Deeply in a sentence as an adverb

Those who examine things more deeply are said to be "left brained" and those who make connections at the high-level are said to be "right brained".

It seems to be deeply embedded in Google's DNA not so much to abuse AdSense users as to treat them like components in a machine.

I find most people who talk about laziness are using it as a way to avoid thinking deeply about their own motivation.

Lots of sharp programmers deeply appreciate both of them, and are used to languages that gracefully provide both of those facilities.

* People don't seem to get that you can compartmentalize: I care deeply about politics, but I also like having a high quality tech site that is about tech and startups.

No one is going to actively seek out Skype when so many alternatives exist and are deeply integrated into the products/services they already use.

I no longer have to legally disclose it, but when I did I always did so with a letter explaining some of the circumstances and how deeply it had affected my life.

The sheer amount of greed on display in debates about this game is deeply unnerving, and it seems as though modern culture has forgotten that there are many things that are more important than money.

In ways for which many are deeply thankful, it is using all the resources of modern technology to add huge value to otherwise dormant copyrighted works and to use the resulting product in ways that truly advances arts and science.

There is a delicate balance between the power of the executive and the power of the courts and trying to chill the telecom's access to the court system by claiming that the company was interfering with an investigation by challenging the NSL is a deeply troubling action.

"I'm just a smart guy with a fresh pair of eyes who spent a few weekends reading undergrad textbooks and skimming pubmed".Not: "we're a large company with deeply-interested professionals who've made this their life's work, our own multi-million dollar labs and decades of accumulated experience in the development, testing, validation and manufacture of temporary food substitutes".

Deeply definitions


to a great depth psychologically; "They felt the loss deeply"

See also: profoundly


to a great depth;far down; "dived deeply"; "dug deep"

See also: deep