Detecting in a sentence as a noun

I think I know what the problem is; we're detecting HN as a dead page.

Most other vendors seem to be detecting it as well.

We don't have great technologies for detecting solar systems like ours.

It was my first thought, too. I'm not terribly up-to-date on how Kepler has been detecting planets, but isn't it due to the 'wobble' of the stars?

This is a great approach, but detecting the user-agent is the wrong way to decide if you should pre-render the page.

At least anecdotally, it seems that email vendors are also not great at detecting this kind of attack.

It works by detecting RF capacitance between a pair of antennae and the player's body.

So I'm not talking about detecting images or videos sent via stego; just encrypted plaintext messages.

A network hiccup might cause you to miss one of these updates; detecting and recovering from this sort of sync error is problematic.

> can spot a terrorist from 20k feetWhat's the altitude for detecting unarmed non-combatants?

This is really, really bad for a crypto library since properly detecting errors is usually critical to security.

Because of this, I imagine that they have had built-in support for years for detecting various CPU models and manually enabling VT-x extensions, rather than relying on kernel-specific APIs.

Detecting definitions


a police investigation to determine the perpetrator; "detection is hard on the feet"

See also: detection sleuthing