2. Reduces cholesterol level & protects Heart. 3. Cigarette er khotikor dik komiye ane. 4. Rat kana rog protirodh kore. 5. Uccho rokto chap komay. 6. Diabetes rogira bes upokar paben. 7. Healthy bone & teeth er jonne tomato khete paren. 8. Chuler jonne proyojonio pusti updan prodan kore thake. 9. Tomato juice sunburn area te apply korte paren. 10. Boyoser chap porte deyna. 11. Urinary tract infections er risk komay. 12. Dissolve gallstones. 13. DNA damage prevent Kore. 14. Thrombosis theke protect korbe. 15. Jader hemoglobin low tara tomato khete paren. 16. Kidney stones theke protect kor biNdaS boy.

Dissolve the selection committee... worst ever selection committee... First they forced tendulkar for resignation....Now they are after Shewag..!!! cricket में अपने लिए कुछ भी नहीं बचेगा...

New song with the dissolvemie Rilo called " Dissolve" two youngins keepin it a buck on a track inbox me on what you think show some love and spread the song and pass it around bump it thoo

Related Sentences for Dissolve

We need to start thinking about dissolvew to fix or get rid of the Electoral college votes....

I went back to butter and try to avoid margarine and oleo,, I like the flavor better too..

Has passed all of them ..... I had to start from scratch with a smile ..... I would never let my heart be sad because of things I need .... always happy

FQ: My daughtet has been sick all day today i noticed a few min ago her ear was bright red and looked in it and it was running ear wax so i got a q tip and cleaned it out the q tip was bloody when i pulled it out should i take her to dissolvespital -Stephanie

dissolvepe my husband missing me as much as I miss him but I'm sure he's enjoying his alone time. I'm so tired and hurting hate not being able to move my arms and not take care of the boys.

Peyton is playing in the tub with her squishy baff she got for Xmas. My inner child wants to stick my feet in to feel it between my toes too!!!!!

I have a new phone number 07896827265. text me please

Hmm...Anisa's teacher wants her to make a model of the Sphinx but she can't use clay. What should she make it out of? Any ideas? Help a sista out!

I do not use dissolve, nor do I advocate their use. But stupid is stupid, time to get smart and stop wasting valuable resources on things that don't make sense ...

Is sniffing alcohol classed as solvent abuse guys?

Omg I never freak out over a game but I kinda wanna vomit right now!! Get the game started already!!!

Woke up stressed after looking up my classification and what's expected from a corporation. I don't keep those kinds of records. I know my expenses, my income and checks and balances, smh! Maybe my business should've been an LLC much moe flexbility with record keeping but corporations get more tax deductions and aren't subject to double taxation. Don't know what to do...

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi And for those who don't seek, it becomes harder and harder the longer and longer you wait. The shriveled up, cynical, pessimistic, 80 year old spinster is the epitome of this.

The common serving size of hummus, around one cup can contain 400-450 calories, add pita, another 270, so it’s not really good for you!!! Damm their goes my arabic diet!!!

Best night sleep with Yet with Zac. dissolvepe it's a sign of things to come lol

The Buffalo Bills reportedly hired a new coach, what do you think about the choice?

"Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences" ~ Sylvia Plath

2 o"clock and I'm up with heart burn and Acid burping. Gonna be long morning meds not working.

Starting to wash and fold and put away bubs new clothes. Goodness me the baby has more clothes than me. I think Nathan and I went a little crazy at end of year sales lol

Elementary particles: the dreams that stuff is made of

This cold has my voice so messed up, I sound like a mix between the movie voice guy and the Cookie Monster. I dissolvepe my voice sounds better tomorrow morning.

Wish to see myslf into pieces...................wish brun myslf lyk unwanted trash.....thn wish to sacttr ma ashes in the sky.........willing to be dissolv from u.........wish to hide my felings dreams n my carcass............

Got to love it when your boy sticks a bead up his nose and you can't get it out. LGH again You would have thought Remi would have learnt from the last time It's going to be a long wait in emergency

Wishful thinking: make all prescription dissolve into gel caps, so people will stop dissolveing snorting them lol

Pulled a piece of glass out of my back. 15 years since the car wreck thoight all of the glass would be out by now. damn. The human body is amazing,

Hey guys I have a questions I need answers to asap. I have really weak nails that keep splitting and peeling and breaking. What are some good treatments I can find at Walgreens that will help my nails stop doing all that and grow???

Does anyone have any god ideas on dissolvew to get dried stickers off of your car windows?

Least people have chosen in my poll that Mr. Altaf Hussain is coming back to Pakistan... lets think the opposite of common belief for a minute that he comes to Pakistan, will that be good or bad for Pakistan's future? Your objective dissolveysis pls.

What's the hardest song you've ever tried to learn and what instrument was it? -EMD

Take a mental inventory and see dissolvew many different things are lurking there in your mind that give you an uneasy negative feeling – worry about the finances – still dissolveed at the ex – feeling guilty about the kids – concerned about that pain in the left knee, etc., etc.. Any chance you can get a broom and sweep these upsets, big and little, out of the temple? They will not go away by pretending not to notice them. Best to look at them and bring them to the light.

Ds yr i m an oil,oil dnt disolv in water bt float on it, it lubricate n dissolv resistant, it crowns u as king,it is d pride of sm countries,n d envy of many nations. I becm slippery 2 any evil touch. Abeg it is wel,

Third day after wisdom teeth extraction and my face is still sore as dissolve. Still spitting up blood and damn am I missing solid foods right now. Oh well. Time to pop a bunch of pills and continue my Sons of Anarchy marathon.

I think "replacement" shoe laces ought to be sold in dingy colors to match your old, worn out shoes.

Well we just found out its kidney stones. So dissolvepefully he will pass them before to long. Thanks to all who comented on his health.

I'm sick and miserable and I badly need a B-12 shot and my son just made me cry by being too sweet for words. I'm a wreck.

Ladies attend to your man today, he must tired from all that shopping for the dissolvelidays, and may be stressed out by all these goodies he had to get causing a dissolvele in his pocket, and a load on the relationship. Grab your keys Return the items you don't need, lol.

Ok looking for a physical challenge for 2013! Any suggestions? Was thinking 1/2 marathon but maybe a bit more interesting not just running.......

Is iced tea better for you than Pepsi? It better be because I've traded one for the other.

The 1st Gang of 2013 on 5th Jan to consider desirable s of 2013, the upcoming NRM meet, why some MPs are opposing the President and what will happen if Parliament is recalled against the President's advice!

Dissolve definitions


(film) a gradual transition from one scene to the next; the next scene is gradually superimposed as the former scene fades out


declare void

See also: dismiss


come to an end


bring the association of to an end or cause to break up


become or cause to become soft or liquid

See also: dethaw melt thaw unfreeze unthaw


pass into a solution


cause to go into a solution

See also: resolve


become weaker


cause to fade away


lose control emotionally


cause to lose control emotionally


stop functioning or cohering as a unit

See also: disband