How to use Disparage in a sentence as a verb

It is easy to disparage the Encyclopedia Britannica from a modern perspective - out-of-step, overpriced, outmaneuvered by competitors - but there is a great sadness here at the demise of something that represented an effort by western scholars to "capture the world's knowledge.

We hawk your product to our customer base, using our sales guys, who 6 weeks ago only uttered your name if a customer brought it up, to disparage you.

" Then he made a larger point designed to disparage Edison's view of education.

Why does it matter that he did, or did not, finish high school?It feels like some kind of desperate attempt to disparage him.

Not to disparage these things, it just a sampling of their goals.

This is cool and I don't mean to disparage the work that went into it, but at the same time I hope nobody actually uses it because just plain old vertical scrolling web pages are way more practically usable.

Then these very same people disparaging MS for this move would then disparage Windows devices as insecure and virus-prone and recommend people switch to other platforms!

Your comment started out pretty well and then you put yourself into the same group as the one you were trying to disparage with this really unnecessary and unfounded comment.> Particularly after you admit to using Windows in 2013.

It's clear that you have absolutely no scientific knowledge about the subject but yet believe you know enough to disparage experts in the field.

Others still, and this was not an uncommon opinion, would disparage the idea of small talk as useless.

At least in theory, this limits Tom in his ability to isolate, disempower, disparage and ultimately create cause to fire you.

You choose a username of a deceased person to disparage them and then expect to be talked to with civility?

Didn't mean to disparage Polish software development; just was assuming the average user of the site wasn't Polish, leaving them even less legal security which I see, glancing at the site now, was wrong.

If you're getting a bad reference, you do have cause to get out in front of the smear and disparage the company.

Disparage definitions


express a negative opinion of; "She disparaged her student's efforts"

See also: belittle