How to use Defecate in a sentence as a verb

The simplest way I can put it is that the major LCD module providers defecate all over LCD monitor manufacturers.

Their defecate takes the form or panels that sometimes are good and other times are bad.

Also all the home owners let their dogs run free and they defecate everywhere without picking it up.

They just pull their pants down and defecate wherever they are.

Gonna be a good day."The people that live near my office on the ground level have put up "please don't defecate near our door, this leads right into our living room" signs.

There are other major open source projects that have started to actively defecate upon their existing user base.

Spelling that out would be like spelling out that you'd prefer people not to defecate in the hallways.

They're slower than the traffic and literally defecate anywhere.

There appears to be some goofy stuff in there, but giving them somewhere to defecate so they don't do it where I'd like to walk would be worth every penny.

And then that water in the clouds falls as snow and rain and then feeds into rivers and reservoirs where fish, insects, deer, ducks, beavers, bears, bird, etc. urinate, defecate, bleed, and die into it.

It sounds like you are basically saying there is not really a problem as long as you wash your hands?Have a look at some of the health problems that come up due to the fact that around 6-700 million people in india defecate openly.

Comparing people who defecate, urinate, shoot-up, stink, and leave needles on your front porch to other minorities is really offensive.

The part where they don't help you use the bathroom and you defecate on yourself in a con-air.

Caribou defecate where they ruminate, not standing on the snow.

Probably because he contributes to society in his local neighborhood, likely cleaning up the steps that they so eloquently defecate upon.

But I wouldn't be surprised at all if people defecated in their crop fields with some regularity since it's good for the plants.

" "The closest restroom is in that hotel, but you have to sneak in the back door" \n"Why do the Homeless defecate in the pristine park?

Defecate definitions


have a bowel movement; "The dog had made in the flower beds"

See also: stool shit ca-ca crap make