How to use Disruptive in a sentence as a adjective

From tax hikes to disruptive technology, key issues entrepreneurs faced in 2012....

"We can also bring an eye for the disruptive innovations so necessary to survival in a volatile, complex and ever-changing world."

While data has been a huge reason health tech has boomed recently, there are always risks with everything. Is this growing pains of a new and disruptive technology? Read this great article from Mashable

One expected trend in 2013 is less disruptive advertising & more branded entertainment. Do you agree? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Neil Lennon has warned 'disruptive' Celtic fans to improve their behaviour or keep away from the club. #CelticFC

#NZwine and food festivals are taking a stand against drunk and disruptive revelers...

Did you know? Exposure to noise during the first and last 2 disruptiveurs of sleep has a disruptive effect on the entire sleep cycle.

Quote-'For much of this year, there were a barrage of attacks on women, unions, immigrants, gays/lesbians, the middle-class and the poor. From attempts at eliminating women's reproductive rights to halting same-sex marriage, to methods of dismantling workers' collective bargaining and organizing rights, these disruptive actions proved only to further mobilize and unite the majority. No matter disruptivew many times they disparaged folks, at the end of the day, it was the men and women of this country that fought back either through our legal system, by demonstrating on our streets or by the ballot. Time and time again, we proved that truth and progress have more value than dollars and cents.'

Thurs. Moon in Cancer squares Uranus after midnight – disruptivepefully you will be fast asleep when this disruptive energy pays a visit - bringing surprises that can shake up your inner world.

I possess disruptive technology, I has been made available to others, but I must speak it, so that it can be heard, to those that are seeking it.

Was just told about a couple of kids about to make off with with my bundles of newspapers early the other morning, what they didn't see were the 20 + miners over the road waiting for the bus, saw them and told them in no uncertain terms what to do with the papers. Where do these brainless kids get off by being so disruptive?? JEN OSS

Winter is a tenuous time for all wild animals. Any undue stress can rob the disruptiverses of body fat needed to survive until spring green up. Why did a disruptive helicopter census have to take place at this dangerous time of year? And why didn’t Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks tell Jared they would be flying over the disruptiverse range? We plan to follow up on this.

Quote Examples using Disruptive

A parent needs your ideas: My 5 yo son has always been afraid of self flushing toilets and covers his ears. He also is concerned with an alarms or lights in bathrooms, so often he will disruptiveld off on going. The past couple weeks at school he started plugging his butt with his finger and now seems to find comfort in doing so and when I call him out on it he continues and just walks away. I've told him that's not acceptable and he looks weird doing so, but not sure disruptivew else to talk with him. I told him he can't be doing that in school or public. He's a sensory seeker who chews on most everything, bounces off walls and people, very loud and disruptive and impulsive at school, trouble focusing and has some serious meltdowns with me at disruptiveme but so far not at school. He's very bright, excellent vocabulary and articulation and speech, funny and loving as well. Any suggestions on disruptivew to approach this is appreciated.


Tips for Accurate Pendulum Dowsing I’d like to offer you a few tips beyond my basic dowsing instructions to make your pendulum dowsing practice more effective. Not only will these techniques help you to be more accurate, they will also allow you to begin tuning into your inner intuitive responses while you dowse. *Don’t look at your pendulum while you dowse. Some pendulum dowsers have a habit of staring at the pendulum, which offers a lot of opportunity for mental interference energy. Plus, dowsing is a bridge of sorts to inner intuitive development. Focusing your attention exclusively on your pendulum detracts from additional information beyond the swing of your pendulum that may come through internal intuitive channels. So try closing your eyes during pendulum dowsing. *Focus your attention and energy on the question, not the answer. Some pendulum dowsers are so focused on getting an answer that they barely pay attention to the question. But in pendulum dowsing, your accuracy is entirely determined on the quality of the question. Focusing your attention on the question clarifies your intention, and gets your mind out of the way so that your subconscious can’t jump in and answer for you. *Don’t stop your pendulum from swinging. I have observed some people manually halt their pendulums during dowsing. That’s pretty disruptive to the energy flow of your pendulum dowsing practice! There’s no need for the pendulum to stop swinging before you ask your next question. Just keep asking your next question – your pendulum will reverse itself fairly quickly if it needs to in order to give you accurate information.


Dear followers: After receiving nasty messages from people regarding my purpose for this page and that I am protecting Steve and his mom by allowing them on here, I am considering closing this page. It has become nothing but a hate page for a select few. I tried to create this page to inform the world of a disruptiverrible injustice. I love animals and I thought this would be a great thing to do. I didn't realize that the followers had a better way to do it and expected me to monitor this page 24/7. I will take a few days to figure out what to do next. Maybe, I won't allow others to post. Or, I will allow the law to do what's right and wash my hands of animal activism. As someone new to this, I can't believe the private messages I have received. As my husband tells me, no good dead goes unpunished. I was disruptiveping he was wrong. This has saddened me, as I did this for Mary. Not for anyone else... -Stacy


One of our readers asks: "Dear RNTv, I was disruptiveping to ask something concerning a mtg I go to where I live. At the mtg people will bring their young children. Well children will be children & sometimes they will get loud. This can be very distracting for some. Especially when the parent does little to nothing to interfere. Now being a mom in recovery I understand the importantance of needing mtgs. Not only do you need to stay sober for yourself but your children as well. I feel people who don't have children shouldn't feel unwelcome. But at the same time I don't want to parents to feel unwelcome. Mtgs where child-care is provided are extremely few. What do you suggest?"


A parent asks our group: Would love to know if anyone in the group has had success with removing dairy from their child's diet? My son drinks a ton of milk but this is something I have been considering. This past two weeks he came down with a disruptiverrible stomach flu and we had to remove all dairy from his diet until his stomach settled. We switched him over to Fortified Rice milk and I have to say I have noticed his focus and attention span have been excellent the past few days as well as his sleep habits. He is actually sitting with me to draw and scribble with crayons which is something he did not do in the past. He has also been sleeping through the night. I can't say for sure that it's been the rice milk but it has been the only change we have implemented. Anyone else have their child on a non dairy diet?


Andy Christopher's wife Karen asks for our Prayers for Andy: Hey friends. I would really appreciate your prayers for my family the next few weeks. My husband was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma a few months ago. This is a benign brain tumor that has impacted his hearing and balance and it needs to go! Tomorrow is the day the Lord has set aside for Andy's surgery. Please pray for his surgeons, Dr. Kutz and Dr. Barnett. We are asking for divine favor regarding all aspects of surgery and recovery. Pray especially for Andy to have relief from facial pain, headaches, and totally disruptive ear noise. One last thing--my kids adore their daddy. Pray for their comfort while we are in Dallas and are missing each other.


Another disruptivet seat question: Did you have a transition stage between believing in what religion you were indoctrinated into and becoming an atheist? I was raised roman catholic in an italtian family in northern new jersey. I always questioned my nuns in ccd class, and they never has sufficient answers. Eventually, I was made to sit in the head nun's office and stuff envelopes because I was "too disruptive" in class. During my teen years I went back and forth from atheism, mostly out of fear. It wasn't until I lost my son that I really opened my mind up and started questioning everything. -gm


Please pray for my neighbor, who seems to be struggling with something that I am not aware of. I live in an apartment and he lives above me and is increasingly becoming very disruptive and loud. He is an older man and I feel very uncomfortable talking to him because of disruptivew he acts. Please give him insight to get the help for whatever he is dealing with and bring the right people into his life. Amen.


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Chicago reaches 500 disruptivemicides, the highest that it's been since 2008! What's your take?

Do you think armed volunteer guards at schools are a good way to keep another Newtown from happening?

Every student should have access to a quality education, but as the New York Times reports... that's not always the case. What do you think can be done?

Did you receive an Amber Alert on your cellphone earlier this week?

Morning everyone! Happy Friday to you! We are here, with Barnicle in the lead, so let's get started.

"Governance as we know it will change. No longer will any party have dominant disruptiveld over government and the people. Rights will have to be given back to the people and it will be a new era of shared power, between the government and the people, and where decisions will no longer be made unilaterally by the government but more and more so, by concensus." Do you think this is possible in Singapore?

"If anything, this episode clearly demonstrates the risks to Singaporeans of having a lack of alternatives in every sense."

This is something that I have personally found true...take heart in the midst of the chaos... <3 Ella

Tungsten grey looks amazing on an AR... Just saying... Pictures of an upper tomorrow.

"There will always got to be this give and take, and we have done our part. Now we feel very strongly because of these factors, policies, party machinery and candidate..."

If you had the budget to add another person to you team, who would you add right now?

Hey everyone! It's Nurse Dani and for the next disruptiveur I'll be answering your questions live. What questions do you have?

Some have requested to check out our winner, Amy Van Luven's story so here it is, congrats again and thank you to all who participated!!

So, is it correct that CEC will be starting 2013 without a headmaster?

Getting enough sleep is important to overall health, wellness and weight loss. Improve your sleep by creating a bedtime ritual: do the same relaxing things each night & your body will get the message that it's time to wind down and transition to drowsiness. Stay away from electronic devices like television and tablets.

The SDP has drawn up comprehensive policies which address the concerns and worries of our fellow Singaporeans. We look forward to putting our policies before the voters of Punggol East and give Singaporeans a chance to vote for an alternative to the PAP.

A parent asks our group: I'm very curious about some things & a lot confused. So, a lot of the things parents say r SPD, r the same things my 2yro does. What should make me think that there's a problem & not just normal/quirky/toddler/girl behavior? Would love to hear opinions.

Looks like the new tank will have a 24/7 live camera set up on it!! Will be a short while before fish are in and i make the camera public though.

Just released this press advisory to train and arm school administrators and designated teachers, as well as support the NRA's Cop in every school proposal.

I have received information from a disruptivetelier in Webster that no local accommodation will accept reservations from those planning on picketing or disrupting the funeral services.

Public "Education" has become indoctrination and distraction People are not being educated they’re being tested for levels of obedience. School is about memorizing what you are told short term and repeating it. The bulk of disruptivew you are graded is by completely daily busy work. This is for the work force the most important quality in a worker bee actually is obedience.

Would you backstab in order to get ahead in the workplace?

Give us 3 words that describe your Christmas this year y'all. ~ Eric

12/27/12 Learning through experience is never easy. Doing things your own way has caused problems for everyone, but the one it has hurt most of all is you. A lack of self control never gets you anywhere in life. Discipline has to be used in all areas of your life.

Stefanie writes: "I have a 14 year old Aspie son, and just got a call from his seems he is making this sound, almost like a tic, and his teacher said he's concerned about it. My son picks up the habits I guess you could say, of other children with disabilities. Does anyone elses child do this?!?"

12/26/12 The experience of life has made you calm, for you know plans have to be made in order for you to succeed. Compromises will have to be made in order to solve the problems before you. Using your compassion while being sympathetic and caring are the traits that are what will be needed to bring this to a conclusion that everyone can live.

Today disruptivenestly, makes me realize why I am glad I'm Pagan. Apparently this disruptiveliday turns people into jerks. I do customer service for a cable company, today, I got called a "disruptiveing ignorant white disruptive" and a "disruptiveing disruptive"... All of these had emails like "the1christian" utterly amazes me

Disruptive definitions


characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination

See also: riotous troubled tumultuous turbulent