Cushy in a sentence as an adjective

That sense of entitlement and cushy job seems to prevent people from taking risks.

Also, what's this business about a "cushy job"?

I left a cushy director level job in San Diego and left a core group of good friends as well.

Those people are the ones who will go into this work full-time and throw away the nice cushy jobs in the first world.

Unfortunately, they're rarely content to work 2 hours per day at their cushy jobs.

YC's biggest competitor is the cushy office job.

And he received 6 months of house arrest at his cushy, 3-story San Francisco home as punishment.

Does he not pay taxes, and drive a BMW, and teach at a cushy, prestigious university?

As a white person thrown into psychiatric solitary a couple times, I'd say that he got pretty cushy treatment compared to what black folks get. No trial, out in 12 hours?

You think Australia is competitive for developers who could get a cushy contracting rate.

"Gotta love HN !Edit\nI expect water pourer was the cushy number right up until the sled got stuck because you poured wrong - whips were probably involved then.

I don't want to sound like "that guy", but isn't this why there really aren't very many startups/innovations coming out of EU?That sense of entitlement and cushy job seems to prevent people from taking risks.

A software developer might be able to do these things in California, but only barely, unless they have a very cushy arrangement or they've ridden an exit for a startup.

The employees and the owners get ******, but executives get to flit about from one cushy job to another on account of building a web of connections that makes them effectively invincible.

Given that perspective and Apple's very cushy margins, I expected Amazon not to approach the market with an expensive phone packed with new features, but to approach the market from the bottom, with a good phone that is free or nearly free.

Those people are also often the ones who can afford to do it because they've been working nice cushy jobs in the first world for a while, so they have the savings to make it happen for some time until outside donations can take over in terms of funding everything.

Why are millions choosing factories over farms?I think it is more important that there is a trend towards improved work environments and opportunities than bemoaning the fact that any particular work environment isn't as good as some cushy 1st-world white-collar job.

[1]It's amazing how much building a new company in a supposedly free market requires arguing against politicians who claim to champion free market economics, but who actually use government to give cushy monopolies to incumbents with big lobbying budgets.

Cushy definitions


not burdensome or demanding; borne or done easily and without hardship; "what a cushy job!"; "the easygoing life of a parttime consultant"; "a soft job"

See also: soft easygoing