How to use Destruction in a sentence as a noun

And i look up to the eternal skies tto see warfare even there What once has been a paradise is now destruction and despair So stand up for our human rights an push back this felling of hate Raise you voice pass thru the figth Unite! it's not too late

Quote Examples using Destruction

Morality: having the character to do what you should do instead of what you have the freedom to do and thats the only way freedom works. A people cannot be given freedom without morality or they will self destruct. America has been under attack from inside for many years and we are self destructing. It is time for the true church to arise and call upon God. Where are the Noahs & Abrahams of today? Evil is rampant and destruction is coming. God is our only destructionpe.


"I've got a lot of questions swimming through my head, the kind of questions that keep me up at night, and no matter destructionw much I toss and turn these questions run through my mind until I see mornings light. Jesus you've heard me ask and ask, and the only response I get is "this too shall pass", well when? When will this madness end? I wanna go back to the destructionme I had, I wanna see all my old friends. But somewhere between the alcohol and weed they all disappeared and cut ties that once were bold and strong but now don't mend, and what seems like a perpetual state of flux is the only feelings I have left to tend to. I've turn to God so many times that it makes me sick, so sick to know that I mess up so much that he's probably had it, I said in times before close you're eyes and let life begin, but when I opened my eyes I was surrounded in darkness, laying in a bed of sin. destructionw is it that we should keep our heads up, when all we can do is self destruct? destructionw is it that we should destructionpe for a new day when we don't press on and just stick to our old ways? destructionw is it that we can love someone one day and then love someone else the next? And destructionw is it that were supposed to try so hard when we've already tried our best? Jesus, I got a lot of questions that need answering too, and I gave you all my heart when I came unto you, but you're responses don't always seem to get through to me, so should I just keep questioning perpetually? Dear God, I love you with all that I am, I know if I listen hard enough you'll share with me you're plan, there is nothing I can't do without the grace that amplifies off of you, I saw my dad walk after a tree fell on his leg in the name of you're son, I saw demons flee from my room as fast as they could run, you're name rings true and there's nothing you can't do to solve my problems and lead me destructionme to you." Self / Sound the Mishorer


Evrythng dat born must die. to get finishd it need agents, for man it may b virus bacteria etc. whch cm in our body b a part of it n destruct it... our mother nature also has a destrucing agent, a virus named 'Man' it is a part of nature nd yt destructing it. i went to Mata veshno devi shrine. mountains r nearly empty from trees n natural beauty, what is seen is growing buildings , it seems city is a snake dat engulfing forests villages nd al othr natural stuffs... oh mother nature u r too beautiful nd great, dont let us, d viruses, to dstruct u... instead destroy d virus nd become healthy nd grow... destroy d human civilisation, we r not worth being ur part...


In my lifetime I lost some good guys some bad. And guess what I found out no one loves me more than me n destructions luv to see females self destruct. U saw my bad n u got the good now.. Its better life ain't no good trying to be a gangster boo.. It might be enough money for the mall, but rent don't stop coming . It ain't bout being a rider its bout being a real provider. Streets didn't teach me that.


Yes you get tired of the polite english superior bullshlt .the saudi royals are diluted by english blood. what the destruction is big ben clock .doing in mecca. but most arabs are ln denial that they have english blood, but they too are in denlal.. the arabs have a similar destructionlier than thou trip because they too have the engilish in their blood. i can also see mecca swalowed up itr smug destruction by a earthquake. mecca and its royals will karmically self destruct


Help me if you can It's just that this, this is not the way I'm wired So could you please, Help me understand why You've given in to all these Reckless dark desires You're lying to yourself again Suicidal imbecile Think about it, you're pounding on the fault line What'll it take to get it through to you precious I'm over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this? Such a mess. Why would I want to watch you, Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time? What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence Lying through your teeth again Suicidal imbecile Think about it, you're pounding on the fault line What'll it take to get it through to you precious Go with this, why do you wanna throw it away like this Such a mess. Why would I wanna watch you... Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time? What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die They were right about you They were right about you Lying to my face again Suicidal imbecile Think about, you're pounding on the fault line What'll it take to get it through to you precious I'm over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this Such a mess, over this, over this! Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere, Do it somewhere far away from here


Burkie gets fired hey? wuts up with that? strange timing i must say... nonis, burke.. ex canuck gm's. as if Lou isnt going to leaf land. gillis just better get what hes worth in return. leafs will be an insta-playoff team. we need 2nd-3rd line centre, another depth d, and a decent back up cuz Lack isnt ready yet. Go Knukers..


"Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time. What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die... If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere, Do it somewhere far... away... from here!"


Ya bring up ya kids the best you can. You give them advice. But the saying you never stop being a parent is true. But Iately I take a step bk and think you ain't bought up with them standards... So why you being like you are!!!


The path that sets difference The dream you wanna wake up from. The struggle without a freedom. My war within as im fightng my own battles . No friend ny my side as regrets loam which is the hard thng to do. I should have or when will my day come ,people jokes about my situation but u cnt satisfy them i'd hide my emotions. destruction is not cowardly but cowardly is the person who drives the others to commite destruction. As i self destruct in pieces on the mirror. I find reason to leave my footprints on this road. So when im successsful they will knw i was once there...Good evening Bookers...!!!


Now that you're out of my life, I'm so much better. You thought that I'd be weak without you, but I'm stronger. You thought that I'd be broke without you, but I'm richer. You thought that I'd be sad without you, I laugh harder. You thought I wouldn't grow without you, now I'm wiser. Thought that I'd be helpless without you, but I'm smarter. You thought that I'd be stressed without you, but I'm chillin'. You thought I wouldn't sell without you, sold nine million. Thought I couldn't breathe without, I'm inhaling. You thought I couldn't see without you, perfect vision. You thought I couldn't last without you, but I'm lastin'. You thought that I would die without you, but I'm livin'. Thought that I would fail without you, but I'm on top. Thought it would be over by now, but it won't stop. Thought that I would self destruct, but I'm still here. Even in my years to come, I'm still gonna be here. A Survivor.


OK I'm going to open my mouth again. I know there's so much more for me to say, but I'm trying to destructionld it in. Trust me a lot of our friendship are relying on it. OK, hey is there anything wrong w getting sick. I got this flu strain 10 years ago and it was bad. I mean I guess I had technicaly hadn't had the flu yet until then. What I'm getting at is that I haven't been sick since. Sometimes that's just life. Do we need a new shot every year destructionping that its the right vaccine. No matter destructionw cool I think I am at times, I never think playing God is a good idea. Get sick. Trust me in ten more years come around you'll already have your natural flu remedy. Mother natures resistance. Try it. Been around for millions of years. destructionw can human evolution go wrong? O ya by manipulating current flu stains and injecting them in humans. Did it work? I guess well find out. This is only my opinion. My lawyer has advised me to advise you to never follow my advice. Although the things I say might make since, don't try it at destructionme. Unless u as your own thinking individual want to. There's no stopping good intention. As long as it is ur own will.


It was my dream to be a martyr, but what they have got having faced such martyrdom, wars will never stop, there is no man army, fight brings fight, that won't be stopped. we people and our history is the reason for this kind of conducts. we can't stop if we want to make peace in our life, why should we invite to such offences to come our destructionmes and destruction our people. our political structure is the responsible which aid to enemy countries for destruct. Please friends stop wars .........we respect the soldiers who got martyrdom for us..although we can't stop but we can support them in their emotions jai hind


Well, Miss Daisy Mae is on a destructive kind of day. She finally tore a destructionle in her wonderful caterpillars head.... tore the nose off,, I did sew the destructionle shut and had to remove some of the stuffing, but destructionpe it still lasts a while. She loves it so much, but man can she destruct in a short amount of time. She also loves tennis balls. I got her some bigger ones at Petco that squeek. Oh she loves throwing them,, BUT she can also rip and tear til she makes a destructionle, and can get the squeeker out.. UGH...


People in the USA will see a "fault" in Obama's decisions, no matter what they are now anyway. Third world countries have been at odds with themselves and other counties for centuries and about all has been seen is the loss of life of men/women in the military who are sometimes forced to go there to fight a battle which is almost never won. Has the US contained al-Qaida and helped to strengthen Afghan forces thus far? I believe that the answer in NO. Yes, there has been the useless end to many lives, both over there as well as during such times as 9-11-01. Let our military stay at destructionme, protect the USA as many all ready do. God has told us that the end times are near,so let this people come to their destructionmes and families while there is still time. The third world mentality will, sooner or later, be the destruction of themselves so let them continue their wicked ways, destruct their counties if they so want to, but now we need to protect the USA more than ever at destructionme. God Bless our president and the USA.


Related Sentences for Destruction

An entire society of individuals who think for themselves is fine. An entire society of individuals who think only of themselves is not fine. It will self destruct.

Ill the hand I'll be your crutch. Reach for my hand when you aren't strong enough. As long as I'm here I won't let you self destruct. Exj

Please about to self destruct! why do i like evil these much?!!!...

Ah destruction, playing too much neopets. starting to see little faces in destruct-o-match

Smyrna friends, who's awake and wants to keep me from dying of boredom?

Just because you have low self-esteem, self confidence, and self-control. Your self- centered, self-denial, and self-destructionysis self don't have to self-destruct all your selfishness on a humble person...just because you don't like who you be,doesn't mean you make others feel the same way you do...

If I aint haVe the patience,I'd probably self-destruct!

“I self destruct every relationship so that i don’t get hurt… but in truth i just hurt myself worse in the long run..”

This is a lot like "Chik-fil-A Day," which is to say, incredibly stupid and tone deaf.

And so it begins! Pakistan says 1 soldier destructioned in Indian firing this afternoon.

Way to self destruct, Greece. Someone needs to jump on this right away.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time. What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die. If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere, do it somewhere far away from here!

India nere undaya akramana vijayam .... Pakisthan agoshichathayi inteligence...sainikare pakisthan anumodichu.....manmohan r u there?? Please go and die mr pm if u r still alive.... Or else issue an order to destruct pak terror.....

It's hard tryin not to self destruct, but I gotta keep focus and stay on all ten toes ... #My Zone

Someppl are so surprising dey put demslf in danger situation eventhou dey know dat some of things are nt meant to be betrayed,money is destruction u destruct ur life coz of it nd also accept the feedback of ur mess

Waitse kea tsitsega,i nid guidance b4 i self destruct,i wanna stop destruction m F'd up

Can anybody help me out ... Can anyone think of an 8 letter word that has a meaning & is powerful if you no what i mean ...

Ehhhhhhhhhh jah neh zwire kha inbox yanga.........destruction wil always hv ways to destruct us only if we let him

Whatever you say about someone it will definitely reach him or her therefore make sure it must be some words that will lift him up not destruct him. Maye kuloyo lokhubekisa umuntfu kuncono aboshelwe litshe entsanyeni aphoselwe esitibeni lesishonako. That's the book of Matthew's quotation is not me but if you want to live by God's word is for you too.

WTF went on. At the bridge last night, major self destruct. Looks like we can't even win a destructioney mouse cup, keep the faith.

Your desire is ure life thus i choose u to be ma desire,u wii put ma life high when u will destruct ma life

Im truthfully tired cant wait to get my destructioning bread atlantic city here we come tired of destruction philly has made my daughter self destruct but not me we out

"If there is going to be Pokemon X and Y there will most likely be Pokemon Z and when all three versions are on the field I can remove them from play in order to fusion summon Pokemon XYZ Dragon Cannon!" wut?

If Africa can feed the whole world - then why are we starving?

Every once in a while I have to remind myself... I can't drink my way to happiness, can't eat my way to peace, and can't self destruct my way to freedom...somebody needs better coping skills.

I'm not sobbing right now because I've been lacking sleep for the past two weeks or because my kids forced me out of my bed again. I'm sobbing because I'm pmsing and feel sorry for whoever crosses my path when I have to be up in a little over four destructionurs. *thumbs up*

Whats the etiquette around sending destructionty pics? Besides like not saving them. Can I send the same pic out months later to someone else? Im new to being a slore help internet.

There will be a time when loud-mouthed, incompetent people seem to be getting the best of you. When that happens, you only have to be patient and wait for them to self destruct. It never fails.

It's ironic that many people call us "destruction Worshipers" yet YOU spend the destruction's money and idolize the destruction's lifestyle.

Somebody will eventually cross your way, two things will be the options, either to destruct your life or to construct your life better and stronger.

I learned a valuable lesson today that almost ended in me calling 911, im glad i waited because the sickness went away.

Job interview tomorrow at 2 and the funny thing about it is i know i got this one

Can anyone see the video I posted a few minutes ago? It's gone from my timeline and I definitely did not delete it... :/

Many of you already know this, but just so I don't leave anyone wondering who this "Kyle" fellow is and destructionw you ended up friends him... I'm trans and as of Monday will be living full time as Kyle. If you have questions, I'm happy to discuss either in the comments or by more private channels, just keeping this post to the minimum explanation due to the size and variety of the audience. destructionwever, this message will likely self-destruct in a month or so.

I wonder if someone did a study, what percentage of those young shooters did not have a loving, supportive father in their lives? Hmmm?

Please excuse my enemies for they do not know i would gladly self destruct if they leave me alone

The great secret of succeeding in conversation is to admire litle, to he hear much always to destruct our own reason nice morning my fans love you mwaaa.

Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time, what's your rush now everyone will have his day to die..... Perfect Circle and Castlevania night.

Only in America could you find a way to earn a healthy buck and still keep your attitude on self-destruct.

Just imagine if this one lone provision could serve as a self-destruct for Obama-care. If the left wants guns gone, they have to extract their own words from their signature bill. Even then, we have good old Amendment 2, goo luck with that. This is gonna be interesting.

I guess that this is where we’ve come to If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now you’re on your own now, believe me Yo I don’t wanna be the one to blame You like fun and games, keep playin ’em I’m just sayin' Think back, then we was like one and the same On the right track but I was on the wrong train It’s like that now you gotta face the pain And the destruction’s got a fresh new place to play In your brain like a maze you can never escape The rain every damn day’s the same shade of gray Hey, I used to have a little bit of a plan Used to, have a concept of where I stand But that concept slipped right outta my hand Now, I don't really even know who I am Yo what do I have to say, maybe I should do what I have to do to break free and Whatever happens to you, we’ll see But it’s not gonna happen with me I guess that this is where we’ve come to If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now you’re on your own now, believe me Back then, I thought you were just like me Somebody who could see all the pain I see But you proved to me unintentionally That you would self destruct eventually Now I’m thinkin' like the mistake I made doesn’t hurt But it’s not gonna work 'cause it's really much worse than I thought I wished you were something you were not And now this guilt is really all that I’ve got You turned your back and walk away ashamed All you got is a memory and pain, nothing makes sense You can stare at the ground, and hearin’ my voice inside your head When no one else is around So what do I have to say Maybe I should do what I have to do to break free man Whatever happens to you we'll see But this not gonna to me I guess that this is where we’ve come to If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now you’re on your own now, believe me I guess that this is where we’ve come to If you don’t want to, then you don’t have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now you’re on your own now, believe me I’m doin’ what I have to do You’re on your own now believe me Whatever happens to you You’re on your own now believe me What do I have to say You’re on your own now believe me It’s not gonna happen to me You’re on your own now believe me

Life can be a grindstone,whether it grinds u down or polishes u depends on wat u r made of,r u made of d right stuff,grinding makes a diamond shine w brilliant radiance,grinding reduces dirt t dust,so r u a diamond or dust,adversity is d opportunity for ur destiny to improve ,ur attitude towards adversity wil determine whether u make progress or self-destruct-a rubber band is effective wen its stretched,a turtle gets nowhere until it sticks its neck out,.persistence and determination are omnipotent,gudmorning,lovely ones.

Just sit back & watch everybody self-destruct, dnt move a muscle

What if all your dirty pictures could magically self-destruct after 10 seconds?

Watching someone self-destruct feels like knowing there's a bomb with an ongoing timer, but never knowing when it will go off. Right when you think the timer has momentarily disengaged, it starts ticking away again. Attempts to disarm it using every bit of energy and resource available, destructionping maybe things will go back to "normal" are rebuffed and rejected. So, there it sits, unabated, despite all my efforts, keeping time, toying with death and danger.

I used to have so many friends that I thought I could trust But when it came to saving me you let me self destruct

Ppl belong 2 GOD not the Pastors, Bishops, or Apostles! When u get in a place where u own ppl then you are becoming a God! "Self Destruct"

Riker, thanks to your extensive statement of "abort auto-destruct," you saved the ship exactly one second from auto-destruct. Well done!

Long days...too many appointments. Fighting to get my license back!

Starting next week, I'm going to have a regular scheduled weekly video. What do you guys think?

"As the moldy old patriarchal systems and structures self-destruct, and the global elite attempts to crush the awakening and liberation of humanity, we are under intense pressure to free ourselves from the fear that fuels the old paradigm, recognize the truth of who we are, and reclaim our authority to create the world we desire."

I've decided to self-destruct and destroy all relationships to people. I'm focused & would like my trophies and memoir to speak for itself to the world.

I hate who i am when im without you , everytime u leave my side i self destruct

Anybody ever wonder if Jack Warner is actually a PNM supporter but he just infiltrated the UNC and set out on a mission to stealthily self-destruct and destruction them up from the inside? Kind of like a political jihadist.

With a hate so strong ill destruct more than your life ill take every living breath of yours and make you pray for your own suffocation

What'll it take to get thru to you precious? Over this. Why do u wanna throw it away like this. Such a mess. I don't wanna watch you...disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time.

They say the the use of drones are highly successful. I disagree for this reason. destructionw would feel when the competition catches up

What do you think about the upcoming possibility to "pay to play" for City of Napoleon sports?

If you destruction about destructionw ugly the previous and new pokemon are and YET you call yourself a pokemon fan. just do us a favor and use metronome destructionping it turns to self-destruct. -proton

GOP Reps are proposing bills to defund planned parenthood. Did they learn anything from the election? Share your thoughts with us here on the ed show!

The Story of Civilization, An eye opener on history of man kind...reading the section about the fall of Rome : great men build civilizations to leave it to their spoiled offspring to destruct it.. واذا اردنا ان نهلك قرية امرنا مترفيها ففسقوا فيها فحق عليها القول فدمرناها تدميرا. صدق الله العظيم

"before i self destruct" move is so sick

What if, in Pokemon X & Y, combo moves are introduce? "Pikachu linked Scratch with Spark" Of course balancing issuse would be in order.

I've been seeing a lot of "I stay by myself, only mess with a few" type of stats...Y'all finely see what I saw 2 years ago...a big social circle only breeds drama and envy witch in the end will only self destruct whatever it is your on a quest to build...

Only time will tell, hard times never destruction. God has never lost any match. God never thot to destruct satan but send him down on earth so never think of destroying your enemy 2013. God bless them.

I'm really on some dope destruction? Bigger than the notion that everthing is a cult destruction This more pain, hurt, abused and maimed Blood, sweat and tears with a slight chance of rain Cremated ashes collected from humans neglected I took that to the heart, now I'm switching perspectives. If you dont understand I dont give a destruction, Pyramids in your wallet while you self destruct . . .

Innovation! SnapChat, an app that lets you send photos and videos that will self-destruct in 10 seconds after viewing.

-twerk it down like you was from Bagdad, with that Boo thang^_~ -mass destruct, then see whose mad, is it Hussein>.< -nuisence with that A' thang^.` Rrrah!

Nobody likes me No one likes me Why? 'Cause I don't like them Uh huh, I don't, nu uh I used to have so many friends I thought I could trust But when it came to saving me You let me self-destruct Well I'm back now, I'm seeking out this vengeance Not to mention that this black cloud, it sticks around And visits my intuition, won't let me back down And I swear to God, my heart is like a piston Pumping rage into this engine, turn the keys to my ignition!

My laptops about to self destruct - might need an extention on my mixtape -.- FML

Im going to watch. "before i self destruct" movie 50 cent is in it soo sick

Why are they suddenly so worried about forcing everyone to be poisoned? Do they think that if everyone refuses the shots that the control system will self destruct? Do not take your children to the doctor unless it is an absolute emergency. They will poke them with needle so fast that you will have no time to stop them. Watch what happens when you try.

We "feel" like cancer is nothing compared to watching a family member self-destruct. Our prayers are heard, but the death-spiral continues, positive steps are so out numbered by the backward steps. Pray our Grandson finds the way of escape and does not continue to be overcome by his temptation.

I'm mad u got me destructionok on these types of movies but they do be good lol at least u not here to talk thru the whole movie lik u did last time. SN: I liked before I self destruct until 50 cent died at the end of the movie.

Please god help me before i self Destruct ...

You don?t understand me And you probably never will Got a tendency to self destruct And a soft spot for the filth A hair trigger temperament A switchblade for a tongue Walking one man destruction Black belt in corrupt. 5FDP

I hate everything about the design of this chart, but it's pretty grim regardless

90 percent complete... Those are some good words right there...

Smtyms u'll waste ur tym bcz of useless person,women lets get lyf Der's no tym to begg especial u a working n u a earning more money than........

Ugh somebody come and rescue me before I self destruct!

I'll never stop, I can't stop nor can I be stop so you stop b4 you self destruct

I wont self destruct...mentally stong but at war wit myself

Also taking pictures of myself that self-destruct after 5 seconds...

Loves to party, but feels really bad for anyone who doesn't have anything more to their life but another weekend and another bottle. destructionpe you can find purpose beyond destroying yourself.

Face down on a "destruction" The muthafucker's on self-destruct Nobody guardin' your back, it's all a front Save this! My rage is bliss! I'm takin' names and gettin' destructioned!

Oooops looks like i just hit the self destruct botton again watch oot blair theres a destructionin destruction storm on its wayy!!!!

Read the article in the link below. This is amazing. I destructionpe it happens in my lifetime unless we self destruct first.

Life aint about faking and not keepin yo word with people and destructionin people over smh people need to get put on the right path before they self destruct

If/when I embark on a violent rampage, I would like my success to be attributed to my Pokemon team. "He was locked in on 15 of the 17 types, leading many to believe the incident was premeditated. Every shot he fired was Super Effective..."

'Chelsea overwhelmingly ahead in every statistic except the most important one' -commentator sums up the game quite well there.

Disconnect and self-destruct one bullet at a time. What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die.

I need to get out this weekend and do something. Before i just completely self destruct.

Congratulations to Amanda Todd for going 3 months without being bullied!

FFS Ivan what are you doing , talk about self destruct!!!!!

Gud old chels. push the self destruct button.

Fed up now with FB - my timeline has completely vanished!

#bruno segunda musica lembrand responda como se fosse poser :D My freedom is best Whole country's on destructionuse arrest And everyone's a suspect You can't feel the flow because you died Face down on a "destruction" The muthafucker's on self-destruct Nobody guardin' your back, it's all a front Save this! My rage is bliss! I'm takin' names and gettin' destructioned

Ok here is a question..I have no allegience to any political party as I rely on myself not some damn politician. We vote because thats our right. If the Majority rules, and the Majority wins, then destructionw can the minority of voters say the majority are wrong..are they saying they are smarter then everyone else? Are they saying they are better then everyone else? If the minority vote would get their way and become the majority wouldnt they want the new minority vote to respect their party? I am just baffled by all the political destruction that goes on all over the place. I think thats kind of an arrogant statement by the minority voter to say the majority are wrong? And if so many people have their finger on the pulse of politics what are they doing on facebook, telling everyone whats wrong in the world and destructionw to fix it? Why are they not sitting in the senate? Or congress? I like to jump in those conversations just to destruction people off but seriously...when the minority of voters once again becomes the majority voter, which they will, its the way politics work, they will be the first ones saying to the new minority vote to stop their destructioning and moaning, the majority vote won...this is what I do all day..sit around and think of stupid destruction and try to find answers to the universe.

I only whispered but not a soul heard my cry, I am far too shy to voice my needs of comfort for I refuse to see myself as a failure in another humans eyes. Sympathy is not a card I seek for weakness means I've failed, through this road of triumph I know I will prevail. I only whispered a cry of self destruct because between my hearts desire and my cowardness I am always stuck.

I had a friend, who had d same probs z i did he gav up 2 soon wish h'd stil b here coz i made t but h jus self destruct permanently,probly maybe there was nosuch thng z fb, nw ya'l do lets communicate sch probz n d world would b a betta place, thanx Bun 4 da support

Well, celebrity big brother is not the compelling crock of destructione I was destructionping it would be... Rylan is that thick he has to wear clothes with his name on!!

Paper shredder just exploded… Flames out the top… Paper caught fire... My hair got singed! Whew! OK, in the interest of full disclosure I had just lubricated it.

Nearing the end of my rope here..... Commence self destruct anti virus ...uuuuuhhh fml.

Us as people have daily decisions to either build or destruct....well, im all about building from here on!

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.... If you see it your lying...

Nice movie "before i self destruct"curtis jackson 50cent"shasha delvalle

I have looked at my schedule for each class repeatedly! And my brain is apparently trying to self destruct... because I can't remember anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm actually on self destruct today... any1 wanna get completely destruction faced... I'm talkin close to a stomach pumpin situation!!

So I will be going full time at work here again soon, god help me there is going to be one of a couple outcomes, if I'm stuck with to much phone time I'm either gonna self destruct or destruction a customer lol but destructionpefully it will be that I'll be walking enough to lose a couple pounds or even get a promotion!

At times is sad to see people who are too blinded by pride to see that there are people who are trying to help them. cant help someone who chooses not to accept it..

Whooooaaaaa destructionw many times can my brain explode in one day????

Trust no destruction especialy the girl u been with for years dianna perez destruction u dirt destruction u skonca i destructionpe u die u r dirty dianna u can die and suk the diev dick u destruction u played me way to meny time destruction this is the last time ok

Yoga pants should have a weight limit. My fragile little eyes

Can't believe I've only just finished painting and I finished work at half two... Now to fix the flat cause its decided to self destruct the night before the inspection and start cleaning like a mentalist.

21 months ago i started to go into melt down.... 10 months of self destructfollowed.....thought id managed to put it behind me. But situations ,people and my mad as destruction brain r starting to make me think otherwise.... Iv got a massive fight on my hands if I'm to keep this from happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is so gud to us that he constantly watches over us,he bless us wen we dnt evn deserve t. But my prayer is that thru all this,may he help us to do away wth unnecesary pple in our lives and all those time wasters who destruct us from our progressive purpose in Jesus mighty name,Amen.

"Lying through your teeth again, Suicidal imbecile You're pounding on a fault line What'll it take to get it through to you precious, over this, why do you wanna throw it away like this, such a mess, I don't wanna watch you, disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time what's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die"

"That mental component of suffering is the thing that, when I look back on my life, I realize is a choice. To this day, I still would choose the angst over something easier, when I really don’t have to. I know it sounds new age-y, but what I’ve truly come up with is that you really need to trust that you’re on your own path, as long as you stay true to it and you show up, which is 99% of it.-Jane Lynch

There is a natural cure for cancer and other serious diseases. Liz Jones Jensen

My husband gone hve a trackin device installed n his penis....

If your 18 month warrantied appliance destructions out in 18 months and 13 days... do you suspect they programmed it to self-destruct? And why is it usually cheaper to replace than repair or have warranty work done anyways?

Coffee, fire, n sci-fi special featuring the history of AC n DC power....which involves testing humans in an electric chair....they have my attention.

For possible publication in the magazine: What are you enjoying about GH right now? What isn’t working for you? What would you like to see being done differently?

The policies that we are implementing as Government are going to give young Zimbabweans an opportunity to run their own destiny.

Only in Amerika can you find a way to earn a healthy buck and still keep your attitude on self destruct.

Waiting for my strength to give out and wondering if the news I just received is something my heart can take at this time!

Wow a Diaby sighting! Why sign new players when you can bring broken players back for a game or two before they self destruct again.

We find worth in jobs, money, & performance so we can hide destructionw worthless we feel inside. Acknowledge the pain to be healed.

Even though our heater/ac tried to self destruct, God provided for our need, and because of His hand of protection the money we would have to spend to fix it went to buy Lorettt's expensive meds. Thank you Lord for being our provider.

So... destruction artist or actually in game shape?

Relations are to love people and wealth is to utilize, But we are utilizing the relations and loving the wealth which leds to destruct the relations

GAS. Big time. I am prepared to destruction to get one.

If you're married or in a relationship ... ? please stop poking me ....I'm not looking to flirt with females in a relationship !! .... but if your single ?? by all means keep poking me lol

Most girls like when guys buy them flowers. If you buy me a bouquet of waffle fries and chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A it will be just as romantic to me.

They yelling out true religion to the masses, I'm just living for the masters plan, I'm in the park fighting life in the masters hand, they ask what life brings, they say liquor and sex, I love the absolute no I'm not talking the drink, I'm trying to find truth, every risk that I take, abiding by his rules, by the moves that I make , son of the son by grace I'm saved man, rejoice and reborn, I shout out amen, your tongue can be the best, but at times to worst, you can wish life or be the walking dead, I speak positive I only want the best in you, at the end of the day they'll say you lookin brand new, don't listen to the fakers, cuz they lying to you, feeding you garbage in their songs, try to destruct you, slowly your memory lost, start living like you were them, find out your walkin in sin, but I stay strong,and im worshiping him -Franchize

Who else take naps in their cars during the work day? *thinking of a master plan*

Disconnect and self destruct one Bullet at a time What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die...

destructionw can anyone who truly cares for you look you in the eye and lie without conscience?

You all know I'm not the most techno-savvy person, but a friend was telling me there's a way to do a live online video chat where you can see me and ask questions in real-time. I'm not sure if I could do something like that, but wondered if that is something you would be interested in? What would you want to talk about?

Today's scope....not to self-destruct...."Don't be surprised if you're suddenly struck by a desire to change everything. That's just your internal dialogue telling you you're not satisfied with your life. Instead of self-destructing, take this cosmic energy and channel it into refreshing and refining what you already have." ...hmmm...maybe...

I don't know why but I find these lyrics to be so powerful. This song gets me so pumped every time I hear it. "Sink, suffer, self destruct. Rise, conquer, reconstruct."

O my word!!! Let them break down. Because they will realize like other countries they need our expertise.

I wish you could just step into my head for a minute so you can see first hand all the things that are going on in there. Maybe you would understand in ways that I have a hard time putting into words. Maybe then we could avoid the self destruct button we always destructionld our hands over.

Here is a new exercise to stretch your writing skills. It might even help you start a story. Write a detailed description of a weightless traveler who escapes from a black destructionle in space.

I think facebook needs some elderly advice to self-destruct. Thank.

At the moment Florida is where I rest at & I can destructionnestly say that some local destructions just don't deserve support. Some "artists" you gotta let self destruct. Garbage slowly destructions it self. Put a germ in a trash can & a maggot will eat it then die.

This city is dangerous we try to survive it we shoot for the stars lets destruction the violence Instead of watching in silence Let's speak from our hearts The city is dangerous We try to survive it We shoot for the stars These bullets can maim us So helpless we are Its destructioning me dawg

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. ~ Charles Darwin

Touchy subject? Why is calling someone "aggressively gay" a slur? Any different than calling your sick uncle a dirty old man?

When others attempt to destroy my inner peace, I simply create " cognitive dissonance" in their lives. Then I simply get on with what I was doing, while they self destruct. And when they do, I have a cup of tea, and completely and utterly , couldnt care less .

I might not like a lot of local artists music but I will show support no matter what.

I plan to hv ma 1st kiss if the year on February 19! pliz no one shud try to destruct me frm reachn my goal!....

As part of the Facebook police I would like to remind you all that when you upload a photo I briefly get a view of all the photos on your screen!! But can only let people see the one you upload! Unless you destruction me off!! This message will self destruct in 5..4..3..2

So, the only handheld game they sell here in Afghanistan is Pokemon White. destructioners know destructionw we destruction time

It's my Anniversary today. 4 whole months! Months are like years to me, so I am doing very well indeed... Andy Knapp

; they know what is what, but they don't know what is what..they destruct!

If God has given you the power to destruct, he has also given you the power to protect. Take a Stand!!

My whole year 2013 is allmost destructioned up Iam so tired of everything Iam to a point where Iam just go say destruction it all i just don't know what to do no more and it seems like everywhere I go I see them dam destructions laughing and dancing and it seems like everybody want to see me self destruct Iam just tired of feeling paranoid and so much anger is building up every destructionin second Iam so destructionin tired of destructionlding destruction in Iam not going to be a victim destruction that fools got me real destructioned up

I might make a trance project.. contemplating about it destructionwever.

It's really sad to see the people you care for the most self-destruct right before your eyes. That is why it is important to develop good habits early, establish a plan of action to accomplish your goals, and to set your goals as high as possible.

This is destructionw the 18th century fixated 2nd Amendment crowd thinks they can convince sane people to get on board with their conspiracy theories about Obama and the UN grabbing their guns. The thought of 20 children and 7 adults massacred by a nut with an destructionault rifle doesn't even register on them. I bet it would register really really hard if one of those 27 dead people was someone they loved...ya think?

Destruction definitions


the termination of something by causing so much damage to it that it cannot be repaired or no longer exists

See also: devastation


an event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something

See also: demolition wipeout


a final state

See also: death