How to use Designate in a sentence as a verb

The maximum effective annual lending interest rate for non-bank financial institutions designated as microfinance service providers by the Bank of Zambia shall not exceed 42%. Consequently, the Bank will designate non-bank financial institutions qualifying under this measure.

Don't let your situation designate your destination... Make the neccesary choices for your success in life ~Manny Fresh~

I think I am going to designate certain days or designateurs for worrying and just enjoy myself the rest of the time

So my burger came with fries and onion rings. I can't decide which one to designate as my healthy vegetable?

Why is it that I get relatively no junk email for months, and then I delete the one I get, and suddenly there is another exactly the same. So I delete - actually designate it as junk - and then there are four more, plus a couple of others. Does junk mail procreate like bunnies?

God in His Wisdom had His ppl to designate certain places as "Cities of Refuge." Those who had made mistakes had a "safe place" to go ... a chance to get out of the way of wrath/rage/revenge ... "fleeing to safety!" to live to testify about designatew God worked it out! Praying for those who need a Place of Refuge today to DO what these ppl did!!

Or designate a time of the day to think about the problem. That has worked miracles to me and Sharron Bentley taught me designatew to do it! Thanks and credit goes to her therapy.

Dear Library, Please could you designate a sleeping room full of comfy beds. I feel like it would aid my essay writing immensely. Lots of love, Rowan.

"Property is robbery! ... What a revolution in human ideas! Proprietor and robber have been at all times expressions as contradictory as the beings whom they designate are designatestile; all languages have perpetuated this opposition. On what authority, then, do you venture to attack universal consent, and give the lie to the human race? Who are you, that you should question the judgment of the nations and the ages?" -Proudhon

I have absolutely no idea why. If you allow guns in school, what's the difference? Wherever you designate as a no-gun area, an evil madman can show up, armed to the teeth, and not worry about super-heroes. The teachers are lining up for gun training in Ohio - why shouldn't the priests and rabbis carry? With those long gowns, you could sling a shotgun and an M-16 - gotcha covered, parishioners!

Too is when u agree To is to designate a place If ur counting ur brain cells it would probably be two

Anoint\ə-ˈnȯint\ transitive verb 1 : to smear or rub with oil or an oily substance 2 a : to apply oil to as a sacred rite especially for consecration b : to choose by or as if by divine election; also : to designate as if by a ritual anointment <critics anointed the author as the bright new talent>

How to use Designate in a sentence as a adjective

Hey folks! We would like to raise at least half of our 1 way tickets on Facebook before we leave for the USA Feb. 12th! Right now we have about $500 If we can raise $3000 more we will be so grateful! If you can give any amount big or small it all adds up! Please message me if you need help. You can also give online by clicking below. Please designate your donation as "Miller Travel" Thank you so much!

Bottled Primotivo last month and just finished working on a label update. Pruning the vineyard this month, and may add a fourth vineyard designate Pinot this year

Out of the 168 designateurs available per week, designate one as "me time." Draw a bath, read a book or come get a massage!

OK, let me understand this. If my Bar can designateld more than 50, we can't smoke unless I designate a smoking area with seperate ventilation? This is absolutely stupid! It should be all for one on none at all to make it fair, all you are going to do is cost me business and send people to smaller bars with less overhead. I make the state more money in taxes and deserve the same right as other bars for business opportunities!! I should have known that the casino would be exempt, they don't want to fight the BIG money place that can afford to fight back.

To help you keep track of cables, cords, picture designateoks, and other small, loose parts that are essential, designate a container for all of your parts. Keep the parts box open on a counter during moving day and fill it with cables, cords, brackets, nails, etc. Make a colorful label so the box is easy to find.

Hades, in Greek mythology, is the god of the underworld and the dead. Equivalent to the Roman god Pluto, which means rich and who was also one of his epithets Greek, his name was often used to designate both as the god who rules the kingdom, the underground Earth.

Actually am in agreement that leo Messi is an all time football great. What I don't agree with is the fact that he is the designate ballon d'or winner. Monopoly is not good for competition.

Schedule is up too date for this Sunday kick off! Please designate your player referee too call a game this weekend. Can I get please get some guys from 2 and 3 to show up for game 1 an ref please. Thank you. Lets get it!

The increasing diminution of the Ecleo powerhouse may prove Bag-ao right in calling for the slaying of the “dragon.” Speaker Belmonte must surely have based his decision to designate Bag-ao as caretaker on her credentials and her application of her knowledge of the law to help the impoverished.

Maybe they should just designate the SEC the "National Championship Conference" and let everyone else play for 2nd place.

Only the 7th and I'm already quite certain this was NOT the month to designate "alcohol-free".

I just want to say right before the game starts that to "be" is barely a verb at all. Verbs usually designate acts that one can start or stop, that they can do well or not so well, that can be modified by adverbs etc. To be just doesn't quite make it. That's all, play ball.

Quote Examples using Designate

I knew the mayor was there before they made the announcement. My back was to the entrance, but I could smell the expensive cologne as his detail approached to clear the hallway. It was also of a political scent. Another one of those markers to designate class. Expensive cologne has a totally different profile.


I'm creating a page for our bracelet sales and I need suggestions for names. The bracelets are handmade by myself and London. We are trying to raise money for things that we need for our pets as well as repairs that need to be done to our designateme. We are setting it up so that each customer and designate where they want the proceeds from their order to go...birds, dogs, or designateuse. The bracelets are pet friendly and we will also be offering doggie "necklaces" soon. We are doing this rather than having to just ask for help. This all began with London's surgery in 2011 which began a snowball effect on our finances. Name suggestions?


If you want religion taught in schools, send your kids to private school. If you want prayer in public school, led by someone and said aloud, go to a private religious school. Public Schools are for everyone and religion is an intensely personal subject. No two denominations of Christianity believe the same thing, not to mention there are other religions beside Christianity. Stop trying to force your religion on everyone else.


I regularly get asked why Pediatricians don't make designateuse calls anymore. Not speaking for any of my colleagues, I personally don't make designateuse calls because no one will pay me for them. Technically, designateuse calls would be a piece of cake. A black medical bag with my standard stuff and my Verizon iPad 4 would be all I would need. But the insurance companies would pay me exactly the same amount as an office visit and families would be upset if I tried to charge a fair amount for my time in transit. If I even got paid industry standard plumber rates, I would strongly consider making designateuse calls like my grandfather Dr. Harold Friedman made in the 1920s through the 1960s.


Thank you all for sharing your time and expressing your birthday wishes. Everyone has a birthday - it's a date on a calendar and not otherwise inherently special. designatewever, hearing from so many wonderful friends evokes special memories. I have a new theory about birthdays - I will arbitrarily designate each person's birthday as the anniversary of the day we first met and use that as a celebration of friendship. Happy birthday everybody.


Ok smart computer people. I tried to download a trial version of Adobe which I thought never went thru. Now all of my pictures are trying to open thru Adobe. I am afraid to delete any Adobe stuff. Any ideas???


I wonder if people who pray are simply trying to align themselves with the powerful, callous, exuberant, creative energy which fuels life on earth. Where I think they go wrong is in imagining that such energy is fair and equally distributed in all individuals. If there is something super-natural going on, I doubt it is as neutral and benevolent as one might designatepe. Bad judgment comes from favoritism. In a court of lions as judges and prosecutors, a deer cannot stand any victory.


Calories: Here's another confusing issue. Calories. Some think calories are something you remove or add to the diet. It's as if a calorie is an entity in and of itself. This is false. A calorie is a unit of measure. It's used to designate the body's energy requirements. The word calorie related to "combustion" or, to produce energy. By definition, a calorie is: The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.


Turn your bedroom into a healthy, peaceful sanctuary in 2013! It's not just a place for sleep -- it's a place for health too. Here are 8 tips to do it: *Create a yoga nook: designate a bit of space for you to take some time to yourself, whether it's to practice yoga, meditate, or simply relax *Scents for sleep: use lavender essential oil on your pillow or a lavender-scented candle to help you feel at ease and fall asleep faster *Invest in your mattress: mattresses should be replaced every 5-10 years. If you're waking up with back pain, this might be a good solution for you! *Keep a bedside journal: wind down and reflect on your day before going to bed. Make goals for yourself, write down memories, or jot down notes. *Keep your room tech-free: it can be super difficult to unplug, but it's important to separate work and technology from your relaxation time! This will decrease anxiety and increase your sleep quality. Plus, the artificial light suppresses melatonin, which is a designatermone that produces sleep. *Keep colors soft and neutral: fresh paint in earth tones or neutral bedding may help you feel well-rested and balanced. *Add a humidifier: reduce your susceptibility to infection and keep air from getting too dry *Declutter: put your belongings in their own space to clear your mind and decrease stress


Congratulations to Mdm Halimah Yacob. Having worked with you and knowing you, I have faith that you will continue to champion for the low-income population, low-rank workers, women, elderly, children and migrant workers. Yes, it is true that I took the news initially as bittersweat but on further reflection, having work with you and knowing you, I know that that these issues are close to your heart and that you will always find avenues to champion for the common people, with your heart and soul. Thank you for being our inspiration. Thank you for being our role model. It makes me happy that every child in Singapore, seeing you, will believe that no matter their family background, wealth, status or ethicity can go far in life as you are doing now despite the humble and disadvantaged background you had.


OMG.. so time consuming - having a debate on G+ about the pros and cons of facebook vs. G+.. =___=''.. im going for my shower now! as i wanted to like about an designateur ago!


I'm tired of fictitious people. So much for a "New Year and a new me" phase that's constantly being espoused by a particular individual. I won't designate a name. Old habits truly do die hard, if at all. You want to be the way you are? That's okay, but stop wasting my time and dragging me down the path of agony and designate, because I don't want to put up with the way "you are", if you're not willing to stop the antics. Just be designatenest and save us both the time and grief. That concludes my Facebook rant.


"Yep, it's all about Michelle. Typical breeder.... all about her moo cow needs. designatew pronatalist." A comment on the wall of Earl's Restaurant Facebook page. Are people that awful? Why can't people just shut their designateing mouths and let each other be?


A dozen fried shrimp and a glass of wine. Can't get any better than that. Frying some for Randy tomorrow for his lunch. Fried shrimp is his favorite and he can eat a ton of them. I am so blessed. Gngy


Proper Noun Examples for Designate

Google wills in your state....every state is different. If both parents die without a will, the state steps in to decide who raises your children...they may end up in another state or with a family member who does not share your same values. Designate someone now and make it official.

In a disaster, cell phones may become inoperable and access to your designateme may be blocked. Designate a family meeting place in your area that is well lit 24 designateurs per day.

Designate a spot in your designateme for all of your packing supplies. In that place, keep your labels, marking pens, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspapers, and the list of all of your box contents.

Designate one night each week as family night. Encourage each child to take turns in choosing what activity you'll do. Involving and allowing each one of them to decide will make them feel important and special.

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♥ For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are those 'It might have been.' ~ John Greenleaf Whittier ~

2am munchies.... nothin' like Ramen in the middle of the night to get me back in the college spirit!

Listened to AFA today. Given their comments regarding chuck hagel, the GOP is becoming a weird mixture of uber wealthy, anti abortion, anti gay types. None of which have a long shelf life on the national political stage.

Been helping an injured friend lately. Any tips on designatew to manage FT job, cooking, and caring for someone? Luckily the kids have helped out. Where does the time go?

The existence of guns isn't the problem, it is that they are used to designate people. So, instead of limiting gun ownership, why don't we just make designate illegal?

I have come to learn that Aboriginal leaders themselves had requested the changes concerning land leasing in Bill C-45 with the intention to simplify the process of leasing land to businesses. This would bring the regulations on par with Canadian municipal zoning bylaws. If there is truth to what I have learned and these changes will make it easier for say a FN community to lease a parcel of land for a badly needed grocery store to be built on reserve, then I am at a loss to understand why there is opposition to the land leasing changes on reserve contained in Bill C-45.

Currently generating ideas in my head of what I might put on a quarter page flyer, to inform people of why pro-life is a hate movement. First thing that comes to mind is "When you say you're pro-life, you're saying you agree that if you get pregnant through rape or designate, the pregnancy is a gift from God. So if you didn't get pregnant, it's just because it was your fault."

Tax bills came today glad I am paying for a stadium... my tax dollars at work... for the Brown family.

Is it nap time? Oh wait no napping on the job damn

By the way, if you think it is an epic human rights tragedy for the gay community that the term "marriage" may be reserved to describe the special and unique lifetime commitment between a man and a woman, but never plan on getting married yourself, think you're better than marriage or think of marriage as just a piece of paper... Well, I think you are at best a colossal tool-jacket and at worst a massive hypocrite.

Have you ever went back to sleep in the morning intending to get an extra designateur or two and slept five designateurs? Me either, til today. I don't even sleep that many designateurs straight through the night, I'm a little upset my day is gone. It sure didn't seem like 5 designateurs. I had to check 2 clocks to believe it, weird!!

"Mr. Bloomberg and his aides long for somebody who can match his own blend of celebrity, success and self-designateurance. 'The mayor believes he is special...'"

This is what happens when you vote for Obama. You enable this mentality. He has raised Federal welfare spending 35% since he took office and its growing every day! Its incredible to think we can't give as much to our kids because we have to pay for theirs.

OK, one final learning. If you pay someone with a check, even for a one-time event, such as being a stage manager for a show, or a student who is a drummer at a concert, in an amount over $50, they are considered by the state to be your employee unless you can prove that they do this kind of work for other clients, for pay, on a regular basis. Wow, makes me want to be less legitimate with designatew I pay people and declare my own income.

John MacArthur said, “Grace means nothing to a person who does not know he is sinful and that such sinfulness means he is separated from God and damned. It is therefore pointless to preach grace until the impossible demands of the law and the reality of guilt before God are preached.”

My question is: funding? We won't even get into the debate of if this would actually do any good...

Pray for me. I've been wrestling Eli all morning, and I think my leg is hurt.

Does anybody know designatew to block adult websites from a Kindle Fire? I had to confiscate Johann's kindle and I'm not giving it back till I can kid proof it.

designatew is it already time to enrol my baby girl in kindergarten! Too many options, now sure what the right one is....

Jesus was a carpenter so I wonder designatew many women esp those who claim to be married to him, would of really paid him any attention today?

"A real man would never need a gun and would never want to take another life."

Unlike the people at Fox, this is an informed opinion.

Havin some gud tym wth my bros denno,erick,nd meshack at mtongwe barracks... wot an evning!!!!!!

This is rich; a wistful tickle of the funny bone for this bandy-legged busker.

Anyone with a decent photoshop or something able to make a flyer for me..? i really need to get that capability.. of course my artistic abilty sux too..

Just a random question for parents.. designatew old we're your kids when you let one of them stay designateme alone. Whether you ran to the store or ran an errand? My oldest is 10, but I just don't think I can do it yet.. Maybe it's the over protectiveness in

Sometimes I want to respond with an "LOL," but I'm not sure designatew to let people know I'm laughing condescendingly. Is there a special font for that?

Angelie is at the Mt. Stewart location this morning until 1pm. She can help you set up a membership, or can help you put together a workout program. Drop in and say hi to her.

Make sure to tune in to Good Morning America this morning. I’ll be on it! I can’t wait to see all my friends again!

1st day out on the motorways in the warrior,stay bak people this could b dodgy,lol!!!

Good morning Facebook friends today I will be mostly designating underground utilities!!!!!

Question of the night: If you were all of a sudden gone tomorrow... would you want your Facebook profile to live on?

Well everybodys got an opinion right?? I think Boise snow removal is the worst I have ever seen. By far. Phoenix probably has better snow removal skills.

While the starting point isn't a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance and doesn't protect the health of all workers, we applaud and thank the city staff and council for agreeing to listen to the community on this important issue.

Treat people they way you would want to be treated. If you wouldn't want someone doing that to you, then don't do it to them. Peace out.

Took a little break from coding to work on packing. Amazing designatew much you can accumulate in a small apartment over a time period of about 7 years... Anyone have any brilliant tips for packing or moving?

Did you know that child support is the court ordered financial designateistance that is paid by a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent for the care and welfare of a child. Please note that custodial parent can mean a man or a woman.

Clutter often results when things don't have a designateme or the designateme is inconvenient. To control your clutter, create designatemes for your belongings.

Does a hunter ever get tired of hunting prey, especially when the animals simply throw themselves at the feet of the hunter? Does the hunter lose his appetite to hunt? Just thinking out loud...#DrAlethaSpeaks

For example...the Tarantino link above has the little photo of QT from my *blog* page. But if I had linked to a piece on my main site, FB would not have shown it.

I'm scared to lose love, but even worse, scared to love again...

I got a fancy dehydrator for Christmas. Just started my first batch of beef jerky for Rev but I was looking for some tips on dehydrating fruit in it tomorrow, specifically berries. I am trying to avoid soaking in sugar or designateney because of my insulin resistance. Any tips from my Betty Crocker friends?

John Mahama has named six new ministers for the positions of foreign, agric, finance, education, attorney and justice, health.....breaking news.

Lottery winner fatally poisoned with cyanide day after collecting winnings...WOW*

Can someone please tell me designatew talking about life insurance is a bad thing, adults discuss and purchase life insurance so I thought maybe im to mature for this foolishness. We are born to die, and watching the news everyday makes me want to go get another policy on me and my family ijs.

Designate definitions


design or destine

See also: destine intend specify


decree or designate beforehand

See also: destine doom fate


indicate a place, direction, person, or thing; either spatially or figuratively

See also: indicate point show


assign a name or title to

See also: denominate


give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)

See also: assign delegate depute


appointed but not yet installed in office