Desktop in a sentence as a noun

Would **** for the desktop version of this.

A desktop client for a web app that replaced a desktop client.

I don't like like the desktop environment, either.

A site that takes advantage of the desktop experience will not work as well on mobile.

"--Edits: added "on the desktop" to "dethroning Microsoft.

I've got a nice collection of apps on my phone and desktop, all purchased, that I've acquired over the years to support my friends' development efforts.

No joke, in some regions, the MLS service -- responsible for all real estate listings in that region -- is an archaic Windows program running on a desktop in some guy's Lake Tahoe cabin.

> and there's no compilation step or anything -- then it's almost a fundamental paradigm shift for what desktop software could be.\n> It already makes me dream of a word processor I could hack like that, or a music player.

"As an Ubuntu user, I'm happy to see the project shifting its long-term goal from "dethroning Microsoft on the desktop" to "delivering the best possible experience for developers and regular people across all devices.

If I am doing a desktop search for local files, it is not be expectation that that search will be transmitted to servers without my consent, and that it does so makes it spyware even if we don't also take into consideration that it is being done to track my interests for monetary gain in the form of referral links.

"I think its something hackers, especially those with children should ask themselves: Would I still be me, if I had grown up around primarily content consumption computing devices instead of more general purpose laptops and desktops?Tablets are knocking the sales off of low-end PCs, but we as a society need the cheap PC to remain viable, if we want to turn as many children as possible into creators, engineers, tinkerers, and hackers.

Desktop definitions


the top of a desk


(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

See also: background