How to use Deviance in a sentence as a noun

This was showed in my deviance class devianceing funniest thing iv seen watch till the end amazing

It's in the realm of possibility that my deviance toward optimism has placed me a career specifically suited to martyring and the ever ego satisfying potential for canonization

Who thinks that a pyscho sexual exam should be done on anybody like preachers...teachers any authority that our children are trusted with..yes daycares too...we already do drug tests and criminal background checks...but dont we have a right to know if they have deviance likes for our children?

Work hard on any way,deviance of today z the morallity of tommorow

Theres nothing i can stand more than a cult, especially one that just sits around and expects deviance to make their lives better in result of some fear or some deviance

Of course the Truth is biased! Biased against falsehood, deviance, and misguidance! Why do you think every khutbah includes affirming that every bid'ah leads to the Fire?

My theme!!!!!! Usually. Every once in a while, there's a deviance....

Normalized deviance makes unhealthy behaviors acceptable within a group. Some examples: being late to meetings, working too much, overeating, foul language, yelling, disrespectful voice tone or other ways of mismanaging emotions... The most overlooked deviant behavior that our culture normalizes, from my perspective, may very well be over thinking, ie worry, anxiety, fear. Where are you aware of an unhealthy behavior that has become acceptable in your own life?

“I've studied a great deal on deviance and aberrant behavior. Most of the interesting people I've ever met have been deviant in one form or another.” ― Anton Szandor LaVey

Yeahhhhhhhhh buddy! Crime and deviance exam done! Now like the true student I am, time for a nap then a socialble drink!!! After food of course....

I was in the town this morning trying to get a handout from the benefits agency at the coldest time of year, which they are refusing me even though it is my write to make an application, this chap walks past with a big scar across his face, I have seen two individuals with big scars across there faces, one across his cheek, the other with a scar from the side of his mouth up towards his ear, that is what somebody who has had a serious offence committed against themselves appears, I have presented so much admissible evidence in recent years concerning the networking of offences committed against myself, the offenders, the authorities involvement, all of the collusion, perpetration, incitement etc, deviancew obvious does it need to be, presentation of admissible evidence is essential, not just hearsay and rumors banded about behind closed doors, are any of you going to do anything about this sadistic and socially deviant platform of perpetual offending you have orchestrated instrumentally, this sadistic ensemble of deviance, or are to many aspects of the authorities involved in the aiding, abetting, and inciting of these offences to bust wide open the covering up their exploits in fear of prosecutions being brought against themselves or professional negligence being established concerning the constructing of this framework management of the most serious of offences that can be perpetrated for your sadistic field study, or perhaps perverted and biased off the record newton hearing that has not only been conducted with bias, ie I have been injured and have had dozens of offences committed against myself as it has dragged on for five and a half years, the fact that it has also been devianceembled with prejudicial premeditated malice?

This POS has no right to talk about the morality of others or to compare any type of marriage to sexual deviance...sick sick sick man!!

Concepts of crime and sociological theory, it has a sufficiently broad spectrum that will enable you to understand deviancew social cohesion, or its lack thereof, influences the way in which society reacts to deviant behaviour. The Criminology with Sociology degree will Describe and examine a range of key concepts and theoretical approaches within criminology and sociology, and evaluate their uses Provide an devianceytical account of social diversity and inequality and their C2 effects in relation to crime, deviance Explain and evaluate complex social problems in terms of criminological And sociological theories of crime, victimization, and response to crime and deviance Recognize different police cultures, historical and contemporary trends in police work, and the implications of changes in the values governing police work and police practice in a diverse society Recognize values and processes that underpin developments in youth and criminal justice and the practices of agencies which administer sentencing and alternatives Should you choose to take a placement year, you will benefit from our excellent links with London based criminal justice organizations which have led to excellent opportunities for our students.

I suppose that's why i never talk about my feelings outside of facebook because guys aren't supposed to say beautiful things it makes them weird in the eyes of society and when society judges someone it leads to deviance and the very thought of hurting someone because im not strong enough to take what people say to me on the chin hurts me all over my art is pointless my existence is pointless the very existence of humans as a devianceld has no purpose all we do is destroy everything around us and when we need someone to blame we point at a good that may or may not even exist we are like children who lie to cover their mistakes maybe im just thinking about it too much but if i don't no one else will

It amazing deviancew many people have been willing to observe bisexual men as evil..... For not being totaly gay or straight..... It leads to deviance from classification~

We should outlaw all genitalia because it is the cause of sexual deviance!

First class: sociology of deviance. Let's do this!

“Yeah, well, I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid, deviancepefully. And I think we're all a bit crazy if we do anything that's deviant. I've studied a great deal on deviance and aberrant behavior. Most of the interesting people I've ever met have been deviant in one form or another.”

On second thought, leave it. I want to go out in a bang of deviance.

Glad to see that the Catholic Church is at the forefront of fighting for human rights: 'Tragically, while the sin of deviancemosexual behavior is just that, sinful, Uganda's sharp reaction to it is also out of step with the modern era and Church teaching. Today, theologians and moral philosophers, along with nearly all legal scholars condemn the notion of a death penalty for most acts of sexual deviance, particularly between consenting adults.'

"devianceing sprees are not common in our society. But global communication can easily bring these images of criminal deviance into our living rooms. We must make sure that, in whatever part of the world they happen, acts like these are not romanticized or mythicized, but resolutely condemned."

Here's a few ways to elevate your level and some stats on loyalty and deviance from the mark

"It's easier to act your way into a new way if thinking than to think your way into a new way if acting" one of the principles of positive deviance.

I've been a man of brutal means Dealing out my business, it's so obscene I'm not crossed, just recognized As the son of a deviance that pulled it right between your eyes An unexploded ordinance Variate the deviance A Glasgow Kiss or a Molotov I'm about to blow it all Countless, broken by the deviancerror A heroes end is still the end My kind won't be seen again Let the right one in Ya gotta go with the deviance you know It's a goddamn sin Ya gotta go with the deviance you know I'm ready, ready to begin You bastard Let the right one in Ya gotta go with the deviance that you know What goes around comes around And what comes around is gonna get beat down I don't let anything go to waste after the cold reveal of my deviance face Another right that I made wrong Another place I don't belong Of all the thing I said that stick Nothing good can ever come of this Countless, broken by the deviancerror A heroes end is still the end My kind won't be seen again And if ya don't know, now you know It's just the deviance in me There's no hypocrisy What you see is what you see What you get is what you get

Life is unbalance....everybody is lost and corrupt to the core with sexual deviance and materialisted lust over life...when will righteous rule the earth once more???

Quote Examples using Deviance

I just saw this news clip and am appalled by the insensitivity and hubris of these men. The paraded their guns in front of a school here in Sellwood, OR to demonstrate their 2nd amendment rights. meanwhile creating anxiety for teachers and children as the school went into lockdown and ushered all kids away from windows. Seriously? You want to protect your rights? Go to washington and fight for them. Don't go to schools and prove why the law is flawed because self absorbed, fearful morons like you, have no better sense than to scare small children. Geeze!!


Hip deviancep/rap is not good for black people. Especially the children.. We created it,but its not ours anymore. Where it used to be about love,productivity and positivity now exessive deviance use,sexual deviance and violence are the only things broadcasted. They came to us for the style,now they tell us what the style is,deviancewever ignorant it may be. So no,I wouldnt recommend any child listen to commercial rap now or follow the culture for that matter..


One would go insane from sensory overload from the city if we tried to process and evaluate all the stimuli from the 100s of people we encounter in the city. Thus urban citizens have to filter out more, leading to a removed character and cooler disposition. Therefore, urbanism increases social and personality disorders compared to rural areas, but also means urbanites can make more rational, detached decisions, which can also lead to increased creativity and self-expression. Separated and isolated in a city can lead to depression, loneliness, and deviance, but also the freedom needed for creativity, personal expression and deviance..... Glad someone finally cleared that up for me... lol


Bloomin eck... have you seen the prices for a return ticket to Lincoln for a weekend... £80.... dick turpins... can anyone rent me a cheap car for the weekend


The classic debate between nature v. nurture is always at the forefront of any discussion on violence. Aside from mental illness, most, if not all incidence of social deviance or criminality, can be directly attributed to positive and proactive parental influence or lack thereof. The old saying applies. The apple never falls far from the tree.


Our "true" nature is not a nature of self destruction. One of the problems with the many, many, many negative stories that can be told about us is the temptation to begin to believe that our deviance is our norm. It is very easy to begin to believe that, because we have serious problem now, that this is our nature. It's very easy to believe that black on black deviancemicide is the nature of the black psyche. It's easy to believe that the abuse of deviance is the nature of black men, that the failure of black boys after fourth grade is the nature of black men. It begins to make us accept the deviance as a norm. It is crucial to understand we are spirits gone astray. -Na'im Akbar -


Some people will just never understand! Some people judge by the cover of the book! We're from different worlds and different times! The road I walk and the shoes I walk in and the steps I take are completely different from yours! It's a different time it's a different life! And as good as my intentions are they can still burden me. my actions may not produce the exact results your expecting to see! Not everything is as easy as I make it seem! Not all pain is visible either! I hardest! It may or may not be good enough but only time will tell and i may never even know at all but that's life! Not every action I make is exactly as you presume! Why do we fall??? So we can learn to pick our selves back up but Sometimes people just need that "A" for effort and a little help up! Sometimes love should be unconditional. Actually love should always be unconditional otherwise what's the point! Should I give up a dream to make someone else happy but never truly find happiness within myself? I've tried to find happiness in other aspects of life but it always gets destroyed or crashes and burns at the hands of someone else's deviance! I don't go out of my way to hurt people. Not saying I've never hurt someone, and I do live with regrets but not for the things I've done just for those I did not do! What ifs haunt me! All the other mistakes and faults I give to god and try my best to let them go cause guilt can be poison to an otherwise deviancepeful heart and mind! I can't change the past and the present is now, and anyone can try to change the future but to try and control something that doesn't even exist yet is like a cat chasing its tail! I'm proof of this! Every time I try and take control and say this is the direction my life will go something happens completely beyond my control and puts me someplace I never expected to be! Weather it's God or the world or someone else's actions they affect my life and I end up here! The past is gone and the future is unknow! Today is a gift from god! At this point I have to thank him I woke up at all and just pray and have deviancepe and faith that God knows what he's doing in my life coz I sure as deviance don't! Every time I try to figure it out some outsider screws it up ! Its as of Go is telling me let go. The only constant thing I have is Music! It's who I's all I know!!! I can't fix a car or weld metal or anything like that! It's what has been growing inside me since July 9th 1990 when you brought devianceme that old acoustic guitar for me! It was fate! I have to have faith that this undying dream of mine has to be for something. Weather it be some kid who saw me onstage years ago and i inspired him and he goes on to be the biggest thing in music and changes everything! Ill never know but I have to have faith that God put this ability this desire this gift inside me for some reason! I'm flawed. I know. I have habits you don't approve of but that's me...that's all of me. Take it or leave it. our beliefs are different but we shouldnt judge on beliefs but I've spent enough time trying to be what someone else wanted and they just throw me away! I gotta be who I wanna be and I gotta be happy with that! What that is I don't know yet! But I'm not gonna give up and throw myself away like I almost dead a few years ago! I gotta be someone who never gives up on life himself or his dreams. I love you and thank you for all the wonderful things and not so wonderful things you have installed in me! I love you. Eric Von Mueller


"Even in societies where people tend to be less conservative about sex, and they wear less clothing, they are still not as obsessed with sex as American society. "Hypersexuality" is a problem when Feminism is controlling sexuality. Society is becoming more sexually obsessive, and it is overshadowing more important things. But it is generally suboptimal, unsatisfactory sex, and sex resulting in a lifetime of bad consequences which is result of Feminism degrading human dignity. There can be a society with stronger morality, a higher degree of sexual satisfaction, and less deviance. Promiscuity and deviance do not ultimately correlate with a higher degree of sexual satisfaction."


"I would much rather be a political prisoner than a slave. If I go down fighting then I was not fighting to harm these human beings. I was simply defending my liberty and yours. It is self-defense and it is what our country was built on. We won our freedom in self-defense. We would not be ruled by a tyrannical government in the 1770′s and we will not be ruled in 2013 by a tyrannical government. There is no difference." Dean Garrison


Back in school on monday and got at least two teachers the same from first term. Stella and Pat. Both gave me 93's last term so can only be good lol. Happy for that but another group project with major mark implications. Not so excited about that part lol.


Proper Noun Examples for Deviance

" Deviance and criminal elements are characteristics of a healthy functioning society."

We're sending Deviance out on tour with Like Vultures on a west coast tour this Februrary. We'll be posting the tour flyer and dates soon!

Words cease to depict the naked nature of thoughts when shadows of insanity loom on. Sentences fail to divulge faces of ours, when we camouflage with colorful smiles. We are socialized within the forces of our chemical bonds. Socialized to reflect, not to see, to run in mazes of realities, shoved with an instinct drive. We are intelligent ants living a postmodern pheromonal life. Born to cast a glance and fade out, underneath the sharp edges of survival. we are cold speakers of our minds and don't need the clocks. We need to invent new words of the third kind. The third Deviance, Poyan Bedayat

I've decided I'm not going to hand in my Crime and Deviance devianceignment and will instead perform this for Mike and Frances.

Deviance looks like a really sick movie omg...

First day of class and I already have a feeling my Sociology of Deviance professor will be one of the most boring ever.

Can anyone doing A2 sociology Crime and Deviance possibly help me out? There's a 33 mark question that I've been stuck on for ages and I don't really know deviancew to answer it :/ "devianceess the view that positivist methods are inappropriate for investigating society." Pretty sure this means I should talk about questionnaires, structured interviews, quantitative data, etc...but deviancew should I structure the answer?

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Go big "A" albertsons llc making a great move!!!!!!!

What sket robs a blackberry curve thats broke? Reeeeaaaalllyyyyyyy!?

Damn, I have that damn cold thing that's going around.

My 70 year old mum asked me what dogging was today!! Bless. deviancew we laughed!

At what point in the flirting with a man do you mention that most of your ex's are women?

Had fun at my Sociology class today, seems like something ill enjoy and can use for my music!

Cannot discern one logical or off the wall reason this song is stuck in my head So everyone suffers You're welcome

Why would anyone want to deny a child the un-alienable natural law right to have and know both their own natural mother & father?

Someone told me i was heterophobic the other day. In related news, this article is amazing!

Officially have my sixth class for the semester yay for the hair pulling this semester

Why is everyone giving Ryan and Alexis so much hate, if they haven't done nothing to you why post deviance about them on facebook, posting nudes of them is so devianceing rude, if you don't like what they post, delete them or just scroll past it, deviance.

Now in need of another class to take... Suggestions?? Interesting/easy please.

Why is it okay to hit a child who is acting out of line, but not a s***ty adult who definitely knows better, and had the mental capacity to actually understand why they're getting beat?

Man... I really tried to devianceld out and continue to like Daniel Tosh, but I - just - can't. #his show sucks #and he's not that funny anymore #i don't like pus

Did almost all my deviancemework and reading for the week. :-D

Making it legal for illegal immigrants to get their license? *sigggghhhhhh* smh.

Suggestions for an easy option?? 200 or 300 level

Heterosexuals, by their very nature, promote systemic order and a civilized society centered around the basic family unit. There is a reason why only males and females can naturally reproduce. Heterosexuality is normal. Everything else is an aberration despite pathetic attempts to redefine words, concepts and human relationships.

Rumore has it that Lance is to confess on Oprah. What do you all think of that?

Omg, this is too unbelievable...who believes deviance like this?

There are so many sides to the "stolen car" arguments. Yes I agree why should we lock our doors at all time? I also agree that if the owner of any of the stolen cars caught the thief and kicked their head in the police would be quick enough to get them BUT this is the world we live in! It's full of jumped up little chavs who have nothing better to do!!! Instead if criticising the innocent ones try focusing on the thiefs! It's a harsh reality but take your keys to beside your bed, that way there safe. There are 26,000 people ok this page and we have links to the paper, radio and police so they will get found out. ~Richi

Dn cuT her n a smalL pieces so i cud take her meat in2 my r0oM, C0OK and eat it. cADAveric m0rning'2 alL \m/

As many of you already know I lost a close friend this week, I ask only that you show respect to the situation for the family's sake.

Although living next to a 24 devianceur bakery is often convenient, it is not good for beating late night doughnut addictions

Stephen Hawking's birthday is today I read this in his voice synthesizer.

From a couple years ago: a thorny problem for evangelical atheists who are also identity atheists

We already know it is a social norm for aspects of this society to appropriate acts of sexual and social exploitation for personal gratification, for social prestige, empowerment, they enjoy giving society and their victims indications of their exploits, gnostic symbolism, take a look about, it is more than apparent, over the years I have conveyed so much admissible evidence in as much circumstantial, it is difficult to refute!

Char Mccarthy you are amazing babe my saviour.... your like jesus but better

I am afraid that evil has always been with us and always will be. I love the concept that a remedy is to extend unexpected kindness to ourselves and to each other.

I'm devianceed!! Just checked my posts for school and some chick just basically copied and pasted my discussion post, a day after me, but she didn't even change my examples!! People are so devianceing stupid. I'm writing my instructor!

Nothing official, but we just got an offer to play a one time only zinc pony reunion show. Who'd want to see this?

I gotta drop Phys this semester because of my work schedule and theres nomore seats for morning classes ughhhhhhhhhhhhh fml I'm tight and i really wanted to be in that class

deviancew do you address the religion vs. science debate? One example: The National Academy of Sciences accepts Darwinian evolution as a fact yet many religious people take Genesis literally. I'm working on an article on this subject so all perspectives are welcome.

Why do the majority of effin issues have to be about race/ethnicity???? That boils my blood n It's annoying

"Poverty is a huge factor when it comes to oppressions, because when you are poor, you don't have the luxury of being hyper aware of all the doings of the political system. You're just trying to eat and get by, pay for your family, and not starve. When the society becomes more prosperous, it has an opportunity to utilize this to understand circumstances and act on them." .. interesting quote, what you think?

..few of us are remotely normal sexually. We are almost all haunted by guilt and neuroses, by phobias and disruptive desires, by indifference and disgust. We are universally deviant...

If anyone needs a Monday morning reminder of the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, here ya go. Yes, Virginia, the nice priest was just playing.

Jesus never said a word about deviancemosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things he never said that gay people should be condemned. I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies.

I see a lot more of 4am than necessary. Genuinely can't wait till all my devianceignments are handed in.

Does anyone know of someone in Wichita Falls who has a fast turnaround on t-shirts with bling?

And....I'm back in school. I'm kid of blah about this quarter....

Im writing this from the deviancespital. The doctor says Ill be fine but damn i gotta say, the Dyson Ball Cleaner is a very misleading name...

Gonna start requesting attention in the same way my cat does: by walking up next to people and then abruptly flopping over and bearing my belly at them. This is acceptable, right?

Any one know any grd dubstep tunes need some more music

The NHL is back, now is a good time to show them who the real boss is. No one go to a game for 30 days. Next time they negotiate they will keep in mind who they are really working for!

Would prefer sitting in revising than going to work today! #ilikeasundayoff!

Oh man Law and Order's depiction of S&M clubs/their patrons will never get old

Well I'm off, checked my messages. Study, study, study..........typing, reading and more reading! It's all going to pay off, I have a grad dress already, thanks to Michelle. I'm getting excited! Just 4 more months, and one more year to go!

I recently met up with some activists from Sayoni, a Singapore-based platform for lesbian, bisexual and deviance Asian women. I found the discussion useful. They posted a description of our meeting on their blog.

Just wondering if anyone on here uses deviant art? :3

I read the headline and just devianceumed "Florida". Whew! For once, this embarrassment belongs to another state. Thank you, North Carolina, for eating the devianceery on this one.

Dumb question... Why do mpeople have to damage propertu that does not belong to them ?????? Some rotten SOB smashed the tail light on my car either yesterday afternoon at Mt Hutton car park or outside my devianceuse last night...... no pieces left in evidence. Will probably have to put retirement back to pay for the bloody thing !!!! Not happy Jan !!!!

Terribly disappointed with many men in my rather large FB friend circle.

RSS supremo Mohanrao Bhagwat's statement is completely unclear. looking or some clarification......................

Just saw the deviancebbit in 48p, don't think well see 24p replaced any time soon.

Wow, the first Excision/Datsik tune that I haven't completely hated since 2010!

Deviance definitions


deviate behavior

See also: deviation


a state or condition markedly different from the norm

See also: aberrance aberrancy aberration