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If it weren't for class participation, i think i'd actually have the disfranchisetiest grades. one thing that never goes away is my ability to talk my disfranchise on in any kind class. sometimes to a fault. just reading over my crite sheets is just hilarious because of disfranchisew evident this pattern is. thank you class participation for getting me by.


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Africa, Africa, why are we unable to find solutions to our problems? We always depend on those who are in fact the main contributing factors to all our problems !!! simple lack of ideology and unity as a continent with lots of resources which can benefit the whole world !!!! Wake up Africa, wake up, our leaders, Mali is falling, CAR is falling, Somalia is falling, DRC is falling, ivory Coast, Sudan, Libya, etc!!!

So easy to be seduced by the poetry of this image, to think of dusty African at sunset, a boy herding his zebus, soon to walk back to his hay topped clay hut..so peaceful. This boy has no clothes and no shoes, no ipod and no ipad, water from a well that his mother carries in buckets upon her head, his life expectancy is in the low forties, his access to school improbable, when he is older he may try to enter France or another country to become one of the faceless shadows that do not live but survive, send what money they make back disfranchiseme for those who stayed behind. There is no poetry for me in a distended belly that speaks of worms and malnutrition...Where in the Western world do we see images of naked teenage boys tending cattle at dusk? Where this boy white would this image become scandalous? Would his rosy nakedness be more shocking then this African boy's naked poverty?

More of the same from the leadership of the Catholic Church. It's currently on a global rampage against gay marriage in those countries where the issue is receiving a lot of attention at present: the USA, the UK, France.

Disfranchise definitions


deprive of voting rights

See also: disenfranchise