Dicker in a sentence as a verb

Plus the dicker daemon must needlessly run as root on the host.

In my case I didn't use it to determine a no dicker price with the dealer.

The phrase "dick around" is actually from "dicker around" which is a 19th c. term.

" or they dicker about what the commands actually are.

If unknowns happen, they can dicker over the increase.

If your client wants to dicker, dicker over scope, don't dicker over rate.

This was the most interesting point in the article for me:"If your product is valuable, don’t dicker with a free model.

If you dicker about salary long enough that the candidate takes another position you make no money at all.

Only way to fly. I don’t “dicker” and I never “sell.”I learned a long time ago to only work for or with people with whom you have mutual admiration and respect—and who already think you’re valuable and great at what you do.

Now if a prospect tries to dicker over hundreds or tell me they "have a nephew who does this kind of stuff," I end the conversation as quickly as possible.

Maybe dicker over whether it's really .25 hours or .5 hours and whether this totally inconsequential $12 difference matters to the client.

Now we can sit around and dicker all day long about the process you have for making ****, but one thing we are not going to do is remove the testing at the end that makes it obvious to everybody just how shitty the whole thing is.

There might be enough room to dicker over whether searching for a vulnerability equates to "hacking," but does anyone really believe Auernheimer did anything illegal by manually typing in an address?

Maybe Baudrillard is still alive....winning a war involves having an endgame in line with victory objectives, and the US can't rule over countries that don't have a coherent political structure in place to dicker over costs and benefits upon exit.

I think avoiding products that you must buy through salespeople is another good defense... Assuming the same good is sold by two companies, if one requires you to dicker over a price with a professional, it costs them much more to provide you the service than it costs the other company, who just puts a price on the website.

Dicker definitions


negotiate the terms of an exchange; "We bargained for a beautiful rug in the bazaar"

See also: bargain