Dispersed in a sentence as an adjective

I did ask the bully before they dispersed, "Do you really want to shoot someone?

Convertible notes have had massive and widely dispersed use now for many years.

Chernobyl tossed a plume into the air, which was easily measured, traveled fast, and dispersed within weeks.

This is known as "concentrated benefits, dispersed costs", and it explains much of modern politics.

Because the fuel is dispersed, and there are no high pressures to deal with, passive cooling of the decay heat in the molten fuel sump is greatly simplified.

Programming leads to some serious concentrated rewards, while science leads only to dispersed rewards.

The chemical is dispersed in the water pipes spanning 8 counties and there is no easy way to get it out. We have been angered about the lack of national attention this has received and it makes us feel like no one cares about our state.

*Edit: I'd like to add, that part of this is the "who moved my cheese" problem, of going from a 100% local company to a significantly dispersed company.

I have not used Kickstarter, so the surprising revelation in this article for me is that charge backs come out of the dispersed funds and not Kickstarter itself.

Dan is already playing a variety of geographically dispersed golf courses and is accustomed to bad weather.

Technology improves the quality of life for everyone, the benefits may be concentrated right now but over time they'll be dispersed.

If the LoC stores two copies of the same book in two geographically dispersed locations but makes the same brain-dead mistake in preservation process at both, then it doesn't matter that there were two copies.

After optimization with the Western Blot assay, the antibody to human mesothelin was dispersed with single walled carbon nanotubes.

People are more frightened of things they don't understand, so effective advocacy of nuclear power requires making the effort to bridge the information gap. Also, people find concentrated acute harm more scary than dispersed chronic harm, which is why the idea of a plane crash is more disturbing than the larger number of people killed in road accidents.

Canada is larger, more geographically dispersed and less homogeneous than the United States, and yet manages to have a functioning single-payer medical system.

I fail to see how structuring all q&a dispersed over the web to a centralised site is a bad thing?In addition Quora facilitates learning over time for topics and even individual questions I am interested.

Dispersed definitions


distributed or spread over a considerable extent; "has ties with many widely dispersed friends"; "eleven million Jews are spread throughout Europe"

See also: spread