Disembowel in a sentence as a verb

They grasp the knife firmly by the blade, and disembowel with the dull handle.

They don't do horrible things like disembowel people.

And hopefully your local parakeet isn't trying to disembowel you...

Crocodiles and hyenas disembowel their prey before killing them[1].

You could easily have the skid-steer disembowel itsself and then unplug the battery.

Then, ideally before the creature approaches closely enough to disembowel you, you shoot it in the head.

My cat meanwhile used to catch at least 30% of her diet, something I know because she liked to disembowel small woodland creatures in the bathtub, where they couldn't escape.

This person is interested in “enlightening” as many people as possible, and his/her friends will disembowel you because there’s “twelve” of them.

In the very least it makes sense for that to be the default assumption, rather than to assume by default that animals are unfeeling automatons and to literally disembowel dogs like Descartes did to be like "see, here it isn't experiencing pain -- it's just a meat machine that reacts in a preset way!

Disembowel definitions


remove the entrails of; "draw a chicken"

See also: eviscerate draw