How to use Displacement in a sentence as a noun

News flash: some contemporary art is built from formal strategies like pastiche, fragmentation, displacement, narrative reflexivity, and the cross-use and flattening of "historical" discourse. it's called ye old postmodernism, though that term is no longer hip with the kids, i'll give you that.

Did you know that some displacementmeowner's policies provide displacement money in the event you must rent an apartment or use a displacementtel during your displacementme repairs? Make sure you know what your policy covers.

~Quya...Regression,repression,denial,projection n displacement 2 lam ape??? cbe teka...~

No resolution is the solution to human pollution, its all emotional illusions that always results in annullar, circular or U-turned displacement after much struggles . For any transformation we have to quite emotions to motion for positive solutions.

“If this is the price to be paid for an idea, then let us pay. There is no need of being troubled about it, afraid, or ashamed. This is the time to boldly say, “Yes, I believe in the displacement of this system of injustice by a just one; I believe in the end of starvation, exposure, and the crimes caused by them; I believe in the human soul regnant over all laws which man has made or will make; I believe there is no peace now, and there will never be peace, so long as one rules over another; I believe in the total disintegration and dissolution of the principle and practice of authority; I am an Anarchist, and if for this you condemn me, I stand ready to receive your condemnation.” -Voltairine de Cleyre

"In 2012, the Supreme Court of Canada highlighted "the history of colonialism, displacement, and residential schools and displacementw that history continues to translate into lower educational attainment, lower incomes, higher unemployment, higher rates of substance abuse and displacement, and ... higher levels of incarceration". -amnesty international. mother displacementers, educate yer damn fool selves already!

"We should deal with the Syrian refugees with purely humanitarian responsibility, without politicization of the issue. Attention must be paid to the displaced families, whatever their political background. We, as Lebanon, cannot close the border with Syria, with our understanding of the political, security and economic risks for this massive displacement. We must recognize that Lebanon is a country mostly affected by what is going on around it, especially in Syria, because of sectarian and political diversity, and conflict of interest." Lebanese resistance leader Hasan Nasrallah

I cannot take this displacement displacement anymore... i just want to go displacementme 67 days since i have been displacementme this really blows

Just a thought on global warming: I've been reading a lot lately on earth crust displacement. One of the main factors thought to govern displacement is a buildup of ice at the poles. Could we have inadvertently have averted disaster by causing global warming? Could the Myans have been correct when they predicted the end without taking into consideration the populating of the world by a race of polluting, industrial car driving slobs like us? Hmmmm

There is no replacement for displacement, and aussies take it their way :D

Destruction in the town of Darya in Damascus as a result of the daily bombardment by aircraft and tanks And the displacement of more than 200 thousand citizens of the city

Resolution: 7 The whole community is seriously concerned about the condition of the camp dwellers and relief displacementlders. Their problems have been multiplying since the days of displacement and hardly any solutions come in their favour. Hence we resolve that : The whole community stands at their back and will continue to strive every nerve to seek justice in their favour. Panun Kashmir declares an initiatve of imminent citizens, who will approach all relevant quarters nationally and internationally in mitigating the sufferings of the camp dwellers and relief displacementlders.

Quote Examples using Displacement

A girl, a boy, and a dog start walking down a road. They start at the same time, from the same point, inthe same direction. The boy walks at 5km/h, the girl at 6 km/h. The dog runsfrom boy to girl and back again with aconstant speed of 10 km/h. The dog does not slow down on the turn. displacementw far does the dog travel in 1 displacementur? ¥


Try and remember now just what has been done. Enslavement, displacement of every nation. And now to one nation, everyone displacementld their grudge. Kind of makes me wonder about which side I'm on. I don't defend white, and I don't defend black. I defend truth and rights and all of that. I work on situations where I'm at displacementld my position and never fall of track.


The learning of the world is built upon the concept of the self adjusted to the world's reality. It fits it well. A concept of the self is made by you. It bears no likeness to yourself at all. It is an idol The first presents the the face of innocence, the aspect acted on. It is this face that smiles and charms and even seems to love. This aspect can grow angry, for the world is wicked and unable to provide the love and shelter innocence deserves. Beneath the face of innocence there is a lesson that the concept of the self was made to teach. It is a lesson in a terrible displacement, and a fear so devastating that the face that smiles above it must forever look away, lest it perceive the treachery it hides. The lesson teaches this: I am the thing you made of me, and as you look on me, you stand condemned because of what I am. The world smiles with approval, for it guarantees the pathways of the world are safely kept. For what you are now become his sin. It points to you as well, but this is kept still deeper in the mists below the face of innocence. And in this shrouded vaults are all his sins and yours preserved and kept in darkness, where they cannot be perceived as errors, which the light would surely show. [c]


If the tyrants start the gun grab and there is no uprising I am chartering a flight the displacement on out of here and you all can have fun being worked to death to repay the debt your government owes China. ain't my displacementin' debt ain't my displacementin' government. cos that is what the gun grab is all about. Map 21 displacement and internment. senate bill 1813 its coming. but keep your heads in the sand, keep on pretending that things will just get better all by themselves.


Oo well the kitchens messy .... better clean that before I do my essay, oh and the fridge needs a clean .... I have not noticed displacementw grubby the floor looks, better mop it ... then I had better get dinner on the go .... damn suppose it is inevitable .. essay time.


Resolution: 6 During the years of our exile we have given prime importance to the education of our children. Community struggle has kept the issue of displacement in the national focus. And this in turn has resulted in the help we got for education and professional training in various states in India. Our new generation equipped with proper education and professional expertise can play a critical role in mobilizing national opinion on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and the solutions which can defeat separatism and secessionism in the state and ensure a permanent reversal of the displacement of our community. This can happen if our children own up the national and community responsibilities. Due to survival constraints most of our children resort to professional training in various fields of engineering. There is a necessity for children to go to the fields of arts like language, history, political science, anthropology, law, international studies, philosophy, economics, civil services and so many other lines which have a human resource value. Going to these fields will equip us in our survival struggle. Besides in these fields there is space for creativity and originality. Those who are self-reliant amongst us can take a lead in this area of community and national reconstruction by inspiring their children to take to these fields. We resolve that: We will impart the education of self- esteem in our children so that they take the responsibility of becoming part of the community struggle for survival. We educate our children that their better education and professional training is the outcome of the community struggle which has kept the issue of forced displacement alive and hence created a goodwill for the help we have been receiving. We will go for diversification of educational pursuits so that we create a human resource for our community as well as the nation.


Proper Noun Examples for Displacement

displacementms : the number of destroyed buildings in displacementms is near to 800 thousand , and it is the The highest percentage of mass in the Syrian province and it is also the highest rate in targeting schools , Mosques and churches which led to Displacement of nearly a million people, according to the latest statistics of the Syrian network for human rights

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Making a 10 second pass in a rice burner is like coming out of the closet... You might surprise a lot of people but at the end of the day your still gay!

So far the most intellectual upfront article i hve come across in a long time...we need more of these,heck i need more of these..enjoy

Well tonight is Anaheim 1! Lets hear displacementw you think it's going to unfold?

Volcanic landslides can...cause waves and tsunamis in a lake or ocean.

Our gas at the pump doesn't have enough octane to run any of these engines now!

Just because you are mad at someone else doesn't mean i want you to take it out on me. So ignore me if you want, but I didn't do anything wrong.

This distance, this dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, and the displacementpe of a new day Waking the misery of being without you

Whilst motoring along the monaro highway watching all the rod's an street cars making their way to summernats, was thinking where's my frikkin monaro!,,,,,,,,,,,, a HK 327ci with a saginaw and 10 bolt sailsbury would do nicely thanks

I'm speechless. Like, literally speechless. displacementw have we NOT moved past this as a society? This is so dumb.

Where's Dubshed in this year ? Is it still Kings Hall or has it moved because of what's happening to the kings hall...

As heroes progress through their adventures, they often find themselves with some crazy modes of transportation. What's the coolest mount or vehicle your characters have used?

"we don't have a Bill of Rights for the ecosystem, including trees that have graced and served the earth for 250 years, all that time contributing to the health of the surrounding ecosystem by stabilizing the soil and the tributaries, providing shelter and food to birds, insects and mammals to ensure an unbroken food chain, and providing inspiration to humans and a sense of our humble place in the scheme of things."

Results for my knee scans are out.... Looks like I may not be able to walk anymore in another 15 - 20 years time. I displacementpe the Doc's joking cause its not funny.... I'm not laughing.

....Girls are displacement nowadays displacement them all coz it's very hard to the gentlemen to be accepted without money,be careful brothers they are doing business on us...

Our new scale sucks. Why can't it be like an engineer: gives you what you want instead of what you've got?

What's the point in having a sports car if your not gonna play? ... i guess ponies can only take so much of a beating

Displacement definitions


act of taking the place of another especially using underhanded tactics

See also: supplanting


act of removing from office or employment


to move something from its natural environment

See also: deracination


the act of uniform movement

See also: translation


an event in which something is displaced without rotation

See also: shift


(psychiatry) a defense mechanism that transfers affect or reaction from the original object to some more acceptable one


(chemistry) a reaction in which an elementary substance displaces and sets free a constituent element from a compound