Deterrent in a sentence as a noun

The lesson from this article: PR can be an effective legal deterrent.

Should rape be used as a deterrent to unwanted behavior?

The Swiss have no WMD deterrent of their own, therefore they have to bet on survivability.

If deterrent, then we might have an empirical disagreement, about which lengths of sentences in fact deter crimes.

As such, once the decision has been made to do something relatively harmless, the deterrent effect of prison no longer applies.

Deterrent in a sentence as an adjective

However, the at-risk populations who most often end up in prison are bad at weighing these deterrents, especially before they go there.

They chose this case because it seemed "very clean" and likely to have a solid outcome that would be a good deterrent for bad actors and encourage backers who get shafted.

Everything we know about human psychology suggests that a disapproving peer group is a strong behavioral deterrent.

If you believe the US Attorney's charges were merited, that they should not face discipline, that seeing a sitting US prosecutor forced to resign would not have the requisite "deterrent effect", or that we should all remain silent and accept this -- just say so. Otherwise your critique is contentless, and a recommendation for Aaron's death to be meaningless.

"The movie studio can determine weather you get your computer back or not.>> "each Party shall provide penalties that include imprisonment as well as monetary fines sufficiently high to provide a deterrent to future acts of infringement"You are to be punished severely.

Deterrent definitions


something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress

See also: hindrance hinderance impediment balk baulk check handicap


tending to deter; "the deterrent effects of high prices"